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My Top 40 Khans of Tarkir Cards (Part 1/2)

40 cards was hard to cut down to for a set of this size and function. The set is large at 254 - that's only like 15% of the total. We have had a focus on a multicolored theme the last few sets but not with three colors. A wedge set sounds like a package of door stoppers or some fancy salad. Probably the greatest thing that went down was the reprint of the fetch lands. But there is much to be found here beyond expensive lands.

I shall start this discussion by handing out some awards.
The award for:

Worst Counterspell Award -
Trap Essence

Curious but well designed card. Three specific colors of mana for a counterspell starts it lower than Cancel. Only targets creatures - well that makes it that much worse. But I do think the second part of this card - the Bolster like ability - Jund Charm/Dragonscale Boon is enough to make it a playable card. It at least fits the Temur clan quite well.

Silver Trophy: Stubborn Denial

In many cases it's very limiting. But if it's common to have…