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100 Movies #3 (70-61)

Rewatch 6. Die Hard
100-3 photo Diehard_zps09e6abcd.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Started the new five movie marathon of the Die Hard movies. Clearly the best one of the group. It has the best villain in Alan Rickman. The best non-sidekick in Carl Winslow(Reginald VelJohnson). It also the most original and has the most concise story of the five.
Interesting: The "Germans" speak gibberish German here, so in Germany the villains are simply European.

Rewatch 5. The Dark Knight Rises
100-3 photo TheDarkKnightRises-2_zps8b1e60ab.jpg
Why is it ranked here: As I had to watch this movie a second time after it came out in the theater. After you read people trashing a movie, it indeed lessens the film. You don't start thinking of all the plot holes if you just go to a movie and enjoy it. So something was lost for me watching this a second time. It was still a good Batman movie as far as those go, but it is probably the worst of the Bale BMs. Not enough of Batman, but the biggest issue is Miranda lessening the character of Bane at the end.
Interesting: Leonardo DiCaprio has been shunned twice now for the Robin role. First losing the role to Chris O'Donnell the to Gordon-Levitt.

Rewatch 4. The Fellowship of the Ring
100-3a photo FellowshipoftheRing-1_zpsb8ab8ecc.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Kicked off the Hobbit marathon. Many people consider this the best of the three LOTR movies. I've always felt it was weaker than the other two. Don't get me wrong, the intro is freaking amazing. You need the backstory to continue into the other chapters, but there are many slow moments and it kind of falls off after the loss of Sir Ian McKellen.
Interesting: Famously Stuart Townsend was fired after four days when he thought that Townsend didn't have the look. Townsend didn't get paid for anything(Sword training, time).

70. Take This Waltz
100-3 photo TakeThisWaltz_zps91a6b300.jpg
Why is it ranked here: This movie left a terrible taste in my mouth almost immediately. I think the reason being Seth Rogen. I'm convinced he was miscast in this movie. Not sure I was a fan of Sarah Silverman either. This is a movie about lots of things, but comedy is not one of them. Not that these actors were doing anything funny, far from it. But it was just way too strange seeing Rogen moping around, not giving a crap that his wife was leaving him. Pretty depressing stuff here. The sound track left an impression.
Interesting: Sarah Polley's characters in her movies are portraits of wounded and conflicted women.

69. Paperman
100-3 photo Paperman_zps2932005e.jpg
Why is it ranked here: The best of the animated shorts. I think we were all unanimously in favor of it as a group, and it also won the Oscar as well. So it is very deserving. I don't remember if it even had any dialogue, but it's definitely the one to watch of the five.
Interesting: The first Disney animated short to win the Oscar in 43 years.

68. The Vicious Kind
100-3 photo TheViciousKind_zps166b1fe1.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Another random pick that Hellen and I went with. We both like Adam Scott quite a bit from Parks and Rec as well as Friends With Kids(which we will get to). This was a strange one for me to like, especially considering how much I disliked Take This Waltz. But I suppose it's a case where I'm actually rooting for Scott's charismatic Caleb opposed to the incredibly bland Michelle Williams. Caleb basically steals his brother's girlfriend and deals with his daddy issues(J.K Simmons). Lots of smoking here, not sure why I remember that, but I do.
Interesting: Written, Directed and Produced by Lee Toland Krieger in his second feature length movie.

67. Antichrist
100-3 photo Antichrist_zps108bfc76.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Whooo boy, where to begin here. The opening scene involves a couple in bed while their little boy jumps out the window. The movie just goes downhill after that. There are only two characters in this whole movie. Thankfully one of them is Willem Dafoe who is always entertaining for me. His character(a psychiatrist) decides since his wife is having issues dealing with the death of their son, that the best person to bring her back to health is him. They go out into the woods stranded where just about everything(natural and supernatural) turns on him. I don't think I even want to spoil the general idea of the movie, but it is not for the squeamish. Not that I disliked this one, but I really need to get Hellen to watch it so I can actually discuss it. It's that bizarre.
Interesting: The story is divided into four chapters, Grief, Pain, Despair and The Three Beggars.

66. The Man with the Golden Gun
100-3b photo TheManwiththeGoldenGun_zpsc77cbbf6.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Probably the second worst of the Moore Bonds. Two things got me more interested than usual - the first being the idea of a Golden Gun which really wasn't touched upon as being too special, the second is the sheer awesomeness of Christopher Lee. I feel like Lee bites it about 2/3 of the way through the movie though, which is a strange choice. The opening is set in a carnival house of mirror of sorts - and it goes back there later in the film. The action set pieces are average and the plot is average, though I do like the idea of a man to man duel between Bond and a villain as awesome as Lee.
Interesting: James Bond author Ian Fleming and Christopher Lee are cousins.

65. Junebug
100-3 photo Junebug_zpsb0debeef.jpg
Why is it ranked here: I admittedly came into this movie late so I had lots of questions most of the way through. I had a problem trying to keep straight who was with who and what everyone's intentions were. Involves a family in a small town who's son has moved away and comes back with his wife. It ended pleasantly enough though it could have had an even bigger impact than it did. The brothers clearly have issues here which aren't resolved. I liked the female leads quite a bit. Amy Adams is gloriously charming and Embeth Davidtz(Army of Darkness, Amazing Spider-Man) is pretty awesome too.
Interesting: Alessandro Nivola and Embeth Davidtz, play husband and wife George and Madeleine in this film, had previous played brother and sister in Mansfield Park.

64. Diamonds Are Forever
100-3 photo DiamondsAreForever_zps79d382fc.jpg
Why is it ranked here: One of my least favorite when ranking these originally. Of course when I ask my father which he likes the best this one immediately comes to his mind. Lots of randomness with the plot involving Las Vegas, a misdirection of a main villain and a gay villain duo. I was not into the elaborate plan of the diamonds or the fake moon landing, but I guess as a Bond movie it has all the expectations that one might have - Blofeld, intricate laser ransom and of course Connery.
Interesting: Connery returned here after missing a film for his last official Bond role. He would later show up in Never Say Never a decade later.

63. Die Another Day
100-3 photo DieAnotherDay_zps5b3a949a.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Technically my second time watching this. I remember despising it the first time watching it as the first scene ends up with Bond being captured for like 5 years. It just took you out of the movie so much. This time around was much different as I knew that issue was going to come up and I was much more behind this movie knowing it was coming. The special effects are ludicrous here with the plot involving a giant sun laser of some sort. Berry and Brosnan were fine here and I liked seeing Michael Madsen. Having watched this twice I still don't remember the bad guy from the first scene who does an identity switch. For the record, you just can't do an identity switch on a character you see once over an hour ago.
Interesting: Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Whitney Houston, and Salma Hayek were all rumored and considered for parts.

62. Rat Race
100-3 photo RatRace-1_zps16fd6a68.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Hilarious comedy which was only average this round after picking it up again years later. There are some scenes which are great, everything involving John Cleese and Jon Lovitz is gold. Rowan Atkinson was also funny in moments. Whoopi Goldberg and Seth Green are kind of a let down though as they just aren't given much to work with. But it's a fun idea of a race where humans trek towards to a million dollars. Of course there is no winner here, only the loser billionaire - Cleese's character.
Interesting: Wayne Knight, Dean Cain, Gloria Allred and Kathy Bates all have cameos.

61. Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
100-3 photo Pee-WeesBigAdventure_zpse663ed55.jpg
Why is it ranked here: My first time despite having watched the show numerous times in my childhood. It has Tim Burton written all over it(despite his first directorial effort). While all the non-Paul Reubens' characters are annoying super 80's caricatures, it doesn't matter because Pee-Wee is so likeable. Hellen and I's favorite scene is the beginning breakfast machine. It does hurt your intelligence level - a-la Beavis and Butthead, Coneheads, Ernest - you get the idea. Odd plot involving his stolen bike but otherwise enjoyable time if you are into this kind of thing.
Interesting: Pee-Wee weighs in at 98 pounds and swears for the first time saying the word crap once.


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