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My Top 10 Favorite Eminem Songs

Right at this moment at least, if I could only listen to 10 - these are the ones I would pick.

4 that barely didn't make it -
*Patiently Waiting - More of a 50 Cent song, and I've watched a live version of this and it wasn't up to the original.

*Smack That - Again more Akon and tracks in at 3:30, Em's part rules for the 30 seconds he does though.

*Drop the World - Em doesn't show up until 2/3 of the way through the song and as usual kills it and leaves for the rest of the song.

*Revelation - A D-12 compilation which is pretty awesome all around and Em's part is the best.

10. Crack a Bottle - Again a medley - 50 Cent has my favorite part though.

 9.  Evil Deeds - Kicks off his most off the wall album.

8. Rain Man - Just 5:30 of rapping about nothing and he even admits it. But it rules.

7. When I'm Gone - Touches on his feelings about family and retirement.

6.  Beautiful - Can't describe the video any better. Shows off a different side of Em, or maybe no…