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50 Cereals I Wish They Would Bring Back

I've only had some of these cereals. The ones I did were amazing, either because they were from the 80's and had nostalgia value or because they were actually excellent. I'm only pretty sure they don't make every single one of these.

50. Pink Panther Flakes

49. Rainbow Brite Cereal

48. Pirates of the Caribbean Cereal

47. Nestlé NesQuik
Probably exactly like coco puffs.

46. Smurf Berry Crunch

45. Mr. T Cereal

44. Gremlins cereal

43. Bill & Ted's Excellent Cereal

42. Cat in the Hat Cereal

41. Hot Wheels

40. E.T. Cereal
WTF? Poop?

39. Adams Family

38. Yummy Mummy
The missing monster cereal.

37. Batman Cereal
Captain Crunch?

36. Donkey Kong Crunch
Don't know how it was different than DKC Junior?

35. Donkey Kong Jr. Cereal
Ugly ass monkey!

34. Cinnamon Krunchers
This was almost too much if I remember right, but still would like to try it again.

33. Ice Cream Cones
Don't like the box, but cool idea.

32. C-3PO's
Unique at least.

31. Krusty O's

30. Urkel-Os