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Top 10 Vampires

Written October 28, 2008
In honor of Nosferatu yesterday(which was amazing) here are my 10 favorite vampires.Honorable mention: Count ChoculaThe circle is now complete, now that I have them all, my search is over and I can fulfill my dream of eating sugar for breakfast.10: Lothos (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)Never watched the show since the show didn't have Luke Perry. I need my Dillon fix.9. 30 Days of Night VampiresThis guy is the freakiest one. Even scarier than Josh Hartnett's acting(gasp).She wants a kiss. 8. Peter Leow (Vampire Kiss)Oh Nicolas Cage. What a great actor. What great sarcasm. But seriously this guy is screwed up. 7. Video Game Dracula (Castlevania)All these games were hard and this version looks kinda silly, but still a bad ass.Get em Simon Belmont!6. Wesley Snipes (Blade)Eddie and I were the blackest people in town. See, this is long before Wesley Snipes.Van Wilder is a vampire hunter. Hmm. 5. Lestat (Interview with a Vampire)Save me Tom Cruise!Tom your not fo…