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The 30 Coolest Magic Cards (20-11)

The 30 Coolest Magic Cards 30-21

I originally had 2 dragons on this list. But when I started comparing the dragons, I realized that there were way too many of them which deserved to be on this list, as dragons are super cool. I ended up making a separate list full of dragons - so that's coming next. And therefore there are no dragons here.

Honorable Mention: Battle of Wits
 photo BattleofWits_zps01d86180.jpg
Such a fun card. No serious player will use this, but that isn't always the point is it. Artwork and text notable as well. Running two of them at least gives you a 1% chance of a turn 5 win and that's something.

20. Ali From Cairo
 photo AlifromCairo_zpsde7b9ad4.jpg
While the art is kind of, well... almost cheesy, I love the idea that he is literally holding the game in his hands. That green amulet represents you. Sure he's much worse in today's much more dangerous world than he was in 1995, but he's still really cool.

19. Inspiration
 photo Inspiration_zpsaf55c926.jpg
Very cool artwork, though it gives me a Back to the Future meets Jim Carey's Riddler vibe. It is infinitely worse to me than Divination, though it is an instant. The text is brilliant though.

18. Knight of Infamy
 photo KnightofInfamy_zpsddbefa2b.jpg
More sweet artwork/text combination going on. There are many knights in MTG and therefore there are many sweet cards which also have great artwork. (Stillmoon Cavalier comes to mind) This one wins extra points for looking like my old lego toys and it's probably what I would look like if given the choice of armor. I guess it's a decent card as well. Boy that text rules.

17. Commander's Authority
 photo CommandersAuthority_zps27dcf8f4.jpg
The artwork is striking beyond anything this card has going for it. It's too expensive for competitive - Verdant Embrace and Assemble the Legion have a better effect. I'm sure it's possible in a human deck it could do wonders. Anyway, is that Peter Pan or something?

16. Baron Sengir
 photo BaronSengir_zps8cbc0ad7.jpg
If Force of Nature was the green daddy, this was undoubtedly the black one. It used to be our favorite card in 1997. You would still throw him into a vampire deck without much hesitation, but beyond that it's just an over-costed flier. It helped that Homelands didn't have many other decent cards. Lovely text of course.

15. Terminate
 photo Terminate_zps6024f793.jpg
Cool card from top to bottom. Cheap, effective and powerful. It also has some fantastic artwork. The flavor text enhances the card as well.

14. Bitterblossom
 photo Bitterblossom_zps041d3a54.jpg
I like the combination of text and unique artwork. Magic's art shouldn't always be hyper-realism like Commander's Authority. It doesn't hurt that the card was banned due to being overly powerful.

13. Elspeth Tirel
 photo ElspethTirel_zpsc7aefe69.jpg
Great artwork on a pretty great planeswalker. Can't really go wrong here. The two abilities work well with each other and the ultimate is just bonus gravy.

12. Goblin Bomb
 photo GoblinBomb_zps794643fa.jpg
Sillier than anything. There are one or two ways to abuse coin flips though. Very similar to Battle of Wits in that it's a fun card, but occasionally it's game over on turn 5. It doesn't stop protection from Wordy. I'm torn on the artwork, it's good but I think it could have been much better for something like this. I almost like all 4 pieces of the Goblin Grenade artwork better.

 photo GoblinGrenade_zps150d85f2.jpg photo GoblinGrenade3_zps366eae69.jpg photo GoblinGrenade4_zps2c1c6cf4.jpg photo GoblinGrenade2_zps650eb8db.jpg

11. Twilight Shepherd
 photo TwilightShepherd_zps29d8dba5.jpg
Beautiful artwork on a 4 abilitied 5/5 for 6. Done. Explaining what Persist is kind of sucks - WOTC shouldn't have made the Undying ability so close together.


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39. Skyshroud Elite

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38. Sakura-Tribe Scout/Skyshroud Ranger

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