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My Top 30 M14 Cards (Part 2/2)

Here is Part 1.

Lets start this off with a couple of creatures that didn't make the cut and I'll finish by going through the Planeswalkers.

Good 7 Drops, but...

These are all really powerful cards, but at 7 mana it was kind of hard to justify adding them next to the powerful 1 and 2 drops that we have. They do deserve a mention though.
The Whale has a very white flavor but with Islandwalk instead of Flying.
The Sphinx is downright nasty in a flying deck. It can easily win a game of Limited, though not a Commander.
The Horde costs one less than Scaled Wurm, let that sink in.

The Color Hosers:

Sideboard options, but in Limited they are powerful enough to justifiably be included. They are all nice weenie creatures which can have a board presence even when not matched with their optimal colors. I love all three of these, I would just never main deck them. Intimidate is better than First Strike, and exiling creatures is better than having hexproof which makes the Zombie the best o…

My Top 30 M14 Cards (Part 1/2)

M15 is coming soon and by putting a list out now, it won't feel quite as ancient if I did list in 2 months. The core sets aren't usually great, include lots of reprints and zero new mechanics, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun with it. I ended up with 52 cards I wanted to at least mention which is quite a bit, so I made this into a two parter.

The Bottom 5:
5. Ring of Three Wishes

The 10 mana demonic tutor! Oh you can do it twice? Well that's a Conflux that grabs 3 less cards for 2 more mana. A 20 mana investment is even worse. 

4. Demolish

They've reprinted this twice in the last year and why? As a sideboard card it's about as mediocre as you can get. There's one land worth blowing up in Mutavault and maybe three artifacts you would consider.

3. Armored Cancrix

5 mana should get you a hell of a lot more than a 2/5 that gets wrecked by the common Marauding Maulhorn. I'm not a fan of that art either.

2. Encroaching Wastes

Remember how I said…