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My 80 Worst Magic Creatures 20-11

My 80 Worst Magic Creatures 80-71
My 80 Worst Magic Creatures 70-61
My 80 Worst Magic Creatures 60-51
My 80 Worst Magic Creatures 50-41
My 80 Worst Magic Creatures 40-31
My 80 Worst Magic Creatures 30-21

Lots of terrible weenies, fliers and black creatures in these next 10.

20. Rust Elemental
 photo RustElemental_zps325b7f70.jpg
Not awful if you have enough artifacts to back it up(and Skullclamp), but most decks wouldn't be able to support this card without hurting themselves more than their opponent. It probably won't live if this is a card you are relying on.

19. Infernal Denizen
 photo InfernalDenizen_zps8f723b2a.jpg
The daddy of all big black creatures. Play Lord of Tresserhorn to try and sacrifice everything. I'd say the mana cost is too much except you really need tons of swamps to make this playable. Belongs in a weenie deck where you can keep your deck pumping for a few turns while you turn the tide. Not exactly splashable. Demonic Hordes get lumped in with this thing, but are much better.

18. Cyclopean Mummy
 photo CyclopeanMummy_zpsbd09da60.jpg
A card I despise more than most due to how many times I've had to play with it on the computer. How does white get Savanna Lion and black gets a nerfed version which is more expensive. Poor black. Thanks for making Yixlid jailer.

17. Giant Slug
 photo GiantSlug_zps5043cf5c.jpg
Overcosted plain weenie. What are you equipping this thing with that you want to pay 5 mana and attack with him for. Just play an unblockable creature, you can get one of those out prior to turn 5.

16. Bloodcurdler
 photo Bloodcurdler_zps8ad6e4f2.jpg
This thing is a rare? What am I missing? The second ability works against the first one. Won't even help that long with living dead decks. Just pointless. Play Skulking Ghost and forget this.

15. Andradite Leech
 photo AndraditeLeech_zps7d8a962b.jpg
Another rare which really does more harm than good. There are so many pumpable black creatures that don't have this harsh drawback. Play the infinitely better Nantuko Shade.

14. Chimney Imp
 photo ChimneyImp_zps72bf545b.jpg
These last 4 are 5 mana turds. Even if the ability took place upon entering the battlefield it should only cost 3. It's not a terrible ability, it just won't work until turn 6 at minimum while your opponent plays a Shivan Dragon.

12. Pulsating Illusion
A 4/5 flier for 5? How can I lose? How about discarding a card everytime you want to use it. Blargg. The art sucks on top of it. Splash it with a card which benefits from no cards in hand. Play multiple Howling Mines and Consecrated Sphinxs to ensure you have plenty of cards.

13. Horizon Seed
 photo HorizonSeed_zpse5f39fd1.jpg
Not sure what this picture and card name are implying. A 5 mana Savanna Lions which requires additional cards to regenerate is the jokiest of jokes. This is just unreal, 5 mana? Was 4 too broken? Was 3 too broken? It has no evasion, I don't care if it has regenerating. So does Drudge Skeleton. Kokusho, the Evening Star costs one more mana.

11. Soulgorger Orgg
 photo SoulgorgerOrgg_zpsb5ecde3e.jpg
The mother of all drawbacks. I don't care if it's a 5/5 for 6 or if there is a stalemate going. This is only playable when you have sub 5 life as it is. Therefore it's a dead card, or a dead you.


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20. Vexing Devil

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40. Gnat Miser

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39. Skyshroud Elite

It's an elvish Kird Ape! It doesn't have the pesky Mountain requirement and any decent deck is going to have a non basic land. If by rare chance your opponent is on the draw and waits to play their special lands, you are left with a pitiful 1/1. And it's ceiling is just a 2/3 so it's good, but not great.

38. Sakura-Tribe Scout/Skyshroud Ranger

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