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My Top 100 One Drop (CC) Creatures (20-1)

My Top 100 One Drop (CC) Creatures (100-81)
My Top 100 One Drop (CC) Creatures (80-61)
My Top 100 One Drop (CC) Creatures (60-41)
My Top 100 One Drop (CC) Creatures (40-21)

20. Vexing Devil
 photo VexingDevil_zpse8a14564.jpg
Giving an opponent a choice is never a good idea. However I really feel like it's win win here in the aggressive deck. A 4/3 for one will almost always be worth a card. So the real question is - is it worth a card to deal 4 damage for a red? It's not quite Flame Slash good in a control deck, or as great top deck as Thunderous Wrath but better than Thunderbolt or Lava Axe.

19. Scute Mob
 photo ScuteMob_zps71f96508.jpg
Not a true one drop. But by turn six hopefully you are going get a hydra-like insect that will quickly get insanely huge if not dealt with. My biggest issue is that it doesn't have trample. It's still a great costed creature that can do some work if unchecked. There are lots of ways to give it Trample in Green not named Rancor.

18. Dragonmaster Outcast
 photo DragonmasterOutcast_zpscf78be7c.jpg
And yet another non-true one drop. If you can stay alive until six lands and this sticks you will slowly gain an army of dragons that will be unstoppable. You can get this into play before turn 6 without too much work, though might require a Green splash. If you are doing that you can throw in Fires of Yavimaya and do all kinds of fun things.

17. Loam Lion
 photo LoamLion_zpsbcd21bdb.jpg
When is a Kird Ape not a Kird Ape? When it's a Loam Lion! A 2/3 in a Selesyna deck is infinitely better than the amazing Savannah Lion. To determine if it's better than Kird Ape you must determine if the GW color combination is more aggressive than GR. It might be, it really might be. Works well with other quick two drops - Qasali Pridemage, Voice of Resurgence and Fleecemane Lion.

16. Kird Ape
 photo KirdApe_zpsfd1b675f.jpg
When is a Kird Ape a Kird Ape? When it's a Kird Ape! Play with the Tiaga dual land and drop a 2/3 on turn one. Biggest issue is that it is a terrible top deck.

15. Weathered Wayfarer
 photo WeatheredWayfarer_zps92ce77df.jpg
The Land Tax on legs. Not quite as broken as that and does require you to have an open white every turn, doesn't do anything for blocking or on turn one. But the ability to thin your deck out can't be understated. Drawing two cards essentially a turn will take you many wonderful places.

14. Soldier of the Pantheon
 photo SoldierofthePantheon_zps644d2fee.jpg
Strictly better than the Savannah Lion or Elite Vanguard. It really is a good hoser against Multicolor cards. Theros also made a better version Jackal Pup and Watchwolf which is awesome. Oh yeah it's also a soldier and a human. Very relevant types. It came out in the wrong set - Dragon's Maze was the place for this guy.

13. Figure of Destiny
 photo FigureofDestiny_zpsf30d221a.jpg
A mana sink, but as a one drop it does count. You will never be sad about top decking it. Quite a bit like the level up cards. You are paying eleven total mana for an 8/8 Flying, First Striker, which sounds like a meh idea but being able to do this in pieces - especially in the early turns can't be underestimated.

12. Disciple of the Vault
 photo DiscipleoftheVault_zpscea94d22.jpg
I've never saw this thing in action 1vs1, but it looks pretty fantastic. Being able to drop 5+ damage at instant speed is quite the threat. Obviously it's a play around card - as only works in the Affinity deck, but we will see a couple more of these work around cards that are awesome coming up on this list. I also heard he's dating Arcbound Ravager.

11. Grim Lavamancer
 photo GrimLavamancer_zps77325407.jpg
It's always been underwhelming for me. I think it requires a straight burn element to really work. It can't kill anything worth killing(this list not included), doesn't quite do anything on turn two. But as extra fuel for the burn deck it clearly works. I think if I saw an opponent playing this, I would be very concerned and want it dead quickly.

10. Signal Pest
 photo SignalPest_zps07ec8679.jpg
One of the main pieces that makes the Affinity deck a thing. It turns your 0/2 Ornithopters into 1/2 Ornithopters of death! Works great in multiples, Memnites or any aggressive deck really. Doesn't kill on turn one, but as a one drop it's solid. Decent evasion, hopefully by the time they can block it they are going to be taking too much damage to focus on it.

9. Jace's Phantasm
 photo JacesPhantasm_zps6f1bbaa1.jpg
The Flying Men is already a decent card. In the dedicated Mill deck, it should be real easy to get to ten cards in the graveyard. There's no reason by turn three or even turn two you couldn't get this puppy down as a 5/5. Works well with any other card named Jace.

8. Mother of Runes
 photo MotherofRunes_zps75205c58.jpg
Such odd art. It looks like a regular woman just drinking tea. You would almost feel bad for your Phyrexian Obliterator chewing on the elderly. While it doesn't do much against that card, it does wonders for practically any other situation that may arise. It can be real hard to take this thing down or other creatures of your opponents with this in play. It's just potential card advantage. It blocks well, stops spot removal. It's almost broken, so how do we go up from here...

7. Noble Hierarch
 photo NobleHierarch_zps3a8e9abe.jpg
Another Human archetype. This one comes with double abilities which are both useful. Exalted decks are a thing and this one can do some damage in late games. It can even attack in early games assuming you don't need this other ability. This other ability which lets you tap for all sorts of types of mana. It doesn't have flying like another to be mentioned card, but it does fix mana issues in many decks. It can't block a simple 1/1 though. That's about the only thing separating this thing from....

6. Llanowar Elves
 photo LlanowarElves_zps00766f5c.jpg
So many elves that are all the same. Why do you do this to us Wizards? So we can play twelve of these things in our decks? I don't know the real reason there are three of them, but I do know how powerful mana ramping is. Moxen, Sol Ring, Elvish Mystic - these cards allow you to get to mid game faster than your opponent which is always a good thing. The art doesn't match the name, but it's been the second best one drop since the early days of Magic.

5. Wild Nacatl
 photo WildNacatl_zps6e6a5358.jpg
The card was banned in Modern. If that isn't a decent start I'll say that it's essentially the Loam Lion and the Kird Ape put onto one card which are both in my top twenty. It made all decks use the same three lands. It can go into many types of decks though zoo made it popular. One of the best Naya creatures. There could be a scenario where you are swinging for three on turn two.

4. Serra Ascendant
 photo SerraAscendant_zpsd2af27db.jpg
Actually quite a bit like Jace's Phantasm. In the right deck - aka Soul Sisters this card hits hard. A 6/6 Flying, Lifelink for one is just silly. Obviously it's more of a work around card like Disciple of the Vault or Grim Lavamancer, but the difference with this one is that once it's second ability is triggered, it's game over unless you have straight up removal. It's also not banned in EDH which is mind-blowing.

3. Goblin Guide
 photo GoblinGuide_zps742cee9d.jpg
He's guiding you to victory! Terrible joke, terrible flavor text, terrible art, awesome card. Hitting for two mana on the play is oh so crippling. You need to come up with a response to this quick or find your life in serious peril. Sure he has a drawback, but it's more than acceptable trade for two points of combat damage. If it isn't a land, you get to see the top card of your opponent's library. That's almost another ability opposed to a drawback. It's a Goblin type on top of everything which almost seems unfair. You can sack him to a Goblin Grenade in late game if you don't want to be creating card advantage.

2. Birds of Paradise
 photo BirdsofParadise_zps7f526918.jpg
A land that block fliers, doesn't count towards the one land per turn limit and can tap for any color mana? It's only cost is one Green mana. Done and done. The single best mana fixer creature in the game. It used to be a summon mana birds. I actually went to a museum last summer which had an entire exhibit on actual Birds of Paradise. They actually look just like this. It's a very timeless card, reprinted eleven times and loved by most people. It's probably one of the most Lighting Bolted creatures in history.

1. Deathrite Shaman
 photo DeathriteShaman_zpsc128e66b.jpg
The most recently banned card is also the most powerful one drop creature in the game. Three abilities on one card is broken. Check list: mana ramper - check, splashable - check, repeatedly Syphon Souling your opponent - check, Elf archetype - check, Lifegain - check. Oh and they had the cojones to make him a 1/2 on top of everything.

One drop list is complete! Let me know what you think. I'll probably do Journey into Nyx next, though I want to revisit Planeswalkers at some point. Artifacts, M14 and non-creature one drops are all lists that will probably be coming before I run out of ideas and run back to movies. Though revisiting old sets sound fun and four sets a year will keep me busy for the foreseeable future. Wizards just cranks this stuff out.

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  1. Well that's not very helpful!

  2. Ummm, ya heard of delver?

  3. Replies
    1. Narnam Renegade is better than Typhoid Rats

  4. War Falcon is one I love, really just personal preference, but it's a 2/1 Flying for 1 mana.

  5. What no taunting elf ?

    A 0/1 elf for 1 green that says must be blocked by all creature that are able to do do

    In my top 10 for sure


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