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My Top 20 Land Cards

Mana producing is the most important part of magic. Being able to play all your spells is vital. Some land cards obviously have more value than others. Some have less value than others: see Wintermoon Mesa. Whether or not you count these cards towards your mana ratio depends on if the card can generate mana and what type of deck you have. These are my favorite 20 lands.

20. Dryad Arbor

A free Llanowar Elf is nothing to sneeze at. Though that's all he does and doesn't actually count as an elf which is why he is good, but not great.

19. Mishra's Factory

One of the better lands to play in either artifact/metalcraft decks or with multiples. A 2/2 attacker by turn 2 is nothing to sneeze at and the fact that it probably won't be killed by sorceries is a nice bonus. Late game doesn't do much which is why multiples help.

18. Kessig Wolf Run

Probably won't dominate any games but it does give any creature you have the ability to pump. Late game this thing will cause pr…

100 Movies #3 (100-91)

Took 6 months again (October-April). This 100 list will include the 10 Oscar nominated shorts, every James Bond movie and every Pixar movie. Also re-watched 15 movies, so I will go over these again.

Rewatch 15. John Carter

Why is it ranked here: Wanted to try out a 3D movie. I liked it enough the first time to watch it again with someone else. William Dafoe has a great voice. Two holy shit moments.
Interesting: Rumor that it cost 300 million to make even though it bombed.

Rewatch 14. Diehard 2

Why is it ranked here: Marathon to re-watch every Diehard movie before 5 came out. Fairly disappointing as people still had the original in their minds.
Interesting: Title taken from a french book called 58 Minutes To Live. Though in the book the hero's wife dies.

Rewatch 13. Diehard 4

Why is it ranked here: I personally dislike Justin Long and the PG-13 rating neuters the movie. It just doesn't have the same punch that 3 had.
Interesting: Story taken from an article in Wired magazine. O…

My Top 20 Common Magic Cards

This is mostly a game of strategy. While there is an element of luck as well there is also the third element. Not everyone is on the same playing field. I remember when we first bought cards back in Revised days. Everyone had a 5 color starter deck. We occasionally bought an Ice Age booster, but we were generally on the same page. That is definitely not true for everyone.

Common cards are important to know because well they are cheap and available. Any of the cards I'm about to list here are playable and generally splashable (and again cheap). Not only cheap but available as these only include the latest block and Magic 2013.

20. Cloudfin Raptor

One of the best one drops in the game, needs many big creatures to be uber effective, but even a 1/2 flyer first turn can be a pest against the wrong deck.

19. Drakewing Krasis

Maybe this thing has killed me too much, but I love it. If you can't deal with flying the 3 damage every turn will get you quickly. Doesn't hurt that he tra…