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RE-drafting the Lions - 2010

Best for last-har. 2nd pick overall even though we lost to the Rams who wound up picking first. Didn't matter much as we drafted the so called greatest talent in years.

First round
Lions Pick:
2: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

Boy did he make an impact. Pro-Bowl. Ndamukong Suh, 10 sacks, an interception, a touchdown. Completely revamped the Lions D-Line and improved the defense. Can't argue at the moment that the Lions hit.

Lions Pick:
31: Javhid Best, RB, Cal
The Lions traded up four picks to grab someone Schwartz was in love with.
Scored 5 of his 6 touchdowns in the first 2 games. Kept hearing turf toe and never looked right all year. Over a thousand total yards though. No concussion, and did look real quick in spots.

My Pick:
At the time, I would have picked either:
17. (49) 49ers - Mays, Taylor FS
11. (43) Ravens - Kindle, Sergio DE

But shows what I know, Kindle fell down the stairs and didn't play a snap, Mays lost his job when he couldn't cover anyone. Charles Brown didn…

RE-drafting the Lions - 2009

2009 - Detroit Lions
Round 1
1. (1) Matthew Stafford QB Georgia
1. (20) Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma State

My picks -
15 (15) Texans - Cushing, Brian OLB
23 (23) Ravens - Oher, Michael OT

Also Could of had -
4 (4) Seahawks - Curry, Aaron OLB
5 (5) Jets - Sanchez, Mark QB
9 (9) Packers - Raji, B.J. DT
13 (13) Redskins - Orakpo, Brian DE
14 (14) Saints - Jenkins, Malcolm CB
17 (17) Buccaneers - Freeman, Josh QB
19 (19) Eagles - Maclin, Jeremy WR
22 (22) Vikings - Harvin, Percy WR
26 (26) Packers - Matthews, Clay OLB

Not picking Stafford wouldn't change the current state of the Lions too much. He hasn't been on the field much. The question is, how much better would the Lions be with the 09 defensive player of the year and the top offensive lineman in the draft? Pettigrew has been solid and got targets but had injury problems last year and his ability to catch and run after the catch are suspect.

Round 2
2. (33) Louis Delmas DB Western Michigan

My pick - Same

Also Could of had -
10 (42) Bills…

Top 30 Movies I Want To See In 2011

30. The Smurfs

Stars: Neil Patrick Harris, Hank Azaria, Paul Reubens, George Lopez, Katy Perry, Anton Yelchin, Alan Cumming

Plot: When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they tumble from their magical world and into ours

Why it is where it is: Lots of good voice actors, Pee Wee Herman, NPH. The Smurfs weren't a bad cartoon, I'm way more interested in this than any Chipmunks movie, plus Gargamel is the Simpsons Hank Azaria who might be worth seeing.

29. Warrior

Stars: Nick Nolte, Tom Hardy

Plot: The youngest son (Hardy) of an alcoholic former boxer (Nolte) returns home, where he's trained by his father for competition in a mixed martial arts tournament against his brother.

Why it is where it is: I like fighting movies like this with a good story premise(Price of Glory for example). Tom Hardy was good in Inception, it's MMA which I'm not as sold on as say a boxing movie.

28. Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom

Stars: Jean-Claude Van Dam…

RE-drafting the Lions - 2008

The draft that finally did it. Got Matt Millen fired, got the Lions a win-less season. 9 picks, not much hit well. What more could you ask...

2008 - Detroit Lions
Lions pick:
1. (17) Gosder Cherilus T Boston College

My pick:
15. (15) Kansas City Chiefs - Albert, Branden OG

Also could of had:
18. (18) Baltimore Ravens - Flacco, Joe QB
20. (20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Talib, Aqib CB
23. (23) Pittsburgh Steelers - Mendenhall, Rashard RB
24. (24) Tennessee Titans - Johnson, Chris RB
25. (25) Dallas Cowboys - Jenkins, Mike CB
30. (30) New York Jets - Keller, Dustin TE
4. (35) Kansas City Chiefs - Flowers, Brandon CB
6. (37) Atlanta Falcons - Lofton, Curtis LB
11. (42) Denver Broncos - Royal, Eddie WR
13. (44) Chicago Bears - Forte, Matt RB

The lions traded down 2 spots to the Chiefs, who in turn took the player I wanted the lions to pick. Though the Lions did attempt addressing the offensive line, doesn't look like Cherilus lived up to a number one pick.

Lions pick:
2. (45) Jordon Dizon OLB Colorado


Nicolas Cage oh my

Wow has some nice websites devoted to our hero.

10 best and worst movies

47 facts

In defense of

Nicolas Cage Q+A

The Evolution of Nicolas Cage

Steve vs Mike FF Challenge Weeks 10+

Previous record -
Mike: 6-3
Me: 3-6

Week 10
Steve: 429
Mike: 359
MVP: Dwayne Bowe 186 yards 2 tds

Week 11
Mike: 461
Steve: 420
MVP: Aaron Rodgers 301 yards, 4 tds

Week 12
Steve: 436
Mike: 402
MVP: Dwayne Bowe 170 yards, 3 tds

Week 13
Steve: 463
Mike: 420
MVP: Tom Brady 326 yards, 4 tds

Week 14
Steve: 483
Mike: 373
MVP: Michael Turner 124 yards, 3 tds

Week 15
Steve: 403
Mike: 366
MVP: Jamaal Charles 153 yards, 1 td

Week 16
Steve: 413
Mike: 408
MVP: Jay Cutler 218 yards, 4 tds

Week 17
Steve: 365
Mike: 332
MVP: Ryan Mathews 139 yards, 3 tds

Final -
Mike: 7-10
Steve: 10-7

Major comeback thanks to my QB's/WR's and Mike losing D. Williams, F. Gore, S. Smith, Romo looking on.

Fun, lots of injuries on each side. Lots of work looking up all these stats though. Whew!

RE-drafting the Lions - 2007

The lions didn't blow the number two overall pick, most certainly making a good decision to pick Calvin Johnson. That being said, they had 3 number 2's which were all insane. All in all 8 picks, and only Calvin to make something of a career. Drew Stanton did win some games this year, but never justified that 43 overall selection.

2007 - Detroit Lions
Lions Pick:
1 - 2 - Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech

My pick:
7 Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma Minnesota Vikings

Also could of had:
3. Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin Cleveland Browns
4. Gaines Adams DE Clemson Tampa Bay Buccaneers
11. Patrick Willis ILB Mississippi San Francisco 49ers
12. Marshawn Lynch RB California Buffalo Bills
14. Darrelle Revis CB Pittsburgh New York Jets
23. Dwayne Bowe WR Louisiana State Kansas City Chiefs
24. Brandon Meriweather DB Miami (Fla.) New England Patriots
25. Jon Beason MLB Miami (Fla.) Carolina Panthers

Missed that Jamarcus Russell, whew! Again no problem with Calvin, but Peterson is the best thing we have seen since B…

Superbowl Prediction Update

With Indy just getting booted out due to a stupid roughing the kicker penalty, there are now 10 teams left: Seattle, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New England, Pittsburgh, New York Jets, Baltimore, Kansas City, Chicago and Green Bay

knocking off:
Cookie: New York Giants
32 Sided Dice: Jacksonville Jaguars
Magic 8 Ball: Houston Texans
Vegas: Indianapolis Colts

Still alive:
Me: Baltimore Ravens
Hellen: Philadelphia Eagles

making Vegas, randomness and the cat all incorrect. Tomorrow though both Baltimore and Philly play putting our picks to the test.