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The 30 Coolest Magic Dragons (30-21)

When going through my 30 coolest cards, I had two dragons on the list. But the more I thought about it, how different were those two with the other 110 dragons out there?
I decided to rank my top 30, which is probably too many but 10 didn't quite seem like enough.
They are ranked by a combination of artwork and power. Of course some miscellaneous factors were included as well.

30. Ebon Dragon

7 mana does seem like a lot in a competitive game, but in limited it's still a bomb. Hopefully a 2-1 even if it's not ideal. Bonus points for being a black dragon.

29. Mordant Dragon

I shall be comparing these dragons to Shivan, which will always be thee dragon in my world. This one has worse artwork(than the original), harder to splash, harder to pump. But that third ability I'm sure can come in handy.

28. Predator Dragon

Never a huge fan of Devour, it's a least a way to turn your Ali Baba into something useful.

27. Vampiric Dragon

8 mana is a ton even for a 5/5 flier. Seems…

The 30 Coolest Magic Cards (10-1)

The 30 Coolest Magic Cards 20-11
The 30 Coolest Magic Cards 30-21

Honorable Mention: Door to Nothingness

Nothing like making someone lose the game in the simplest way possible. I really appreciate the art and flavor text combo. Interesting that you don't just win the game, but an opponent of your choice Loses. The more cards that come out abusing mana production the better this card is going to become.

10. Vampire Nighthawk

This thing is just such an amazing card. The name the Batman/Dare Devil pose over the city. Damnation(the card art) looming in the background. The Zendikar block also gave us Daggerback Basilisk, so it's not hard to see why this thing is not only so powerful but so cool.

9. Demonic Tutor

The best search card of all time. It just rules. 2 mana to get the best card for your situation. Beautiful. This card's name/art(along with others) did cause a few religious parents uneasy feelings about the game(probably, I have no evidence of this).

8. Timetwister


The 30 Coolest Magic Cards (20-11)

The 30 Coolest Magic Cards 30-21

I originally had 2 dragons on this list. But when I started comparing the dragons, I realized that there were way too many of them which deserved to be on this list, as dragons are super cool. I ended up making a separate list full of dragons - so that's coming next. And therefore there are no dragons here.

Honorable Mention: Battle of Wits

Such a fun card. No serious player will use this, but that isn't always the point is it. Artwork and text notable as well. Running two of them at least gives you a 1% chance of a turn 5 win and that's something.

20. Ali From Cairo

While the art is kind of, well... almost cheesy, I love the idea that he is literally holding the game in his hands. That green amulet represents you. Sure he's much worse in today's much more dangerous world than he was in 1995, but he's still really cool.

19. Inspiration

Very cool artwork, though it gives me a Back to the Future meets Jim Carey's Riddler vibe…

The 30 Coolest Magic Cards (30-21)

I'm tired of looking at horrible cards. I've reviewed my 180 worst, now for something good.
The 80 Worst Creatures
The 100 Worst Cards

These are 30 cards which I really like for various reasons. They aren't necessarily the most powerful, though one of them won't surprise you.

These can be cool cards for different reasons other than what they do - namely artwork and flavor text. But the bottom line is that they are all cool. I'll try not to make this a nostalgia piece, though these first 10 might seem like it.

Honorable Mention: Tombstalker

There are quite a few demons in Magic(71 roughly). Lord of the Pit was one of the best early creatures. Now we have crazy things that can just wreck you, like Abyssal Persecutor, Griselbrand, Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of Evil - oh wait not that one. This one has a soft spot for me given how quickly he can come out.

30. Enormous Baloth

Fairly average creature. Maybe below average given what Green has. But oh heck, just read …