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100 Movies #3 (80-71)

Rewatch 9. Law Abiding Citizen
100-3b photo LawAbidingCitizen-1_zps1acdbf52.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Second or third time watching it and it is just as great as the first time. I love both the leads here and while I'm actually rooting for Butler's character, it does end appropriately. Not for the squeamish. But as a fan of these revenge movies(wait until we get to Payback) this is one of the best.
Interesting: Gerard Butler was originally supposed to play Foxx's character.

Rewatch 8. Prometheus
100-3 photo Prometheus-3_zpsc6eda787.jpg
Why is it ranked here: I've watched this about 4 times now and it's still really hard for me to judge. There are two movies in here. Each writer did their own thing and then Scott just mashed them together. I would have preferred the Alien prequel but the other story might have been good as well. We might not ever know. I dislike just about every payoff in this movie except the end semi-Alien shot. It just amazing to look at though.
Interesting: The androids names in the Alien films follow an alphabetical pattern: in Alien it's Ash, in Aliens and Alien 3 it's Bishop, in Alien Resurrection it's Call and in this film it's David.

Rewatch 7. The Amazing Spider-Man
100-3 photo TheAmazingSpiderman-1_zps2b1074ed.jpg
Why is it ranked here: It does make the Tobey Spider-Man not seem as great especially with that Spider-Man 3 movie still hanging over this one. This was my second watch and it was just as good as the first time. I might have liked it more the second time due to expectations. I can't wait to see what they do with the Green Goblin or a great actor like Jamie Foxx.
Interesting:They just announced Spider-Man 3 and 4 fully laced with Rhino, Goblin - and possibly Sinister Six?

80. The Hobbit (1977 Cartoon)
100-3b photo TheHobbitCartoon_zpsd0ae1322.jpg
Why is it ranked here: My introduction to Tolkien was through the Hobbit - read it before LOTR, watched this cartoon immediately when I discovered it's existence(which wasn't until about 2002). Watched it again as part of the LOTR pre-Hobbit marathon. It's written for children, both as a story and here in this video. That being said there are some fun moments. Both movies do the Bilbo plates song in an awesome way. I dislike the frog Golem and some of the corniness of the drawing/lines. My favorite part is the Goblin song which is wickedly better than what they did in the new Hobbit.
Old Song
New Song
Interesting: The Arkenstone doesn't exist. So Bilbo doesn't give it to Bard and the Elves and piss off Thorin. Instead something about Bilbo not understanding war is the reason of the rift between the two. Also 7 dwarves die here for some reason when only 3 die in the book.

79. This is 40
100-3b photo Thisis40_zps303e8c9d.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Sequel spin off to the married couple in Knocked Up. It doesn't address many problems brought up in the movie. Some of the family scenes are funny, but then they introduce lots of characters which seem to serve as filler. I'm glad I watched it since I was familiar with Knocked Up. But there aren't enough laughs or things going on here to be re-watchable.
Interesting: Segal shows up as a reprisal to his character in Knocked Up. Megan Fox, Bill Hader, and the actress Jodi all show up. Leslie Mann and John Lithgow play daughter and father in this movie. They played a married couple in the movie Orange County.

78. UHF
100-3 photo UHF_zpsfe651388.jpg
Why is it ranked here: My first time watching the Weird Al movie. I am probably 15 years too late. I'm sure this would have been funny watching as a kid. Now watching it many of the jokes aren't as funny as I heard them being. I still like Weird Al here. Michael Richards doesn't do much for me here. I had the most fun with the 'evil' cable channel. The Rambo/Indiana Jones - daydreaming scenes didn't do much for me.
Interesting: Weird Al fought hard for a PG rating but ended up with a PG-13. The original cut was 2 and a half hours and a whole hour was trimmed. The Money For Nothing music video just randomly shows up in the middle of the movie.

77. Doom
100-3a photo Doom_zps3fb24b29.jpg
Why is it ranked here: I liked it when it came out enough to buy it. This was my second re-watch. My two favorite parts are the Rock obviously, which other people in this world are only now beginning to understand. I also like Karl Urban.You can pretty much toss out the fact that this movie is called Doom as it's really just a generic marine alien fight. They do include the BFG and a sweet first person sequence, but everything else doesn't even have anything to do with Doom. Mutated genes? Not demons? Blah.
Interesting: The Rock and Vin Diesel both turned down Karl Urban's part. Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright also declined to work on this. Was trimmed down to get an R rating, which is a comforting thought.

76. Saw 3D: The Final Chapter(7)
100-3 photo Saw7TheFinalChapter_zps09531d72.jpg
Why is it ranked here: My first rewatch of this one. I've always enjoyed the Saw movies as mindless pieces of entertainment. I haven't enjoyed them nearly as much since Saw 3, though Saw 6 had some interesting ideas. This one re-introduced Cary Elwes which was an excellent tie-in to the original. It was a fairly satisfying conclusion to an otherwise mediocre film.
Interesting: Kevin Greutert returned after directing Saw 6 despite signing on to direct the competition: Paranormal Activity 2. Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington gets to be a trap victim in the first outdoors trap of the series.

75. Hobo with a Shotgun
100-3 photo HobowithaShotgun_zpsf671459a.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Random pick that went along with Machete as a Grindhouse trailer concept. I would not watch this with just anyone. The whole movie is off the wall. No character is normal. The whole city is like a cesspool. It was entertaining in the way that Rob Zombie movies are entertaining. It's not a comfort movie, doesn't have much plot - the title says it all. At the end of the day, it was enjoyable.
Interesting: The original Hobo with a Shotgun from the trailer declined the role and instead shows up as cop hunting the Hobo.

74. A View to a Kill
100-3 photo AViewtoaKill_zps4d77e3ae.jpg
Why is it ranked here: First of the many real James Bond movies I shall be running over. This one has a very old Bond. It wasn't noticeable until the end when Gramps(Moore) was kicking goons on the top of the Golden Gate bridge. Walken is an excellent villain, Grace Jones is memorable as Bond girl. The plot revolving around horses and Silicon Valley was definitely not the best. Is this the worst Bond movie? If not the worst, then the second worst. I'll get to my pick later as to what is in contention.
Interesting: Final appearance for both Roger Moore and Louis Maxwell(Moneypenny). Moore has also stated this is his least favorite Bond movie due to his age, violence and dislike for Grace Jones.

73. Never Say Never Again
100-3 photo NeverSayNeverAgain_zps48a112e7.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Connery's final final final performance of Bond(53 years old here after a 12 year absence) comes at the hands of Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kershner. Remake of Thunderball which is one of my favorite Bond movies. The title is supposedly based on a conversation between Connery and his wife. Generic nuclear missile stealing plot was average Bond movie stuff.
Interesting:  Includes Bloefield(Max von Sydow), Moneypenny, Q, M. All normal parts of the Bond franchise despite this not being an offical Bond movie. Domino(Kim Basinger) and Largo both show up as they did in Thunderball. Mr. Bean's first movie. Steven Seagal broke Connery's wrist during pre-production.

72. The Last Airbender
100-3 photo TheLastAirbender_zps28ef7994.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Such a fantastic cartoon and concept. The child actors are so annoying. The graphics and visual style are great at times. With such a great concept behind it, and despite being crammed into an hour and a half movie it turns out very generic. I don't have as much venom compared to much of the world as I saw the movie before the cartoon. M. Night Shyamalan is clearly not the choice here. Neither is the first time child actors. Aasif Mandvi is awesome as always. Shyamalan tries to give us a twist at the ending, but it's terrible and isn't a bombshell as it involves a character we see like once.(The Avengers pulled that trick off so much better) The biggest sin we have here is that it killed any future this series had as a trilogy and instead will forever be remembered as a shitty movie.
Interesting: Cameron stole the Avatar title. First choice for Prince Zuko didn't make it. The first draft was all of season 1 and would have been a 7 hour movie. Cost 280 million between production and advertising.

71. TMNT
100-3 photo TMNT-1_zps0a23e887.jpg
Why is it ranked here: Part of my Ninja Turtles-a-thon. Second or third time watching this as well. Begins several years after fighting Shredder, we get to see the four turtles come back together. Everyone makes fun of the immortals made of stone. Foot Clan inclusion was un-necessary but I can see why they did it. The Leonard/Raphael conflict was the best part. The action throughout was good. Overall a decent entry.
Interesting: Many voice actors show up here: Patrick Stewart, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Chris Evans, Lawrence Fishburne, Kevin Smith.


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