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100 Movies #3 (50-41)

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Get ready for some Bond and Pixar discussion!

50. For Your Eyes Only
100-3a photo ForYourEyesOnly_zps1dc92e3e.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Finally a Bond in the 80's. Moore's age is catching up with him here though. One of the most unexpectedly entertaining climaxes at the mountain top. The Bond girl is average. The plot is very subpar. Other great scenes include Bond doing an Olympics like Ski jump while being attacked. One of the better Bonds due to these standout scenes, but this one's villains and story really aren't memorable.
Interesting: They finally kill off Blofeld after EON/MGM lost the rights to the character in a lawsuit leading up to the split movie in a different studio - Never Say Never - which brought Connery back.

49. Licence to Kill
100-3 photo LicencetoKill_zpsfad7608a.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Second Dalton James Bond film. This is the worse of the two by far. Quite dark as it was believed The Living Daylights was still written with Moore in mind. Other than Felix Leiter getting eaten by a shark, the wife dieing and Bond resigning, it is fairly forgettable.
Interesting: The director John Glen did 5 Bond movies from The Spy Who Loved Me up to this one, and he considers this one as his best. It was the last Bond movie for this version of M, Moneypenny, as well as Bond. The second Bond movie to swear(Shit). The first Bond movie to get a PG-13.

48. Live and Let Die
100-3 photo LiveandLetDie_zps489136d7.jpg
Why is it ranked here: The first Moore Bond. Definitely a good one despite having some strange elements(Bond going into Harlem, Voodoo, Snakes). It is blaxploitation for sure. It has one of the best boat chases of all time and some nice comedic relief with a fat hick Boss Hog like cop. Plot revolves around a Bond girl being able to predict the future with tarot cards. All this is fairly different for a Bond movie, but most of it works. At some points I wasn't sure what was going on, mostly the Voodoo scenes. Why were random people being killed in the street during a funeral?
Interesting: The only Bond to not feature Q. Desmond Llewelyn would make an appearance in the next 11 films. Connery turned down 5.5 million back in 1973 to do this movie, equivalent of about 30 million today.

47. Cars
100-3 photo Cars_zps333b455e.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Second to last in the Pixar marathon. While much better than Cars 2, I felt that this movie more than other Pixar films(Cars 2 excluded of course) talks down to it's audience. Not that it's a bad thing, it's aimed at children and I'm neither a child, nor a fan of racing. That's two strikes before I even turn this on. It has an audience I'm sure(74% Rotten Tomatoes), it's just not me. And oh how I hate Larry the Cable Guy's voice and character here.
Interesting: The eyes for the cars were moved from the typical headlight to the windshield to make them more expressive.

46. A Bug's Life
100-3a photo ABugsLife_zpsdb06d365.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Part of the Pixar marathon. Probably the 3rd worst one behind Cars and Cars 2, though it's fairly close to Brave. Bugs aren't as easy to get behind as toys, super heroes, monsters, even rats. I do like the Dave Foley, Kevin Spacey and Elaine from Seinfeld voices. It does have the same plot as the 3 Amigos.
Interesting: Led the way with some technology.The first computer generated film with a 2.35:1 ratio. The DVD was the first all digital video transfer.

45. You Only Live Twice
100-3b photo YouOnlyLiveTwice_zps4649ea07.jpg
Why is it ranked here: My favorite of all the Bonds. The climax shoot out in the volcano lair is the best one and has the most authentic feel. It has the best Blofeld in Donald Pleasence. It takes place mostly in Japan, so they do some interesting things with Sumo and Japanese culture including a Wedding ceremony. Faking Bond's death doesn't really do anything special(it's in the title) as we see it coming. This film does have one of my favorite scenes of Connery breaking into a chemical president's desk and stealing some documents.
Interesting: This is the only James Bond movie in which Bond does not drive a car. The first one in which Bond does not visit England. This was also the last complete Flemming novel.

44. Jeff, Who Lives At Home
100-3b photo JeffWhoLivesAtHome_zpsc8df7113.jpg
Why is it ranked here: I was very surprised that I would like this movie. I guess I didn't know much about it going in, but the tone of it didn't sit well. Not to mention the bland title and the overhyped cast. It opens up on a monologue with Jason Segal going on about the Shamalaynanayn movie Signs. But this is very pivotal scene and sets up the rest of the movie. The plot involves a man dealing with his mother and the brother dealing with his wife. There is a strange side story about the wife and it almost seems like a TV show. Segal and Ed Helms are both fantastic here. It has the happy ending which is something I needed with it.
Interesting: Directed by Mark Duplass(and his brother Jay) of The League and Safety Not Guaranteed

43. Elf
100-3 photo Elf_zps8a4d43f9.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Random Christmas movie about Will Ferrell's Buddy the Elf who is a found human by Bob Newhart who raised Buddy into being an Elf. Not being so great at his job finds Buddy going to New York in search of his real Father - James Caan. Also features an unrecognizable Zooey Deschanel. Most of my favorite parts are the fish out of water scenes. Buddy walking around New York not understanding anything that's going on. Once Buddy starts being an inconvenience to his father and job it just starts to lose it's fun. The ending dealing with Christmas needing saving was too contrived and straightforward to be very good. 
Interesting: The Brain from Pinky and the Brain has a cameo. Directed by Iron Man/Swingers Jon Favreau. Ferrell caused some real accidents in the Lincoln tunnel during filming as people were thrown off by the outfit.

42. Brave
100-3 photo Brave_zps624da1f3.jpg
Why is it ranked here: The last made Pixar movie. Of course they had to come out with Monster's Inc 2 to leave my list incomplete. This had potential though the trailer never looked interesting to me. If you haven't watched this movie believe me when I say she chases her mom who is a bear around for most of the movie. I don't know remember what that really has in common with being brave. She is just a tomboy who doesn't want to do girly things. Then her mom transforms and we have a different movie going on. Just a real strange one. No idea how this is getting a 78, 7.2 from Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB respectively.
Interesting:The only Pixar produced movie with a female lead as well as the only period piece. Was supposed to be called 'The Bear and the Bow' which would have at least been way more fitting. New technology was used to create the family tapestry as well as Merida's hair.

41. The Spy Who Loved Me
100-3 photo TheSpyWhoLovedMe_zps0c798a0d.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Another Bond involving a water plot. Bond has a helper here in the form of gorgeous Barbara Bach, or Agent XXX. It has the best villain of all time in Jaws. The most memorable scene includes a fight on top of a sky car. Plot involves a rich bastard who wants to turn the whole earth into the ocean, or something. There is also a nice fight between Jaws and the two agents at a construction? site.
Interesting: The most expensive Bond movie at the time despite Man With the Golden Gun failing previously. In the opening parachute jump the stunt diver gets his ski stuck in the parachute and almost has a fatal injury. You can see the footage in the movie. Filmed and set in Egypt which actually still has the light show featuring the pyramids still running.


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