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Justice League MTG Commanders

I edited some of my EDH Commanders into DC Characters.

Top Ten Movies of 2015

Looking forward to 2016

I didn't originally make a list for what I wanted to see in 2015 and while it's too late to completely look at it with fresh eyes, I can look back at some that I missed. Also this seems like a good spot to review my favorites that I have watched so far from the last year.

The Top 10 I Missed in 2015:
10. What We Do In The Shadows

Some of these movies - this one included, I never heard about until researching this list. But I watched the trailer and it was funny. Four Vampire roomates - simple premise. It seems a little too indie for me at times, but I think it's got enough interesting ideas here that it will be a fun watch at Halloween time.

9. The Big Short

I tried so hard to ignore this movie. The Wolf of Wall Street was so good and it will be hard to be matched. It also seems to be a little preachy and the bank premise is boring to me as well. What I can't ignore is Chrstian Bale and Brad Pitt in the same movie accompanied by Carell and Goslin…