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100 Movies #3 (20-11)

100 movies 3 (100-91)
100 movies 3 (90-81)
100 movies 3 (80-71)
100 movies 3 (70-61)
100 movies 3 (60-51)
100 Movies 3 (50-41)
100 Movies 3 (40-31)
100 Movies 3 (30-21)

20. Ratatouille
100-3 photo Ratatouille_zpsf240bcf2.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Pixar movie about a rat who wants to become a chef in Paris and becomes friends with a human who has no clue how to be a cook. Takes a little to get into, but picks up near the end. Some strange ideas at work here, but it mostly works as a feel good Disney out of water movie.
Interesting: Bomb Voyage - The Incredibles villain shows in the background as a mime. The animation team observed both rats and cooking to get the feel of each. Remy the rat has 1.15 million hairs rendered. None of the humans have toes.

19. Goldfinger
100-3 photo Goldfinger_zpsb66aeb20.jpg
Why is it ranked here: The third James Bond movie which includes the villain Goldfinger and his henchman Oddjob attempting to blow up the gold reserve in Fort Knox. Goldfinger's pilot Pussy Galore betrays Goldmember(oops Goldfinger) and the US army lead by Bond takes down the operation. Famous scenes including turning a lady gold and the laser(you expect me to talk scene). Top two for sure Connery Bonds.
Interesting: Goldfinger always wears yellow or a golden item of clothing. The movie was the fastest grossing picture in film history at the time. The budget was more than the first two Bonds combined.

18. Rambo: First Blood
100-3 photo RamboFirstBlood_zpsa14019b5.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Random one that was my second time watching. It's quite entertaining and even went by quicker this time than the first time I saw it. Sylvester Stallone's first good entry into something not Rocky. A special forces Vietnam veteran gets treated too roughly by local police leading to him having reoccurring haunted visions of the war and wanting to get revenge with the police. So much different and better than the other Rambo movies.
Interesting: Original ending had Rambo dieing. Rambo actually means rowdy and is a brand of apples. Stallone hated the first cut of the movie so much he convinced the editors to edit his part down and let the other characters tell the story. They did and it became action movie history.

17. GoldenEye
100-3 photo GoldenEye_zps6d26f1b0.jpg
Why is it ranked here: First Brosnan Bond is by far his best. The characters are all very standout - almost like Dick Tracy. A helicopter and EMP satellite are stolen in an effort to destroy some banks. So many twists and turns, decent action, flows very well. Sean Bean is the perfect bad guy, Famke Janssen is a great Bond crazy woman. M is wonderfully taken over by Judy Dench.
Interesting: Has probably the most famous video game of a decade. The opening has the record for longest free fall. Litigation caused a 6 year span between License to Kill and GoldenEye, the longest drought for the Bond franchise. The first Bond movie with a non British director.

16. Citizen Kane
100-3a photo CitizenKane_zps16c1185a.jpg
Why is it ranked here: My first time watching the most universally recognized movie. Considered by many to be the best movie of all time. It has you guessing all the way until the end - of the last words of newspaper tycoon Kane. We go through a flashback of Kanes life as we uncover the mystery.
Interesting: Kane says the words Rosebud that everyone is trying to figure out although Kane dies alone. Welles watched the movie Stagecoach 40 times while making his - he typically used camera positioning techniques to imply power as Stagecoach did.

15. Knocked Up
100-3 photo KnockedUp_zps0c2f0993.jpg
Why is it ranked here: The first famous Seth Rogen starred movie. He was obviously known by this point due to 40 Year Old Virgin and Superbad. After I watched This is 40, I had to go back and re-watch this. Rudd, Segal and Jonah Hill round out the great comedic cast who all have their real first names. Slacker knocks up a beautiful woman and tries to get his life together before the baby comes.
Interesting: Katherine Heigl took a lot of crap for taking this role(she has since called the movie sexist). Judd Apatow put many of his real life situations with the birth of his daughter. He wanted to use real footage of a live birth but never got the rights. Lots of dialogue improvising here. 120 F Bombs. Ken Jeong is an actual doctor.

14. Matrix Reloaded
100-3b photo MatrixReloaded_zpse9806430.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Many consider a giant dissapointment to the original, and in many ways this is correct, but really there was no improving on the original. And it isn't the complete disaster than Matrix Revolutions can be at many times. Some of the fight scenes are wickedly awesome. The multiple Smith fight is one of my favorite scenes of all time. The highway scene is almost as great for different reasons, and the soundtrack does some great things. It does get dumb when they start introducing the Merovingian and the ghosts. And the Architect could have been one of the most amazing things which was instead relativity bland. Then they do the fake death of Trinity which the worst part in the whole movie. The ending is such a great cliffhanger.
Interesting: Shot back to back with Enter the Matrix video game and Matrix Revolutions. 1.4 miles of freeway was created for the scene alone. 300 cars were donated by GM and were all wrecked. 100 million was spent in special effects.

13. Finding Nemo
100-3 photo FindingNemo_zpsc00ed467.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Pixar movie about a lost clown fish who gets caught and taken to a doctor's office. His dad travels the ocean in search for him. The ending starts off so morbid, there really should have been a scene showing something positive in regards to the remaining fish family. This isn't like Bambi's mother dieing, we are talking about a whole family in a kids movie. I don't care if it's supposed to be realistic. On the way we meet sea turtles, the forgetful Dory, a William Dafoe fish and some sharks.
Interesting: Pre-production took 3 years. One frame could take up to four days to complete. It had the biggest opening release for any animated film. The best selling DVD in the world as of 2005.

12. WALL-E
100-3 photo WALL-E_zps69e9e998.jpg
Why is it ranked here: I had to watch this in pieces as it was scratched in the middle and I had to get a new copy. It actually split at a very good time when WALL-E gets taken up into the ship. In the future where mankind has abandoned earth a waste robot is left alone on the planet and goes into space for a female robot and a plant which is proof of humanity's return to earth.
Interesting: One man alone did 2,500 sounds and most of the robot voices. A twinkie and a cockroach are left alive as is the myth that both would survive the end of the world.

11.The Fifth Element
100-3 photo TheFifthElement_zpsedda9c3e.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Another futuristic movie, this time in the form of Bruce Willis as he attempts to take The Fifth Element(Milla Jovovich) to collect the other 4 elements and save the world from pure evil. Ian Holm and Gary Oldman play Angel and Devil here to the end of the world. Chris Tucker shows up in his first role to me as a mouthy radio host. It's really Willis here who holds the cast together.
Interesting: There is a Luke Perry cameo. In future New York City is the same size just everything in the city is seemingly 100 stories in the air. The hero and villain (Willis, Oldman) never actually meet. At the time the most expensive movie produced outside of Hollywood.


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