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100 Uniquely Strong Magic Creatures Part 1/5

After running across an unique creature with a strange power and toughness - I started wondering how many different power toughness combinations there were in the game. I figured it would be about 465 combinations if every creature existed from 30(CPT) combined power toughness to 1.
This was obviously not the case.
I found 95 creatures(as of Theros) which have an unique power and toughness combination.

A fun activity I felt was to go through and review all of them one by one by increasing CPT. These aren't necessarily the most powerful creatures, but the highest rated cards that I found that I wasn't familiar with so I could hopefully say something interesting about them.
I couldn't keep the list at 95, so I have rounded it out with some nice beasts.

? CPT 
Serra Avatar

There are a few creatures with */*, Wood Elemental anyone? This guy/girl? is pretty good. Though it's hampered by lack of evasion, graveyard tricks and expensive cost. But it may be your life gaining de…

Top 30 Movies I Want To See In 2014

I come up with 30 movies that I want to see at the beginning of each year.
Top 30 Movies I Want To See In 2011
Top 30 Movies I Want To See In 2012
Top 30 Movies I Want To See In 2013

Usually the list of movies I want to see will double or triple by the years end.
20 Movies I Want To See

Sometimes movies don't come out in the year they were predicted to. 300 and Sin City were on my list last year and still haven't come out yet.
10 Most anticipated movies of 2009 and beyond

Sometimes movies sneak up on me that I would have absolutely put on the list that I just simply didn't know about a year beforehand.
See: Anchorman 2, Monsters University, Hangover 3(not so much after seeing Hangover 2)

Sometimes movies get different names put on them or something drastic changes with them.(Rise of the Planet of the Apes, That's My Boy, The World's End) Movies that have trailers out already get some bonus points for currently existing but the ranking generally is for how muc…