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31 Scary Movies for October Year 2

31 Scary Movies for October 2011

Tried the one movie a day thing for every day in October, it started off well but quickly got behind. Didn't finish till the middle of November. But this year shall be different. These are the 31 I watched - in order by a complex formula - generally best to worst. Any thoughts?

Four rankings make up the list - Netflix's predicted score, Netflix's public score, IMDB and mine from 6+ months ago. - I have some more reflection since then. 

1. Seven

The ending has become almost more important than the rest of the movie. It basically introduced the torture movie. David Fincher makes up for his Alien 3 debacle. Great casting with Pitt and Freeman. Spacey also does his part.
Netflix A: 2
Netflix B: 1
Me: 4

2. Aliens

Always going to be one of my favorites, it takes what Alien did and ramps it up. James Cameron is years before his time. I know way too much about it now…