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My Top 40 M15 Cards (Part 2/2)

Well it's been four months since part one. Two sets have come out in this time which seems like a lot, but it's right on par with what Wizards has done the last ten years. It's no surprise that I didn't recognize the game after fifteen years away from it. I've been keeping up fairly well with the new sets, though sometimes the special boxes, sets(Conspiracy), Commander cards elude me.
This is my opinion on the "new" M15 set. I made this list back in September and I won't be changing it which should be entertaining for us both.

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I will kick this off with a little activity called my least favorite cards. Always fun to see what crap Wizards comes up with and maybe what they were thinking.

The Bottom 8: (no particular reason why 8, these just seemed to make the cut)
8. Wall of Limbs

Three mana for a Wall of Wood, not a great start. It's a zombie archetype which is kind of relevant. A counter if you gain life, well you aren't typically goin…

My Top 40 M15 Cards (Part 1/2)

Well it's new set time, and how else can I celebrate but by going over the previous set! Yah!
Wizards made a valiant effort in giving us something new with M15. The power level is alright, but nothing terribly exciting. They gave some outsiders cards to design - which really are the most interesting of the bunch. They brought back Convoke as a mechanic, some more slivers and terrible walls. They gave us a new set of mythic creatures name based on older sets. They also gave us creature versions of other cards we know and love - Birthing Pod and Torpor Orb. This review is based solely on my opinion and limited experience with the set. It doesn't seem like a bad set, but I don't think it will stand out from some of the other core sets when all is said and done. For this review I'm trying to stick to newish cards - I'm not including Elvish Mystic for example, even though we all know it's amazing.

Here are some quick reviews:
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Very powerful in t…