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My 80 Worst Magic Creatures 80-71

Time to kick off a new series of articles called don't play these creatures.

Negative Drawbacks
Overcosted Creatures
Underwhelming Stats

Why 80? Because I didn't feel like looking up another 20, and cutting out 30 wouldn't be fair to how bad they are. I did all my research in only a few hours, so I'm sure I'm missing out on some.

Few staples in the world of magic:
a 2/2 for 3CC - Grey Ogre
and a
3/3 for 4CC - Hill Giant

These are very generic, very boring. These are not going to show up here. At least the creatures here have to be worse than this.

There are some creatures I considered, but the end of the day they have uses:
Leviathan, Demonic Hordes

80. Elder Spawn

7 cost including 3 blue isn't easy. You do get a big fattie, which isn't all bad and is anti-red to boot.
Not having trample hurts though and that drawback can add up fairly quickly.

79. Kjeldoran Guard

Ignoring the last half of this card because no one plays snow covered lands anymore…