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Ranking the Marvel Movies

Same Idea as the Pixar ones - we each ranked the ones we have watched. The average gets the higher score.
29 of them to this count - not counting the terrible Captain America and Fantastic 4 movies that came out in the 90s.

29.The Punisher (The Original)

The only one none of us have watched. My Dolph marathon won't be complete without it.

28. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2)

H: X
J: 27
K: X
S: X
To be fair there was only one rank with a low score. Trailer looked fairly interesting though.

27. Howard the Duck

H: 27
J: 25
K: X
S: 27
Earlier movie doesn't really fit what Marvel does now. I always liked the beginning though.

26. Punisher War Zone

H: 26
J: 28
K: X
S: 25
Nice not having to worry about the origin story as was the Jigsaw inclusion.

25. Elektra

H: 21
J: 26
K: X
S: 26
Sequel was just so bland.

24. Ghost Rider

H: 22
J: 22
K: X
S: 22
Could it have been saved without Nicolas Cage? No one will ever know.

23. Blade: Trinity

H: 25
J: 14
K: X
S: 24
You can tell when a v…