Monday, October 28, 2013

The 30 Coolest Magic Dragons (30-21)

When going through my 30 coolest cards, I had two dragons on the list. But the more I thought about it, how different were those two with the other 110 dragons out there?
I decided to rank my top 30, which is probably too many but 10 didn't quite seem like enough.
They are ranked by a combination of artwork and power. Of course some miscellaneous factors were included as well.

30. Ebon Dragon
 photo EbonDragon_zps768858ec.jpg
7 mana does seem like a lot in a competitive game, but in limited it's still a bomb. Hopefully a 2-1 even if it's not ideal. Bonus points for being a black dragon.

29. Mordant Dragon
 photo MordantDragon_zps25e32054.jpg
I shall be comparing these dragons to Shivan, which will always be thee dragon in my world. This one has worse artwork(than the original), harder to splash, harder to pump. But that third ability I'm sure can come in handy.

28. Predator Dragon
 photo PredatorDragon_zps538a3cd7.jpg
Never a huge fan of Devour, it's a least a way to turn your Ali Baba into something useful.

27. Vampiric Dragon
 photo VampiricDragon_zpsd5b39e3b.jpg
8 mana is a ton even for a 5/5 flier. Seems about on par with Baron Sengir. This third ability is universally better even if it doesn't grow as fast.

26. Mana-Charged Dragon
Such an unique ability along with trample definitely makes this thing a beast. Actually this is completely better than Shivan, #$%$# why did I waste my money on those.

25. Catacomb Dragon
 photo CatacombDragon_zpsc76b4ecf.jpg
I don't like that the picture is green despite being black. I also don't like that it makes me constantly aware that math is involved.

24. Worldgorger Dragon
It might be decent in the right deck. It probably would have been much better with haste than trample perhaps, but I digress. Bonus points for being a nightmare.

23. Draco
 photo Draco_zps4d27f4e8.jpg
This picture is almost too shiny... I think we have the most expensive card in the game right here, even if it never actually costs that much. When is this a deal? 1 color = 14. 2 colors = 12. 3 colors = 10. 4 colors = 8. That's probably it. If you can get 4 different basic lands into play, then 8 for a 9/9 flier seems about right.

22. Shivan Hellkite
 photo ShivanHellkite_zpse18a910a.jpg
Powerful second ability, but at 7 mana spells typically have powerful abilities like this.
It also reminds me of Dragon Warrior's Green Dragon.
 photo GreenDragon_zpsae6b35d1.jpg

21. Bladewing the Risen
Basically it's a dragon lord and you wouldn't play him without many other babies to back him up.

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