Monday, October 28, 2013

The 30 Coolest Magic Dragons (30-21)

When going through my 30 coolest cards, I had two dragons on the list. But the more I thought about it, how different were those two with the other 110 dragons out there?
I decided to rank my top 30, which is probably too many but 10 didn't quite seem like enough.
They are ranked by a combination of artwork and power. Of course some miscellaneous factors were included as well.

30. Ebon Dragon
 photo EbonDragon_zps768858ec.jpg
7 mana does seem like a lot in a competitive game, but in limited it's still a bomb. Hopefully a 2-1 even if it's not ideal. Bonus points for being a black dragon.

29. Mordant Dragon
 photo MordantDragon_zps25e32054.jpg
I shall be comparing these dragons to Shivan, which will always be thee dragon in my world. This one has worse artwork(than the original), harder to splash, harder to pump. But that third ability I'm sure can come in handy.

28. Predator Dragon
 photo PredatorDragon_zps538a3cd7.jpg
Never a huge fan of Devour, it's a least a way to turn your Ali Baba into something useful.

27. Vampiric Dragon
 photo VampiricDragon_zpsd5b39e3b.jpg
8 mana is a ton even for a 5/5 flier. Seems about on par with Baron Sengir. This third ability is universally better even if it doesn't grow as fast.

26. Mana-Charged Dragon
Such an unique ability along with trample definitely makes this thing a beast. Actually this is completely better than Shivan, #$%$# why did I waste my money on those.

25. Catacomb Dragon
 photo CatacombDragon_zpsc76b4ecf.jpg
I don't like that the picture is green despite being black. I also don't like that it makes me constantly aware that math is involved.

24. Worldgorger Dragon
It might be decent in the right deck. It probably would have been much better with haste than trample perhaps, but I digress. Bonus points for being a nightmare.

23. Draco
 photo Draco_zps4d27f4e8.jpg
This picture is almost too shiny... I think we have the most expensive card in the game right here, even if it never actually costs that much. When is this a deal? 1 color = 14. 2 colors = 12. 3 colors = 10. 4 colors = 8. That's probably it. If you can get 4 different basic lands into play, then 8 for a 9/9 flier seems about right.

22. Shivan Hellkite
 photo ShivanHellkite_zpse18a910a.jpg
Powerful second ability, but at 7 mana spells typically have powerful abilities like this.
It also reminds me of Dragon Warrior's Green Dragon.
 photo GreenDragon_zpsae6b35d1.jpg

21. Bladewing the Risen
Basically it's a dragon lord and you wouldn't play him without many other babies to back him up.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The 30 Coolest Magic Cards (10-1)

The 30 Coolest Magic Cards 20-11
The 30 Coolest Magic Cards 30-21

Honorable Mention: Door to Nothingness
 photo DoortoNothingness_zps0c800dc3.jpg
Nothing like making someone lose the game in the simplest way possible. I really appreciate the art and flavor text combo. Interesting that you don't just win the game, but an opponent of your choice Loses. The more cards that come out abusing mana production the better this card is going to become.

10. Vampire Nighthawk
 photo VampireNighthawk_zps45a6a75f.jpg
This thing is just such an amazing card. The name the Batman/Dare Devil pose over the city. Damnation(the card art) looming in the background. The Zendikar block also gave us Daggerback Basilisk, so it's not hard to see why this thing is not only so powerful but so cool.

9. Demonic Tutor
 photo DemonicTutor_zps52122f06.jpg
The best search card of all time. It just rules. 2 mana to get the best card for your situation. Beautiful. This card's name/art(along with others) did cause a few religious parents uneasy feelings about the game(probably, I have no evidence of this).

8. Timetwister
 photo Timetwister_zpsf75e1909.jpg
Not as powerful in my mind as Time Walk. Actually it's probably the least powerful of the 9. Timetwister is cooler than it's brothers though. The art is great. The ability is strong and fun as well. A Feldon's Cane and a Wheel of Fortune all rolled into one.

7. Sliver Queen
 photo SliverQueen_zps3121f9b1.jpg
Silver mama really isn't too much of an issue to cast in most sliver decks(Gemhide Sliver for example). Fun art. The flavor text is something. 7/7 for 5 if you can cast it is beyond a great deal and the ability to generate more babies is even better.

6. Damnation
 photo Damnation_zps1a1a8063.jpg
Black actually got a wrath of god. A very powerful effect but just as bad for mono black as it is for white. Supreme Verdict is really a better color choice. It would look so much worse on a white border.

5. Progenitus
 photo Progenitus_zps6f3cb81b.jpg
The art is so epic, almost gives me chills. Reminds me of the Godzilla enemy King Ghidorah. Why is one of the necks not in the picture? Protection from everything must a be one of a kind ability. The flavor text really fits. Play with tooth and nail and win the game. What the hell is a Hydra avatar?

4. Necropotence
 photo Necropotence_zps8af19c92.jpg
This was thee card back in Ice Age(except maybe Jester's Cap). At least no other card in history has single handedly slaughtered me more than this one. There is no way to come back from the amazing card advantage that comes with it. Phyrexian Arena is pretty broken as well, but not as close as this. Oh, this art in particular looks pretty great, the other art not as much.

3. Emrakul the Aeons Torn
 photo EmrakultheAeonsTorn_zps87cf9761.jpg
Not the most expensive card in magic, but this might have the silver medal. The most terrifying squid tentacle island since the ending of Evolution the movie. 6 abilities. This thing is the tits. Art is basically a large Dreamcatcher.

2. Chaos Orb
 photo ChaosOrb_zps1167f1b6.jpg
Something requiring physical activity to perfect was a broken concept from the get go. One of a kind. It led to the Chaos Confetti card. The art is just fantastic - a vomiting fireball! A mono artifact! Whatever that is(legendary I think before that was a thing on artifacts). Put your cards into giant sleeves to ensure victory.

1. Storm Crow
 photo StormCrow_zps7c54ce2d.jpg
The most amazing thing to happen in the history of ever. No, actually I don't get everyone's joke with this thing. Of course it sucks.

No. Wait. The Real #1. Phelddagrif
 photo Phelddagrif_zps1cb79928.jpg
It's a purple hippo! How neat! The Richard Garfield anagram. 3 colors! That is so rare. And 3 abilities. 4/4 for 4...and a legend...

For Really Real Number 1: Juzam Djinn
 photo JuzaacutemDjinn_zps463ac83b.jpg
No doubt my favorite creature of all time. He just reeks of everything that is awesome. The flavor text, the amazing art. It's really about what the card does though, and in this game it's rare to find something with this much value even 20 years later.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The 30 Coolest Magic Cards (20-11)

The 30 Coolest Magic Cards 30-21

I originally had 2 dragons on this list. But when I started comparing the dragons, I realized that there were way too many of them which deserved to be on this list, as dragons are super cool. I ended up making a separate list full of dragons - so that's coming next. And therefore there are no dragons here.

Honorable Mention: Battle of Wits
 photo BattleofWits_zps01d86180.jpg
Such a fun card. No serious player will use this, but that isn't always the point is it. Artwork and text notable as well. Running two of them at least gives you a 1% chance of a turn 5 win and that's something.

20. Ali From Cairo
 photo AlifromCairo_zpsde7b9ad4.jpg
While the art is kind of, well... almost cheesy, I love the idea that he is literally holding the game in his hands. That green amulet represents you. Sure he's much worse in today's much more dangerous world than he was in 1995, but he's still really cool.

19. Inspiration
 photo Inspiration_zpsaf55c926.jpg
Very cool artwork, though it gives me a Back to the Future meets Jim Carey's Riddler vibe. It is infinitely worse to me than Divination, though it is an instant. The text is brilliant though.

18. Knight of Infamy
 photo KnightofInfamy_zpsddbefa2b.jpg
More sweet artwork/text combination going on. There are many knights in MTG and therefore there are many sweet cards which also have great artwork. (Stillmoon Cavalier comes to mind) This one wins extra points for looking like my old lego toys and it's probably what I would look like if given the choice of armor. I guess it's a decent card as well. Boy that text rules.

17. Commander's Authority
 photo CommandersAuthority_zps27dcf8f4.jpg
The artwork is striking beyond anything this card has going for it. It's too expensive for competitive - Verdant Embrace and Assemble the Legion have a better effect. I'm sure it's possible in a human deck it could do wonders. Anyway, is that Peter Pan or something?

16. Baron Sengir
 photo BaronSengir_zps8cbc0ad7.jpg
If Force of Nature was the green daddy, this was undoubtedly the black one. It used to be our favorite card in 1997. You would still throw him into a vampire deck without much hesitation, but beyond that it's just an over-costed flier. It helped that Homelands didn't have many other decent cards. Lovely text of course.

15. Terminate
 photo Terminate_zps6024f793.jpg
Cool card from top to bottom. Cheap, effective and powerful. It also has some fantastic artwork. The flavor text enhances the card as well.

14. Bitterblossom
 photo Bitterblossom_zps041d3a54.jpg
I like the combination of text and unique artwork. Magic's art shouldn't always be hyper-realism like Commander's Authority. It doesn't hurt that the card was banned due to being overly powerful.

13. Elspeth Tirel
 photo ElspethTirel_zpsc7aefe69.jpg
Great artwork on a pretty great planeswalker. Can't really go wrong here. The two abilities work well with each other and the ultimate is just bonus gravy.

12. Goblin Bomb
 photo GoblinBomb_zps794643fa.jpg
Sillier than anything. There are one or two ways to abuse coin flips though. Very similar to Battle of Wits in that it's a fun card, but occasionally it's game over on turn 5. It doesn't stop protection from Wordy. I'm torn on the artwork, it's good but I think it could have been much better for something like this. I almost like all 4 pieces of the Goblin Grenade artwork better.

 photo GoblinGrenade_zps150d85f2.jpg photo GoblinGrenade3_zps366eae69.jpg photo GoblinGrenade4_zps2c1c6cf4.jpg photo GoblinGrenade2_zps650eb8db.jpg

11. Twilight Shepherd
 photo TwilightShepherd_zps29d8dba5.jpg
Beautiful artwork on a 4 abilitied 5/5 for 6. Done. Explaining what Persist is kind of sucks - WOTC shouldn't have made the Undying ability so close together.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The 30 Coolest Magic Cards (30-21)

I'm tired of looking at horrible cards. I've reviewed my 180 worst, now for something good.
The 80 Worst Creatures
The 100 Worst Cards

These are 30 cards which I really like for various reasons. They aren't necessarily the most powerful, though one of them won't surprise you.

These can be cool cards for different reasons other than what they do - namely artwork and flavor text. But the bottom line is that they are all cool. I'll try not to make this a nostalgia piece, though these first 10 might seem like it.

Honorable Mention: Tombstalker
 photo Tombstalker_zpsd580cd3f.jpg
There are quite a few demons in Magic(71 roughly). Lord of the Pit was one of the best early creatures. Now we have crazy things that can just wreck you, like Abyssal Persecutor, Griselbrand, Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of Evil - oh wait not that one. This one has a soft spot for me given how quickly he can come out.

30. Enormous Baloth
 photo EnormousBaloth_zpsef2f4d7f.jpg
Fairly average creature. Maybe below average given what Green has. But oh heck, just read it.

29. Manabarbs
 photo Manabarbs_zpsaa186907.jpg photo Manabarbs2_zpsfa2f7826.jpg
Not sure which artwork I like the most. The flavor text of the new one might put it over the edge. It's a fun card and makes the game much faster.

28. Pact of Negation
 photo PactofNegation_zps2ef92ed5.jpg
Some sweet almost LOTR artwork going on here. Flavor text pretty good, ohh and a free counterspell. Much better than the Force of Will Conan the Barbarian art.

27. Force of Nature
 photo ForceofNature_zps027a6516.jpg
Used to be the daddy of all daddies. I don't think there was much that could handle a 8/8 trampler. 4 mana wasn't a big deal in most cases as he wasn't just going to sit there

26. Walker of Secret Ways
 photo WalkerofSecretWays_zpsee76c0e6.jpg
The artwork is beautiful, that's what. Silly ninjutsu ability aside, this thing can bounce other ninjas and occasionally look at your opponent's hand.

25. Icy Manipulator
 photo IcyManipulator_zps2a7878af.jpg photo IcyManipulator2_zpsa6924547.jpg
 photo IcyManipulator3_zps8e6b7d38.jpg photo IcyManipulator4_zpsd0198faa.jpg
The original artwork is so cool. A hand holding a...I guess an Icy Manipulator? How cool would it be if you didn't have to tap it...

24. Mogg Fanatic
 photo MoggFanatic_zpse00fbd3e.jpg
Neutered by the combat changes they reinvented at some point. But this thing used to be a hoss. Great text as well.

23. Evacuation
 photo Evacuation_zps33644169.jpg
Love the artwork - are those game pieces? Ability and text are pretty neat on their own as well. 

22. Black Lotus
 photo BlackLotus_zps1fe4b044.jpg
I couldn't leave this off for obvious reasons, yet I couldn't make it any higher than this. The artwork is fairly questionable. The ability is huge, though only for what it provides. It can't win you the game. It can only help.

21. Lightmine Field
 photo LightmineField_zpsf0f90e7c.jpg
I like the artwork quite a bit. The ability is fairly decent. What gets me on this though is that flavor text...