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RE-drafting the Lions - 2003

Uhh, one of the worst drafts started off by one of the biggest busts in NFL history. Charles Rogers ended up playing 15 games in his career, catching 400 yards and 4 touchdowns. Not great for a normal NFLer, but for the second overall pick...just dreadful. Set the Lions back 2 years alone. Some of it wasn't his fault. The man had terrible injury problems, and he did look decent before the first collarbone incident. However it was reveled he had a drug problem, and that he failed one test already that the Lions knew about when he was drafted. I think he suffered from the same problem Matt Leinart did, being too close too his old school and friends when he really just needed a new start.

Round 1:
Detroit Charles Rogers WR Michigan State

My Pick:
5. Dallas - Terence Newman CB Kansas

Also could of had:
3. Houston - Andre Johnson WR Miami (Fla.)
9. Minnesota - Kevin Williams DT Oklahoma State
10. Baltimore - Terrell Suggs DE Arizona State
11. Seattle - Marcus Trufant CB Washington
13. New E…

RE-drafting the Lions - 2002

Yes, this is Matt Millen. The only """Expert""" picking Carolina, who wound up losing to Dallas 21-7.

Interesting article here about Roy Williams blasting the Lions offensive line for their woes and praising ex president Matt Millen. I've never wanted the Lions to destroy Dallas more than this week. Williams goes on to say the Lions are cursed but will some day become the Saints and win it from the cellar.

--Look at the article here--

This one is a blessed article the day Millen got canned.
--Click here for that one--

2002 - The year of the blue skies

Round 1:
Lions Pick - 3. Joey Harrington QB Oregon

My Pick:
11. Indianapolis - Dwight Freeney DE Syracuse

Also could of had:(in order how I would take them)
15. Tennessee - Albert Haynesworth DT Tennessee
24. Baltimore - Edward Reed S Miami
8. Dallas - Roy Williams S Oklahoma
26. Philadelphia - Lito Sheppard CB Florida
7. Minnesota - Bryant McKinnie OT Miami
9. Jacksonville - John Henderson DT Tennessee
14. NY Gia…

Steve vs Mike FF Challenge Weeks 6,7,8,9

Here we go again, I'm getting lazier as I keep getting worse in fantasy football.

How bad was the challenge this week?

Week 6
Me - 451
Mike - 422

Champ: Every QB was gang-busters for both sides this week, however Jeremy Maclin's 27 wasn't bad for me.
Chump: Miles Austin got a single point for Mike. Ick.

Week 7
Me - 410
Mike - 408

Champ: Michael Turner's 26 was great though Mike's Roddy White did better with 32.
Chump: 3 for Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Smith, Micheal Crabtree and 2 for Welker all didn't help on a bye week week.

Week 8
Mike - 322
Me - 273

Champ: Moreno, Steward and Greene all failed to impress for me getting like 3 each, though Steven Jackson only got 6 which is unusually low for him.
Chump: Calvin Johnson's 28 lead the way with Peterson and Sims Walker breaking 20 as well.

Week 9
Mike - 358
Me - 328

Champ: Peterson and Rivers for 26, Green Bay's D for 28.
Chump: I didn't get points from any tight end. 4 hurt and 1 sucked - Celek.

That makes it 2-2 fo…

RE-drafting the Lions - 2001

I've been a football fan since well 2001. I never really liked it in high school for some reason but probably when I discovered fantasy football I started liking it immediately(dropping pro wrestling as real sport of choice).

Coincidentally this is when Matt Millen took over. The man single handed ruined the Lions well pretty much up until now.

I couldn't have said it better than:
Ryan Terpstra - MLive

who talks about how undefeated Michigan and Michigan State fans had to listen to his commentary when the two played each other this year. "You're taking what is sure to be a ratings-winner in the Midwest area, and you're forcing people to have to listen to the spewings of a man who destroyed professional football in the state." So true, I would rather not watch.

And it continues:
"To me and hundreds of thousands of fans out there, Matt Millen holds less credibility than the drunk down at the other end of the bar. Anyone can epically destroy a professional f…

31 Scary Movies for October

October is my favorite month of the year officially. It’s taken me 27 years to come to this conclusion, but my reasons for it couldn’t have come earlier in life. The whole changing of the colors, the temperature being not too hot, nor too cold are two minor things. I still like the spring smell, though actually every season except winter is fine in my book. Cider mills have become a favorite thing for Hellen and I to go see. The food, love my cider and donuts and it always feels like a good time for Chinese food at this time of the year.

My biggest reason for liking October is Halloween. I think I dressed up in ninth grade for the last time and missed about 8 years of dressing up. The last few years though I have been all in, it’s a shameless, nerdy thing to do, both of which I very much am. The main reason Halloween gets me so excited though is the scary/horror movies. Not that I can’t get into a scary movie at other times of the year, but it’s just the perfect time. Last year Hellen …