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Top 30 Movies I Want To See In 2017

I haven't wrote since basically last year at this time when I did this.
Time and inspiration have been issues but I have been watching many a movie this year.
I would estimate around 170 in total(about one every other day).
I was worried about 2017 before doing this list, but it is looking decent.
My top 3 that I have yet to see atm from last year are The Revenant, Hacksaw Ridge and Passengers.
Here are my thoughts and ranks for the films I am excited for (that I know about) - this year.

To recap some I had on my list last year which didn't come out in 2016. 
Gambit - No movie last year, maybe this October?. The X-Men need a kick in the pants.

Super Troopers 2 - Coming in 2017 hopefully, but we've heard that before.

Mallbrats - Sounds like it died or got turned into a tv show.

Clerks 3 - No year given, so not likely this year but still hoping.

Animal Crackers - April - Yes a movie about crackers is still amusing to me.

The Man with the Iron Heart (HHHH) - May 2017 outside t…

My Top Ten Movies of 2016

My Top Ten Movies of 2015

I did catch up on The Martian, Creed and the Big Short, but there are still a number from 2015 to add on to the 2016 list. I did miss Fantastic Beasts, The Secret Life of Pets and Finding Dory but otherwise I think I hit all the popular ones.
I rank these on a basis of how much joy I received watching it and how much future watch-ability I think it has in store.
For example two of my favorite movies of recent years - Avengers and the Star Trek reboot, I can watch these anytime and quite often.
While things like Good Will Hunting, Interstellar, Inception - I think they are among the best movies but they are quite heavy to throw in casually.

Quick run down of some other films that came out in 2016 which I have witnessed.

Sausage Party -

The family behind us getting up to leave 2 minutes in was probably my highlight. I do enjoy Seth Rogen's tale of making this movie if you have not heard it and are interested.

Zoolander 2 -

Didn't live up to the original…