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My Top 20 Journey Into Nyx Cards

I am a little late on this set. The summer is here and we've already had Conspiracy pass us with M15 on the horizon.  I did make a M14 list, so I will try to get that out at least before the next set.
I get the two sets Journey Into Nyx and Born of the Gods mixed up. I can never remember which is which. Theros was an easy name to remember, but these just seem interchangeable. I managed to make BotG into a top 40 card thing which just seems completely unreasonable now. This is a better set than last time, I think that can be universally agreed on. It's probably not as powerful as Theros, but it's at least a discussion.

This set has enough junk in it that it was hard to make a bottom 5 list. I did one, but there were some close contenders for cream of the crap.The bottom 5 of my bottom 10:

Mortal Obstinacy - A small stat boost for a card is not worth it, there are plenty of enchatments though.

Thassa's Devourer - 5 mana for a boring 2/6 is worthless without Phenax.


My Top 100 One Drop (CC) Creatures (20-1)

My Top 100 One Drop (CC) Creatures (100-81)
My Top 100 One Drop (CC) Creatures (80-61)
My Top 100 One Drop (CC) Creatures (60-41)
My Top 100 One Drop (CC) Creatures (40-21)

20. Vexing Devil

Giving an opponent a choice is never a good idea. However I really feel like it's win win here in the aggressive deck. A 4/3 for one will almost always be worth a card. So the real question is - is it worth a card to deal 4 damage for a red? It's not quite Flame Slash good in a control deck, or as great top deck as Thunderous Wrath but better than Thunderbolt or Lava Axe.

19. Scute Mob

Not a true one drop. But by turn six hopefully you are going get a hydra-like insect that will quickly get insanely huge if not dealt with. My biggest issue is that it doesn't have trample. It's still a great costed creature that can do some work if unchecked. There are lots of ways to give it Trample in Green not named Rancor.

18. Dragonmaster Outcast

And yet another non-true one drop. If you can stay…