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Hotness Contest #122 - Tila Tequila vs Sharon Stone

Tila Tequila

Sharon Stone

Tila Tequila W 1-0
Sharon Stone L 0-2

Hotness Contest #121 - Dominik García-Lorido vs Alessandra Ambrosio

Dominik García-Lorido

Alessandra Ambrosio

Dominik García-Lorido L 0-1
Alessandra Ambrosio W 1-1

Hotness Contest #120 - Olga Kurylenko vs Amanda Seyfried

Olga Kurylenko

Amanda Seyfried

Olga Kurylenko W 1-0
Amanda Seyfried L 0-2

Hotness Contest #119 - Kelly Lynch vs Andy McDowell

Kelly Lynch

Andy McDowell

Kelly Lynch L 0-1
Andy McDowell W 1-1

Hotness Contest #118 - Sable vs Ashley Greene


Ashley Greene

Sable L 0-1
Ashley Greene W 1-1

Megaman House

If I ever was given a chance to decorate a house - likely no outside input - I would decorate every room with a different Megaman boss. Something like the following but on a grander scale.

Hotness Contest #117 - Rose Byrne vs Avril Lavigne

Rose Byrne

Avril Lavigne

Rose Byrne L 0-1
Avril Lavigne W 1-1

Hotness Contest #116 - Ellie Kemper vs Carrie Underwood

Ellie Kemper

Carrie Underwood

Ellie Kemper W 1-0
Carrie Underwood L 0-2

Hotness Contest #115 - Wendi McLendon-Covey vs Chelsea Handler

Wendi McLendon-Covey

Chelsea Handler

Wendi McLendon-Covey L 0-1
Chelsea Handler W 1-1

Hotness Contest #114 - Elisha Cuthbert vs Christina Hendricks

Elisha Cuthbert

Christina Hendricks

Elisha Cuthbert W 1-0
Christina Hendricks L 0-2

Hotness Contest #113 - Eliza Dushku vs Cindy Crawford

Eliza Dushku

 Cindy Crawford

Eliza Dushku L 0-1
Cindy Crawford W 1-1

Hotness Contest #112 - Casey Wilson vs Christina Applegate

Casey Wilson

Christina Applegate

Casey Wilson W 1-0
Christina Applegate L 0-2

Hotness Contest #111 - Ashley Scott vs Emmy Rossum

Ashley Scott

Emmy Rossum

Ashley Scott L 0-1
Emmy Rossum W 1-1

Hotness Contest #110 - Christina Ricci vs Drew Barrymore

Christina Ricci

Drew Barrymore

Christina Ricci L 0-1
Drew Barrymore W 1-1