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100 Movies #3 (30-21)

100 movies 3 (100-91)
100 movies 3 (90-81)
100 movies 3 (80-71)
100 movies 3 (70-61)
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100 Movies 3 (50-41)
100 Movies 3 (40-31)

30. The Goonies
100-3 photo TheGoonies_zps1604acaf.jpg
Why is it ranked here: I never watched this movie as a kid, so it isn't the classic to me that it is to many people. Has three of the biggest directors involved - Richard Donner, Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus. It's so strange seeing a really young Josh Brolin and Sean Astin. The plot is basically kids treasure hunt which gets wrapped up in a thieves hideout. It moved along fairly quickly, though there was no one moment which stood out.
Interesting: Shit is uttered 20 times. The pirate ship was real and wasn't shown to anyone before hand to which the kids reaction was shit.

29. Starship Troopers
100-3 photo StarshipTroopers-1_zpsb28f68b9.jpg
Why is it ranked here: As the earth wages war on an alien species the movie focuses on 3 characters in their actions against the bugs. A jock marine, the girlfriend pilot and the scientist friend. They start off as high schoolers and when their home city is destroyed  Rico has no choice but to live out his life as a marine. Brought to us through a web/commercial of sorts, which sounds strange but really works. It's a great mix of good action and interesting drama. The characters are played by some decent actors - Neil Patrick Harris, Michael Ironside, Denise Richards, Jake Busey.
Interesting: The director said that the book it was based on bored and depressed him(he never finished it). Broke the record for ammunition for a film. The director would be a stand in for the CGI aliens and flail around to get responses. The producer, writer, Clancy Brown(Kurgan from Highlander) and Amy Smart all have cameos.

28. Falling Down
100-3a photo FallingDown_zps45e300f4.jpg
Why is it ranked here:  A cop who is on his last day clashes with a man who starts lashing out violently and psychotically at society. There was a strange sidestory between Robery Duvall and his wife. Michael Douglas seemingly wants to just see his daughter one last time, so he's a likable antagonist. He is also our main character here as well. Memorable scenes include a bazooka, lashing out at a fast food restaurant and trying to buy a soda.
Interesting: Douglas claimed it was the greatest script ever when no studio would touch it and still considers it his favorite performance. Douglas was claimed to be a man in his 30's when in real life he was 47. Title comes from the song London Bridges Falling Down.

27. Mallrats
100-3 photo Mallrats_zps187b8d5b.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Kevin Smith's second go includes color, the great continuing dialogue between friends - this time in the form of two slackers(Jason Lee and Jeremy London) who like going to the mall. In this particular day they are each trying to win back their girlfriends(Shannen Doherty and Claire Forlani) on a game show held at the mall while dealing with their own enemies(Ben Affleck and Michael Rooker). And the run into the classic stoners(Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith). So many great things here, it would be way too long to cover all of them.
Interesting: Lots of dialogue is revolved around superheros and superhero genitalia - and Stan Lee makes an appearance. Jay and Silent Bob have some Wile E. Coyote moments with the security guard.

26. Hellboy 2 - The Golden Army
100-3 photo Hellboy2_zps463bdc2f.jpg
Why is it ranked here:  The continuing adventure of the demon Ron Perlman. So many of the effects here are real and not CGI. Everything looks that much better because of it. Guillermo del Toro does a great job making it seem realistic. I actually like this better than the original. The ending is pretty awesome as he is battling the army. Standout creatures and scenes. The plot involves an evil elf declaring war against humanity and attempts to control this army.
Interesting: Del Toro turned down 4 movies to do this including Harry Potter 6, I Am Legend and Halo. The studio went from Sony to Universal, which is a rare thing for a sequel. Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy was pulled in to do the voice of Kraus. There was an Angel of Death costume in which the wings were 40 pounds and the actor couldn't see or stand and therefore didn't move.

25. Man on Fire
100-3 photo ManonFire_zps982d99a1.jpg
Why is it ranked here: A remake of an 87 movie. This was my second time watching it. The first time I had no idea what to expect and didn't really get into the beginning. However the second half is just fantastic. It's pretty hard not to like Denzel here. Dakota Fanning and her parents? Less likable, but what is important in the first half is building the relationship between Creasy and Lupita so the ending pays off so well. I like my revenge movies and there is nothing quite like trying to rescue a kidnapped girl. The movie has a message with it's facts laced throughout and does attempt to inform about human trafficking.
Interesting: Christopher Walken and Mickey Rourke have small parts here. Directed by the late great Tony Scott. Scott was turned down to direct the original because he didn't have a hit(must have been prior to Top Gun)Scott and Washington worked together on Crimson Tide before, but it wasn't until the ran into each other at the doctor's office that they decided to work on this.

24. Enter The Dragon
100-3 photo EnterTheDragon_zpscc295213.jpeg
Why is it ranked here: This ended up going really well with the James Bond theme. This was a first time watch for me, so sadly this reminded me of Mortal Kombat - and not the other way around. Three people go to an island, one of them a great master has a loved one killed on said island. In this one the police want to infiltrate and take every one down. Lee agrees to help them. I didn't get enough tournament fighting for my liking. There is plenty of action between all the fighting going on, but I still couldn't help feeling like I was missing out on something. The end turns into a Bond-Esq shootout between police and henchmen. They take out Jim Kelly's Williams in a pretty awful way which doesn't fit the tone.
Interesting: One of Jackie Chan's first roles during a cave fight scene in which Lee fights 50 opponents. Bruce Lee really hits Chan in the face with a stick(and apologized afterwards of course). 8,000 mirrors were used in the final fight. Lee of course would sadly die 3 weeks before the premier of this.

23. Coraline
100-3 photo Coraline_zpsb1ba5ac6.jpg
Why is it ranked here:  I wanted to watch this for Halloween but I kept putting it off. Delightfully bizarre film about a little girl who feels neglected by her parents and finds another parallel world of her home which is actually controlled by something evil. It had tones of a children's film but I don't think I would show this to a kid who couldn't handle it. It's PG but it's a more of an adult movie as things are wickedly creepy.
Interesting: The longest stop motion film to date. The first one to be shot entirely in 3D. There is Detroit Zoo Bear fountain in one of the snow globes. 1 puppet of Coraline took 10 people 3 months and there were 28 puppets.

22. Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog
100-3 photo DrHorriblesSingAlongBlog_zpse6547301.jpeg
Why is it ranked here: A series of web shorts all strung together to form an hour and a half movie. Neil Patrick Harris plays the evil Dr. Horrible who wants to be in the league of evil while fighting his nemesis Captain Hammer over a woman. Dr. Horrible talks though his web blog. A couple of songs, though they are mostly delightful. They make an 'evil' Dr. a sympathetic character through him falling in love with Penny and being stopped at every turn by the arrogant Hammer.
Interesting: Shot in 6 days. Filmed by Joss Whedon(and his brothers), Nathan Fillion saw that Whedon was calling him and said Yes immediately to whatever Whedon wanted him for. The opening FBI warning was changed to be really funny.

21. Monsters, Inc.
100-3 photo MonstersInc_zpsd3c52769.jpg
Why is it ranked here: A middle of the road Pixar movie for me. The film is an enjoyable ride though. It's a world of monsters who gain electricity and power through children's screams but are deathly afraid of children themselves. When a child goes through to the monster's universe, out two main monsters(Billy Crystal and John Goodman) do their best to save themselves from discovery and return the girl to her bedroom.
Interesting: They had to go and come out with a prequel this summer, so now Hellen and I have not watched every Pixar movie. John Goodman pushed for Steve Buscemi to do a voice and this was their fourth movie together. Crystal and Goodman would read their lines together which is rare for an animated movie.


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