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100 Movies #3 (90-81)

Rewatch 12. Horrible Bosses
100-3b photo HorribleBosses-1_zps6f233096.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Really funny movie that I liked enough watching in the theater to buy. Jamie Fox and Charlie Day are hilarious and Bateman plays the same loveable narrator as always. The three bosses here get to have the most fun though. Aniston, Spacey and Farrell are just having a blast here.
Interesting: Warner Brothers set up a 12 foot Voodoo doll of a boss in downtown Montreal that people could walk by and abuse in order to promote the movie.

Rewatch 11. Men in Black 3
100-3b photo MeninBlack3-1_zps9467d3a7.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Ready to watch 3-D TV at home for the first time, I rented this and John Carter. This one had better 3D and was the better movie. This is a huge step up from the second movie. You could watch this back to back with the original without any difficulty. Brolin does great and the movie doesn't miss a beat when Jones is missing for most of the movie.
Interesting: Though Will Smith went 43 years into the past, Josh Brolin is only 21 years younger than Tommy Lee Jones.

Rewatch 10.  Die Hard: With a Vengeance (3)
100-3 photo Diehard3-1_zps10ae7a07.jpg 
Why is it ranked here: Like Men in Black 3 it was a huge step up from the previous sequel. Samuel Jackson and Jeremy Irons bring something fresh to the series. Bruce Willis has one of his best performances here. The ending of this movie doesn't do anything for me though. It's very anticlimactic, like they just decide to end the movie, which is sad since the rest of the movie is awesome.
Interesting: Bruce famously wears a sign around his neck while walking around Harlem. The sign is CGI.

90. The Longest Daycare
100-3b photo TheLongestDaycare_zps847c04bf.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Part of the Oscar nominated shorts. I love the Simpsons so this one naturally was one of my favorites. The film was very brisk but very entertaining involving Maggie.
Interesting: Fox's first animated short in 3D has no dialogue.

89. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3
100-3 photo TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles3_zpsc5fcf95c.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Part of my effort to watch all the Ninja Turtles movies. This one brings back Casey Jones from the original and has him play two characters. They bring April back from Secret of the Ooze. Everything else done in this movie was wrong. The heart was in the right place but between all the technical work and the script it just felt like a cheap made for TV movie.
Interesting: The only live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that doesn't have the Jim Henson's Creature Shop involved with the creature costumes. That is why they all look awful in this.

88. The Other Woman
100-3 photo TheOtherWoman_zps7879f279.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Very good movie involving Natalie Portman. One of Hellen's picks, but I loved it. The movie does go back and forth in time quite a bit and I got confused during this bit. I didn't need all the drama with Portman's dad, but I can see why it was needed. The child actor does good though as does Lisa Kudrow. 
Interesting: Portman has a line that 'Harvard sucks' when she actually went there in real life.

87. Freakonomics
100-3 photo Freakonomics_zpse746ddeb.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Documentary I was told was a good book but I did the next best thing. Talks about different studies dealing with human behavior. I was most interested in the relationship between abortion and crime but there were other interesting points like how someone's first name can affect their behavior in life.
Interesting: No counter arguments are made here like in a typical documentary. We are also summed up with these 'facts' like you would teach a child.

86. Cars 2
100-3a photo Cars2_zpse9ffc47f.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Watched it as part of the Pixar marathon. This was the last one we needed to watch but boy was it rough. Way too much Larry the Cable Guy and the French secret agent. I didn't love the first one but this was so much harder to watch. Beginning and ending were fairly entertaining.
Interesting: The only Pixar feature film ever to receive a Rotten collective rating from critics at Rotten Tomatoes.

85. The Shining (1997 Remake)
100-3 photo TheShiningR_zps0241c446.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Loved the original so I always wanted to visit this. It does have jump scares which are awesome and yet mean at the same time. Fair level of creepiness and none of the acting is poor. It is a made for TV movie though and it shows in the production values. It's also quite long and you can see where they break it up into episodes. 
Interesting: Stephen King didn't like the fact that there wasn't as much focus on Jack's alcoholism in the first Shining so when this was made with his help it had much of that in the movie.

84. Two Weeks in Hell
100-3 photo TwoWeeksinHell_zpsb415985d.jpg
Why is it ranked here: TV documentary about the training of US special forces. Three pieces stick out to me - the first weeding out which consists of the men holding this giant log until people start collapsing; them being given a compass and a map and a destination, forcing them to go there at night while being watched and given even more rules; the remaining soldiers being divided into teams and forcing the teams to critical thinking.
Interesting: 16 people dropped on log day alone.

83. Curfew
100-3 photo Curfew_zpsfa626f71.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Oscar nominated short. Very cute story about a man who is actively trying to end his life when his estranged sister calls him asking him to babysit her little girl. My favorite of the shorts. Strangely uplifting and the little girl does a great job.
Interesting: Won 16 other awards including the Oscar.

82. For a Good Time, Call...
100-3 photo ForaGoodTimeCall_zps1be4da61.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Cute comedy about two women who are trying to make it and when one starts living with the other, she gets in on her job which is a phone sex operator. The women have lots of charisma and the story is unexpectedly entertaining despite the typical rom-com formula. Justin Long shows up though, and I am not a fan of him.
Interesting: Has both Seth Rogen and Kevin Smith cameos. Made in 16 days.

81. Conan the Barbarian (2011 Remake)
100-3 photo ConantheBarbarianR_zps24501394.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Watched and disliked the first two Arnold Conan movies yet still felt the need to try this one. While I liked it more than it's predecessors, it's generally a flat action movie. Ron Perlman screams B-movie at me. The bad guy is the same terrible actor out of Avatar. Rose McGowan is awesome creepy here and the little Conan scenes are sweet. Conan the adult actor was fairly bland. He wasn't bad but wasn't special. Now if they would have put a young Arnold and young James Earl Jones into this movie, that might have been a decent movie. The story, as well as the whole ending is just a mcguffin that isn't even fulfilling.
Interesting: They were in talks to bring Arnie back for a Conan movie. Not sure he could pull it off as the main character at this point.


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