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Magic Color Names

Magic: The Ten Best Planeswalkers

There are only 40 Planeswalkers to begin with, so by ranking 10 it's quite a few. They are all really powerful despite being expensive and rare. There is even a two mana costed one. I was trying to come up with the worst one, but I really couldn't. There are some that are geared for specific decks - swarm, artifacts...etc. But being limited doesn't mean much because in those types of decks, these cards are game breaking. All that said, here are my ten favorite.

Honorable Mention:

There is always an honorable mention.This card is great, no question. Only costing three, she is definitely one of the most useful Planeswalkers. Her ultimate does some damage, her plus one hurts - but neither ability is truly game breaking.

10. Jace, Memory Adept

Drawing an extra card every turn for five mana is a good deal by itself. But you add the extra mill every turn to prevent scrying and then the plus one becomes pretty neat. Milling for ten in a mill deck is a great deal. The ultimate is…

10 Best It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Episodes

This show is amazing. There are only a handful that I don't really get as a whole episode, but there are fantastical elements of each. I was told to watch it for years, and when I did I blasted through them and haven't looked back. I have my ten favorite, but I am going to list about 10 as Honorable Mentions - so it's kind of like a top 20 list that I had a hard time narrowing down.

Underage Drinking: A National Concern - The gang reverts to their old ways.
Charlie Wants an Abortion - Dennis crosses the abortion fence during a dual protest.
Hundred Dollar Baby - One of the few Dee only story lines. Something about eating babies.
The Gang Gets Invincible - McBoyles brother reunion while the gang tries to make the Eagles.
Mac is a Serial Killer - One of the greatest endings, not to mention the clown dress up.
Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person - Nightman is born.
The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis - Wildcard!
The Gang Buys a Boat - Dennis trying to explain himself to…

My 100 Worst Magic Cards Part 5/5

20. Waste Away

Call for Blood(#28) was pretty horrific. Same mana cost, you just had to sacrifice a creature instead of a card from your hand. At least here you can dump a land, but you are still 2-1ing yourself. That one however could at least be spliced and take out things larger than a Craw Wurm.

19. Tomb of Urami

Non Ogre decks aside. A pain land swamp. Pretty bad so far. Sacrifice all lands for a 5/5 Flyer? Since this is the last thing you are going to be playing, you had better hope your opponent can't remove it. Creatures and removal are too good now days for a duelist to let a self Armageddoning creature to win. If it wasn't Legendary, or required the sacrifice of all other lands or didn't require tapping - then we might have a situational card. But even a dark ritual doesn't allow for this thing to come out prior to turn 3.

18. Heavy Mattock

In a Human deck - 5 mana to give +2/+2 is a fairly big waste of time. So help you if you aren't playing Humans. Arti…

100 Movies #3 (60-51)

Rewatch 3. The Avengers

Why is it ranked here: I watched this a couple times(just as a warning). This was my fourth time and I still love it. It does take awhile to get where it needs to be as every character has their own intro still. The ending battle is mostly fluff, though better than any single one of these movies has given us so far. I personally like the original Rami Spider-Man 1 fight better, but this might be the second best end-fight. Robert Downey Jr. can do no ill will and it doses he is even better here.
Interesting: The Hulk voice and look was a combination of both Mark Ruffalo and Lou Ferrigno.

Rewatch 2. The Two Towers

Why is it ranked here: I go back and forth on which of these three Rings movies I like the best. It's mostly RotK when I pole myself but sometimes Towers wins. Nothing in all three movies matches the intense feeling of Helm's Deep. They also do the Ents very well. If this trilogy was ever remade, this one would be the hardest to top.The begi…