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RE-drafting the Lions - 2003


Uhh, one of the worst drafts started off by one of the biggest busts in NFL history. Charles Rogers ended up playing 15 games in his career, catching 400 yards and 4 touchdowns. Not great for a normal NFLer, but for the second overall pick...just dreadful. Set the Lions back 2 years alone. Some of it wasn't his fault. The man had terrible injury problems, and he did look decent before the first collarbone incident. However it was reveled he had a drug problem, and that he failed one test already that the Lions knew about when he was drafted. I think he suffered from the same problem Matt Leinart did, being too close too his old school and friends when he really just needed a new start.

Round 1:
Detroit Charles Rogers WR Michigan State

My Pick:
5. Dallas - Terence Newman CB Kansas

Also could of had:
3. Houston - Andre Johnson WR Miami (Fla.)
9. Minnesota - Kevin Williams DT Oklahoma State
10. Baltimore - Terrell Suggs DE Arizona State
11. Seattle - Marcus Trufant CB Washington
13. New England - Ty Warren DT Texas A&M
23. Buffalo - Willis McGahee RB Miami (Fla.)
16. Pittsburgh - Troy Polamalu SS Southern California
24. Indianapolis - Dallas Clark TE Iowa
27. Kansas City - Larry Johnson RB Penn State
31. Oakland - Nnamdi Asomugha CB California

So many picks could of been had here. Sad thinking we could have Williams, Polamalu or even Dallas Clark. Andre Johnson instead of Charles Rogers might have changed fortunes.

Round 2:
34. Detroit - Boss Bailey OLB Georgia

My Pick:
37. New Orleans - Jonathan Stinchcomb OT Georgia

Also could of had:
39. Jacksonville - Rashean Mathis FS Bethune-Cookman
40. Minnesota - E.J. Henderson ILB Maryland
42. Seattle - Ken Hamlin FS Arkansas
54. Arizona - Anquan Boldin WR Florida State
56. N.Y. Giants - Osi Umenyiora DE Troy State

Lots of defensive help here, Mathis, Dwayne White or Umenyiora would have been great as would have Boldin (again instead of Rogers). A good tackle would have been better than the bust of LB Bailey.

Round 3:
66. Detroit - Cory Redding DE Texas

My Pick:
69. Dallas - Jason Witten TE Tennessee

Also could of had:
68. Chicago - Lance Briggs ILB Arizona
91. N.Y. Giants - Vishante Shiancoe TE Morgan State

Chris Simms, Justin Fargas, and Kevin Curtis were all taken here. None turned out to be particularly effective. The tight ends on the other hand, are still staples to this day. Redding at least played for years, effective though? Ehh.

Round 4:
99. Detroit - Artose Pinner RB Kentucky

My Pick:
120. New England - Asante Samuel CB Central Florida

Also could of had:
111. Buffalo - Terrence McGee CB Northwestern Stat

Mediocre RB's galore here: Lee Suggs, Onterrio Smith, Quentin Griffin, LaBrandon Toefield, Domanick Davis. Lions got their own in Pinner. Brandon Lloyd is having a good year finally. How the heck Samuel fell to the fourth round is astonishing now, stupid pats.

Round 5:
137. Detroit - Terrence Holt FS North Carolina State
144. Detroit - James Davis SS West Virginia

My Picks:
160. N.Y. Giants - David Diehl G Illinois

Also could of had:
138. Indianapolis - Robert Mathis DE Alabama A&M
142. Cleveland - Ryan Pontbriand C Rice
156. Miami - Donald Lee TE Mississippi State
164. New England - Dan Koppen C Boston College

Lots of mediocre defensive players in this draft. Lions attempted to get 2 safeties here. Both were....mediocre. I would have shored up the guard position as they never had a good one.

Round 6:
175. Detroit - David Kircus WR Grand Valley State

My Pick:
198. Indianapolis - Cato June FS Michigan

Also could of had:
188. San Diego - Hanik Milligan FS Houston
211. N.Y. Giants - David Tyree WR Syracuse
213. Miami - Yeremiah Bell CB Eastern Kentucky

Tyree had one good superbowl catch, one better than David Kircus, the division 2 WR who had some good catches, but of course there were better players. Cato June and Bell were steals here.

Round 7:
216. Detroit - Ben Johnson OT Wisconsin

My Pick:
Philadelphia - Quintin Mikell SS

Also could of had:
San Diego - Antonio Gates TE
Baltimore - Brendon Ayanbadejo LB
Philadelphia - Jon Dorenbos C
Jacksonville - Kassim Osgood WR

Ken Dorsey and Kevin Walter were taken here. There was talent to be found. Don't remember Ben Johnson.

I would have taken 2 Safeties and 2 Cornerbacks in retrospect. No Kircus or Charles Rogers, but the team would have had the same defensive positions. But we got Bailey, Holt, Davis and Redding.

Friday, November 19, 2010

RE-drafting the Lions - 2002

Yes, this is Matt Millen. The only """Expert""" picking Carolina, who wound up losing to Dallas 21-7.

Interesting article here about Roy Williams blasting the Lions offensive line for their woes and praising ex president Matt Millen. I've never wanted the Lions to destroy Dallas more than this week. Williams goes on to say the Lions are cursed but will some day become the Saints and win it from the cellar.

--Look at the article here--

This one is a blessed article the day Millen got canned.
--Click here for that one--

2002 - The year of the blue skies

Round 1:
Lions Pick - 3. Joey Harrington QB Oregon

My Pick:
11. Indianapolis - Dwight Freeney DE Syracuse

Also could of had:(in order how I would take them)
15. Tennessee - Albert Haynesworth DT Tennessee
24. Baltimore - Edward Reed S Miami
8. Dallas - Roy Williams S Oklahoma
26. Philadelphia - Lito Sheppard CB Florida
7. Minnesota - Bryant McKinnie OT Miami
9. Jacksonville - John Henderson DT Tennessee
14. NY Giants - Jeremy Shockey TE Miami (Fla)
20. Green Bay - Javon Walker WR Florida State

Harrington suffered some of the same problems that David Carr did though not getting sacked as much as Carr, Harrington had a nasty habit of throwing to wrong team. (70 turnovers in 4 years.)

Freeney has had 90 sacks since 2002, while the Lions combined have had 270 in that period. That's about a third, and Freeney has missed 10 games in his career.

You can make a real strong argument for Haynesworth or Reed. The Lions had a bigger need at DE, thus the next pick they made. Reed became a shut down corner which was also a need. Clearly so many choices would have been better than Joey here.

Round 2:
Lions Pick - 35. Kalimba Edwards DE South Carolina

My Pick:
44. New Orleans - LeCharles Bentley C Ohio State

Also could of had:
58. Philadelphia - Michael Lewis SS Colorado
51. Denver - Clinton Portis RB Miami
37. Dallas - Andre Gurode C Colorado

Ick, just ick. Edwards started 22 games in 6 years. Did get 25 sacks which seems way too high.

Some really mediocre WR's taken in this round: Deion Branch, Randle El, Antonio Bryant, Josh Reed, Reche Caldwell, Andre Davis, Jabar Gaffney.

Two time pro-bowler Bentley started every game of his career for the Saints until a torn tendon knocked him out of football.

Round 3:
Lions Pick - 68. Andre' Goodman DB South Carolina

My Pick:
94. Pittsburgh - Chris Hope S Florida State

Also could of had:
91. Philadelphia - Brian Westbrook RB Villanova
73. Carolina - Will Witherspoon OLB Georgia

Goodman couldn't stay on the field, played about 40 games in 4 years. 5 interceptions in 40 games wasn't great.

Future Lions QB Josh McCown was taken in this round, Hope or Witherspoon would have been the pick here in hindsight.

Round 4:
Lions Pick - 134. John Taylor DE Montana State

My Pick:
108. Jacksonville David Garrard QB East Carolina

Also could of had:
Not much, Najeh Davenport was drafted here. The Lions drafted 4 picks apart.

They technically couldn't have got Garrard here as this was a compensation pick. At least Garrard is in the NFL and starting..... Joey Harrington.

Round 5:
Lions Pick - 138. John Owens TE Notre Dame

My Pick:
156. Green Bay - Aaron Kampman DE Iowa

Also could of had:
154. NY Jets - Jonathon Goodwin C Michigan
160. Washington - Robert Royal TE Louisiana State

Owens is in the NFL! At least of 2009, the man was on the Seahawks. Actually left for 4 years and came back to the Lions in 07. Career best was 50 yards and 8 started games.

Round 6:
Lions Pick - 175. Chris Cash CB USC

My Pick:
207. Baltimore - Chester Taylor RB Toledo

Also could of had:
Another ex Lions QB
186. New Orleans - John Thomas O'Sullivan QB California-Davis

The other Adrian Peterson was available who is still on the Bears 8 years later.
Jeb Putzier was highly touted for being a round 6 pick, but that was all hype.

Round 7:
Lions Picks -
214. Luke Staley RB Brigham Young
252. Matt Murphy TE Maryland
259. Victor Rogers G Colorado

My Picks:
Bart Scott - Baltimore LB Detroit
James Harrison - Pittsburgh LB Akron
Ronald Curry - Oakland WR Hampton VA

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Steve vs Mike FF Challenge Weeks 6,7,8,9

Here we go again, I'm getting lazier as I keep getting worse in fantasy football.

How bad was the challenge this week?

Week 6
Me - 451
Mike - 422

Champ: Every QB was gang-busters for both sides this week, however Jeremy Maclin's 27 wasn't bad for me.
Chump: Miles Austin got a single point for Mike. Ick.

Week 7
Me - 410
Mike - 408

Champ: Michael Turner's 26 was great though Mike's Roddy White did better with 32.
Chump: 3 for Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Smith, Micheal Crabtree and 2 for Welker all didn't help on a bye week week.

Week 8
Mike - 322
Me - 273

Champ: Moreno, Steward and Greene all failed to impress for me getting like 3 each, though Steven Jackson only got 6 which is unusually low for him.
Chump: Calvin Johnson's 28 lead the way with Peterson and Sims Walker breaking 20 as well.

Week 9
Mike - 358
Me - 328

Champ: Peterson and Rivers for 26, Green Bay's D for 28.
Chump: I didn't get points from any tight end. 4 hurt and 1 sucked - Celek.

That makes it 2-2 for these 4 weeks.
Which makes the current score:
Mike: 6-3
Me: 3-6

Could be much worse as I had/have no Clark, Finely, Grant, Gostkowski, Sidney Rice, Donald Driver, Pierre Thomas or Randy Moss for 2 weeks.

He has his own problems though with those 3 Carolina players hurt moving forward. (Smith, Williams and Stewart) not to mention Addai and Romo hurt short term.

Proof that I looked everything up, though it looks like garble.
QB's 6 7 8 9 QB's 6 7 8 9
Peyton Manning Ind 18 0 19 13 Drew Brees NO 21 18 17 17
Matt Schaub Atl 20 0 9 9 Aaron Rodgers GB 22 19 7 27
Tom Brady NE 13 10 13 17 Philip Rivers SD 12 15 19 26
Jay Cutler Chi 13 9 0 19 Eli Manning NYG 14 25 0 23
Joe Flacco Bal 19 19 0 19 Tony Romo Dal 23 5 0 0

RB's RB's
Chris Johnson Ten 19 7 14 0 Adrian Peterson Min 13 23 20 26
Maurice Jones-Drew Jac 6 18 14 0 Ray Rice Bal 12 7 0 18
Michael Turner Atl 4 26 0 22 Frank Gore SF 14 15 18 0
Steven Jackson Stl 17 14 6 0 DeAngelo Williams Car 0 4 0 0
Ryan Grant GB 0 0 0 0 Jahvid Best Det 4 0 7 8
Rashard Mendenhall Pit 15 4 14 19 Joseph Addai Ind 16 0 0 0
Shonn Greene NYJ 4 0 3 5 LeSean McCoy Phi 8 10 0 10
Ryan Mathews SD 7 2 11 4 Matt Forte Chi 11 5 0 8
Cedric Benson Cin 0 5 8 13 Ricky Williams Mia 6 4 10 0
Pierre Thomas NO 0 0 0 0 Fred Jackson Buf 0 7 7 7
Jonathan Stewart Car 0 2 3 1 Jerome Harrison Cle 0 0 0 0
Knowshon Moreno Den 2 21 5 0 C.J. Spiller Buf 0 1 4 2
Beanie Wells Ari 0 11 12 0 Justin Forsett Sea 13 7 3 0
Jamaal Charles KC 11 13 23 10 Thomas Jones KC 17 18 8 3
Brandon Jacobs NYG 15 11 0 7 Felix Jones Dal 9 6 3 1

WR's WR's
Andre Johnson Hou 19 0 16 4 Reggie Wayne Ind 7 0 9 8
Randy Moss NE 5 9 0 0 Larry Fitzgerald Ari 0 3 19 10
DeSean Jackson Phi 19 0 0 18 Calvin Johnson Det 20 0 28 1
Greg Jennings GB 19 13 8 14 Roddy White Atl 8 32 0 5
Steve Smith NYG 7 16 0 10 Brandon Marshall Mia 12 5 6 3
Chad Ochocinco Cin 0 16 3 1 Miles Austin Dal 1 3 11 1
Dwayne Bowe KC 22 20 8 12 Marques Colston NO 5 17 13 6
Hakeem Nicks NYG 0 22 0 18 Steve Smith Car 0 3 6 0
Donald Driver GB 3 0 0 0 Anquan Boldin Bal 12 15 0 2
Santana Moss Was 7 12 5 0 Hines Ward Pit 11 19 1 5
Pierre Garcon Ind 16 0 7 1 Michael Crabtree SF 11 3 11 0
Jeremy Maclin Phi 27 5 0 4 Mike Sims-Walker Jac 1 9 21 0
Mike Wallace Pit 15 11 4 17 Wes Welker NE 5 2 2 4
Percy Harvin Min 9 16 12 10 Derrick Mason Bal 10 4 0 10
Sidney Rice Min 0 0 0 0 T.J. Houshmandzadeh Sea 2 0 0 3

TE's TE's
Dallas Clark Ind 5 0 0 0 Vernon Davis SF 9 13 1 0
Antonio Gates SD 1 11 18 0 Jason Witten Dal 5 15 15 4
Jermichael Finley GB 0 0 0 0 Tony Gonzalez Atl 13 2 0 7
Brent Celek Phi 4 0 0 0 Kellen Winslow TB 4 4 0 3
Zach Miller Oak 4 12 0 0 Chris Cooley Was 3 5 4 0

K's K's
Garrett Hartley NO 7 5 8 10 Nate Kaeding SD 6 0 0 0
Stephen Gostkowski NE 11 12 4 1 Mason Crosby GB 9 4 11 9
Ryan Longwell Min 6 6 4 9 Rob Bironas Ten 12 14 5 0
David Akers Phi 7 15 0 15 Lawrence Tynes NYG 0 13 0 11
Robbie Gould Chi 8 2 0 2 Neil Rackers Bal 5 0 7 11

Def's Def's
New York Jets 6 0 6 3 Baltimore 7 8 0 12
Minnesota 10 4 -1 9 Green Bay 2 13 18 28
Pittsburgh 16 5 7 10 Philadelphia 8 8 0 7
San Francisco 10 13 9 0 New Orleans 10 2 11 21
Dallas 5 13 1 2 New York G 9 3 0 10
451 410 273 328 422 408 322 357

RE-drafting the Lions - 2001


I've been a football fan since well 2001. I never really liked it in high school for some reason but probably when I discovered fantasy football I started liking it immediately(dropping pro wrestling as real sport of choice).

Coincidentally this is when Matt Millen took over. The man single handed ruined the Lions well pretty much up until now.

I couldn't have said it better than:
Ryan Terpstra - MLive

who talks about how undefeated Michigan and Michigan State fans had to listen to his commentary when the two played each other this year. "You're taking what is sure to be a ratings-winner in the Midwest area, and you're forcing people to have to listen to the spewings of a man who destroyed professional football in the state." So true, I would rather not watch.

And it continues:
"To me and hundreds of thousands of fans out there, Matt Millen holds less credibility than the drunk down at the other end of the bar. Anyone can epically destroy a professional football franchise. Actually, I take that back. No other human has ever been worse at what he did in the NFL than Matt Millen was. So maybe he's the only one who could do it that poorly. So at least he's got that going for him.

The guy's a joke, and you ESPN, should be ashamed for spitting in the face of a state that simply wants to watch two good teams play in what should be a very exciting game. You pulled Craig James for a Texas Tech broadcast last year due to "bias" reasons. Can you not treat the fans of Michigan with the same respect? We despise Matt Millen, and he knows it. His analysis falls on deaf ears, and I'm sure he holds no love for us either."

I'm going to pretend to be Matt Millen and make decisions with the power of captain Hindsight.

Captain Hindsight, the hero of the modern age. A freak accident gave him the amazing power of extraordinary hindsight.

Onto it:

Round 1:
18. Detroit Lions - Jeff Backus, G Michigan

My Pick:
32. San Diego Chargers - Drew Brees - QB Purdue

Also could of had:
21. Buffalo Bills - Nate Clements, CB Ohio State
44. Carolina Panthers - Kris Jenkins - DT Maryland
48. New England - Matt Light - OT Purdue

Some other high profile names that went here - Deuce McAllister, Todd Heap, Reggie Wayne. Chad Ochocinco. If the Lions had Drew Brees, they wouldn't have drafted a terrible Joey Blue Skies or an injury prone Matthew Stafford and instead gotten a pro bowl caliber QB. Clements and Jenkins are also tempting as they are still staples at their position. Light's been protecting Tom Brady for years so he can't be bad.

Round 2: 50. Detroit Lions - Dominic Raiola - C Nebraska

My Pick:
52. Miami Dolphins - Chris Chambers - WR Wisconsin

Also could of had:
58. Buffalo Bills - Travis Henry - RB Tennessee
60. Tennessee Titans - Andre Dyson - CB Utah

Dyson and Henry had good years, Chambers has been consistent. Is it sad to say Raiola might have been a good pick? He's started all these years.

Round 2: 61. Detroit Lions - Shaun Rogers - DT Texas

My Pick:
64. Arizona Cardinals - Adrian Wilson - S North Carolina State

Also could of had:
63. Philadelphia Eagles - Derrick Burgess - DE Mississippi
100. Cincinnati Bengals - Rudi Johnson - RB Auburn

Rogers had some great years, but then started cashing it in. If he had Wilson or Burgess here, the Lions would have been much happier.

Round 5: 148. Detroit Lions - Scotty Anderson - WR Grambling

My Pick:
204. Cincinnati Bengals - T.J. Houshmandzadeh - WR Oregon State

Also could of had:
New Orleans Saints - Michael Lewis WR

Two wide receivers is probably not a good thing in a draft, but they did get one so there must have been some need at this point. And they would be that much better of with TJ whoseyourmomma over Anderson.

Round 5: 149. Detroit Lions - Mike McMahon - QB Rutgers

My Pick:
Undrafted - Miami Dolphins - Adewale Ogunleye DE

They didn't need McMahon, let's be honest. For a 3rd string QB, I guess that's where you draft one, in the 5th round. But again would have been much better off with anything else.

Round 6: 173. Detroit Lions - Jason Glenn - LB Texas A&M

Washington Redskins - Antonio Pierce LB

I don't remember if Jason Glenn was productive or not. He started one game in his career. Tight. Antonio Pierece on the other hand: 686 career tackles and started every game he played last year for the Giants.

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31 Scary Movies for October

October is my favorite month of the year officially. It’s taken me 27 years to come to this conclusion, but my reasons for it couldn’t have come earlier in life. The whole changing of the colors, the temperature being not too hot, nor too cold are two minor things. I still like the spring smell, though actually every season except winter is fine in my book. Cider mills have become a favorite thing for Hellen and I to go see. The food, love my cider and donuts and it always feels like a good time for Chinese food at this time of the year.

My biggest reason for liking October is Halloween. I think I dressed up in ninth grade for the last time and missed about 8 years of dressing up. The last few years though I have been all in, it’s a shameless, nerdy thing to do, both of which I very much am. The main reason Halloween gets me so excited though is the scary/horror movies. Not that I can’t get into a scary movie at other times of the year, but it’s just the perfect time. Last year Hellen and I went to see Drag Me To Hell at cheap movie 16 at Universal Mall, we got donuts and some guy was being a smart ass for the first half of the movie. ‘Damn that bitch ugly’ during a scary moment for example. I just started getting into the mood of the whole fall watching scary movies mood. I’d say the last 3 years now I’ve been all in on devoting October to watching scary movies.

That being said, it was my goal this year to watch one horror movie a day. That makes 31 of them for the month of October. I hit my goal though I did skip some days/watch 2 other days. Per usual, I decided to rank them and give my reasons for each.

The 2 that didn't make the cut:
Santa's slay
Funny scene at the beginning, Bill Goldberg as Santa was funny. Mostly crap.

Sleep Walkers
A son and his mom are cats, except the son starts liking a girl even though they eat girls? Pretty awful.

31. Friday the 13th 2
I’m more into Halloween Texas or even Nightmare than these Friday ones. I didn’t realize after watching this one, Jason still didn’t have the trademark mask.(The mom was the killer in the original) I’m not even sure they played up the whole only water scares him thing in this. Pass.

30. My Name Is Bruce
Bruce Campbell make his own version of ‘The 3 Amigos’ in which he (Bruce Campbell the actor) gets hired to kill a real demon, but he thinks it’s all a movie. Some funny lines, especially the ending. Recommended if you like Campbell or want to compare it to the 3 amigos.

29. Bram Stoker's Dracula
Pretty long movie, even by a Keanu Reeves movie standard. Classic tale of vampires, it was really slow and took me out in some parts. I wouldn’t really recommend it to a general person. The only thing I really liked was Gary Oldman, who played the count.

28. Queen of the Damned
A sequel to interview with a vampire, though it’s really stands on it’s own. The soundtrack is straight from the 90s, and doesn’t have Tom Cruise reprising his role, but does have Aaliyah in her first?/last role.

27. Zombies of Mass Destruction
This movie totally came out of nowhere. Funny zombie movie, started off slow then just cranked it up. One liners galore, not sure if I would watch it again but would recommend it to a zombie buff.

26. Last House On The Left
Original movie made in the 70’s. Wow it looked old, between the clothes and the colors, it almost took me out. I like the premise of the movie: girl gets killed by 4 prison escapees then crash at the parents house. The parents figure out it was them, then extract some revenge. I liked the remake which is why I decided to watch this one, but I would recommend the remake over this one.

25. Warlock
This one was a weird one for me. Not particularly scary, the graphics were downright awful. I didn’t particularly like the casting by either of the heroes, though I did like the warlock. This movie does have a good idea behind it. There is a funny line by a little kid, “aren’t witches supposed to be girls?” The next scene that kid is very much dead.

24. Devils Rejects
Sequel to House of 1000 corpses by Rob Zombie which I loved. I also loved the new Halloween, so I’ve been all in on Rob Zombie. This one is weaker than the original, it also is a continuation of the story and we get some closure. The ‘free bird’ ending is pretty awesome.

23. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
A remake that started a mostly bad trend with Friday the 13th, Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street. This one just didn’t have the same feeling of horror that the original did. You get much more gore than the original but just not the same suspense.

22. Human Centipede
Independent movie which came out earlier this year pretty much promises on the only premise you would expect. I didn’t really like the ending and the fact that they say “FIRST SEQUENCE” you know it won’t end well nor do I expect a Human Centipede 2. Some real graphic parts as well as slow moments. Aren’t we passed going to strangers houses in the woods as part of a plot?

21. Orphan
Always knew there would be a twist at the end, that was interesting though. The girl is creepy, not too scary of a movie overall. A good idea that was pretty well done, just pales in scaryness to the Omen or even Child’s Play.

20. Pet Sematary
I expected nothing going into this. But unlike Sleepwalkers, it actually paid off. The acting was really terrible and the characters didn’t behave the way normal people would and were all actually kind of annoying in their own way. Despite all that, some good scares and a good idea.

19. Ringu
Japanese Ring. It wasn’t as scary for me as the American version, though it had lots of the same elements. Maybe since I knew what to expect, it really wasn’t like I was watching a brand new movie. Anyway, like well enough just not as much as the remake.

18. Resident Evil
The first of 4 now movies based on the video game. My favorite by far of the first three I’ve watched. It starts out kind confusing, but once it gets going it almost falls into the Doom/ripped off Aliens idea, but never seems to get that bad. Nice holy shit moment in there, and pretty entertaining movie overall.

17. The Grudge
Remake with enough jumps to keep me entertained watching it for the second time. It’s scary enough for me to ignore any flaws it might have. Sarah Michelle Geller is annoying here though it does have Bill Pullman(Independence Day/Spaceballs) in a funny cameo.

16. Saw 5
This one starts to get crazy. Everything is a flashback, they keep introducing characters and killing them off. Ties the first 3 in together pretty well, but that’s about all that is done well. Has the worst twist if you can call it that.

15. Saw 4
Twist was okay. Plot was good, you still had the sense that it was a part of the story despite the beginning. The whole jigsaw motivation wasn’t clear in this one, but did start putting together Jigsaw’s motive which isn’t done in the previous ones but is added to in later movies.

14. Dark Remains
Everything about this movie gets me, from the cover to the jumpy moments to the woman crawling down the stairs backwards. Hellen didn’t like it maybe indicating it’s not quite as good as I think it is.

13. Saw 7
Could have been better, but I loved the ending. I think if they would have cut this movie 10 minutes sooner, which they might have done if it wasn’t the end of the series, I would have been so pissed at this. Good games in it though. Watched it in 3d which wasn’t really necessary. Dr. Gordon is my favorite character and he comes back in this one!

12. Saw 6
I liked the social message in this one about healthcare. Good flashbacks. Not a good twist ending. The game set up in this one was very interesting in parts. It has Eddie from Family Matters!

11. Night of the Living Dead
Original zombie movie, is it the best ever? Maybe not, it was done in the 60’s and it shows. The first time I watched it, I was pulled in. This being my second time, it was much harder as there are some slow moments.

10. Saw 3
Probably the goriest one, due to the brain surgery in the middle which was cool though pointless. Decent twist, one in which had much more going on that appeared. Didn’t have the same dread the first two had, as the main character(from Braveheart! Yeah!) was never in real danger…kind of.

9. Saw 2
Had a good twist on it. A group of people end up in a house while jigsaw plays a game with a detective while the son is part of the game. One of the more entertaining Saws.

8. What Lies Beneath
Scary movie to me, Michelle Pfeiffer and Tom Cruise bring it. It starts off real slow, and after about 40 minutes in they basically reset the plot. So they really could have cut all that off. Still scary, still good after like my 3rd time watching it.

7. The Hills Have Eyes
Remake, which is my opinion better than the original. It’s almost served better not knowing anything about this movie before going into it. But basically a traveling family gets attacked by hillbillies. It’s actually much better than that sounds.

6. The Crow
Brandon Lee here has the same element that the Heath Ledger’s joker had. I can’t believe I hadn’t watched this before. It might become a Halloween staple to me. I didn’t mind the acting, nor the script and instead got drawn into: did he get killed here? Here? Is that really him here?

5. Event Horizon
I don’t know if Sci Fi-Horror has ever been done so well. I’ve watched this movie so many times, yet it still scares me in parts. It’s that jumpiness which gets me. A ship with a black hole as an engine goes to another dimension and brings back hell with it. Sam Neil is perfect crazy man with Laurence Fishburne as the antagonist.

4. Saw 1
Two men are trapped inside a bathroom with no knowledge of how they got there and attached to chains. Probably the best as you don’t know what’s coming. You don’t know there is a twist, the whole saw idea is used for only the second time in the whole series.

3. Van Helsing
I seem to watch this movie every year as one of my favorite Halloween movies. It just has the combination of Vampires, Werewolves and even some Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll thrown in. An action movie more than anything, like Hugh Jackman as well.

2. Evil Dead
We went to see an evil dead play, so I wanted to watch the original. It’s still amazing to me for the tiny budget that it had. I think it’s that perfect blend of scary and funny. A group of friends go stay at a cabin which happens to contain the book of the dead.

1. Zombieland
Such a funny and clever movie. A must watch for anyone a fan of zombies, funny movies or Woody who just kills it. If you really need a reason to watch it, it would the cameo right in the middle which for me was just perfect.