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100 Movies #3 (100-91)

Took 6 months again (October-April). This 100 list will include the 10 Oscar nominated shorts, every James Bond movie and every Pixar movie. Also re-watched 15 movies, so I will go over these again.

Rewatch 15. John Carter
100-3 photo JohnCarter-1_zpsa104fe60.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Wanted to try out a 3D movie. I liked it enough the first time to watch it again with someone else. William Dafoe has a great voice. Two holy shit moments.
Interesting: Rumor that it cost 300 million to make even though it bombed.

Rewatch 14. Diehard 2
 photo DieHard2_zps4c7b041e.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Marathon to re-watch every Diehard movie before 5 came out. Fairly disappointing as people still had the original in their minds.
Interesting: Title taken from a french book called 58 Minutes To Live. Though in the book the hero's wife dies.

Rewatch 13. Diehard 4
100-3 photo Diehard4-1_zpsba01edb9.jpg
Why is it ranked here: I personally dislike Justin Long and the PG-13 rating neuters the movie. It just doesn't have the same punch that 3 had.
Interesting: Story taken from an article in Wired magazine. Originally not a Diehard movie called 9-11 basically put it on hiatus. Almost had the title Die Hardest. John almost battled pirates and ninjas in different versions of this movie.

100. Adam and Dog
100-3 photo AdamandDog_zpsdb1bcaf4.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Oscar nominated animated short. Nice discovery if you don't know what the story is about. A silent film though and kind of dragged.
Interesting: 1,600 a minute. Dog acts like a real dog in the garden of Eden. All hand drawn and done by a Disney animator.

99. Buzkashi Boys
100-3 photo BuzkashiBoys_zps9c40080f.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Oscar short. It's about kids who want to play polo with a dead goat, so it's kind of hard to get behind. I didn't really understand the ending
Interesting:  Shot on location in Afghanistan with two young boys who actually live there.

98. Henry
100-3 photo Henry_zps4c7eeda3.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Oscar short. Almost psychological thriller like, or as can be as a short. Touching, but predictable.
Interesting: A personal story. The director's previous short Moi was also award winning.

97. Casino Royale
100-3 photo CasinoRoyale_zps2fad4e77.jpg
Why is it ranked here: The original if you don't count the first TV show movie. Features multiple James Bonds, Woody Allen and a twist.
Interesting: Got Ursula Andress back from the first Dr. No. Script was worked on by Orson Welles. Peter Sellers(Bond) was fired before the movie ended.

96. Fresh Guacamole
100-3 photo FreshGuacamole_zps891427b9.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Oscar nominated short. Only 2 minutes in length but very entertaining and creative.
Interesting: The shortest running time ever for an Oscar nominated film.

95. Head Over Heels
100-3b photo HeadOverHeels_zpsed466861.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Oscar nominated short. Also basically a silent film with a nice twist.
Interesting: Done with stop motion. Won a whole bunch of awards.

94. Kurt & Courtney
100-3 photo KurtampCourtney_zps913756f5.jpg
Why is it ranked here: I was in the mood for some information on the duo and death of Cobain. While it's covered here, they also interview people whose opinion I don't care about. They also make it sound like a conspiracy which isn't a great take. The rest is about Courtney Love which I also don't care about.
Interesting:  Didn't get permission to use any Nirvana music which kind of hurts it. Although makes sense as in one scene they try to ambush Courtney.

93. Asad
100-3 photo Asad_zps2e5ad1ae.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Oscar nominated short. Probably the second best one. A boy tries to catch a fish while trying to survive.
Interesting:  Produced in South Africa. No one had any acting experience prior to this. Won 12 festival awards.

92. The Return of the King (Cartoon)
100-3b photo TheReturnoftheKingCartoon_zpse81aca3b.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Part of the Hobbit marathon. Done by the same group that did the Hobbit cartoon. They add some interesting moments you don't see in the live version. Gollum sounds so bad though as does evil Sam Gamgee.
Interesting: The previous animated version of LOTR ended with the Two Towers leaving fans demanding the third part be done. The same voice actor who was Bilbo is also Frodo.

91.Death of a Shadow
100-3 photo DeathofaShadow_zps4328b253.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Oscar nominated short. A photographer in limbo takes pictures of people's shadows before they die to try and win a second chance at life. Clever idea if not a happy ending.
Interesting: Also the second short by this director. Won five other festival awards.


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