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Breaking Down Top Gun

retro Sep 24 2008

This post has been editted from it's original version. Too bad!
The best movie about jets and jet pilots is also the only one i've ever watch.

My 10 favorite (innuendo) lines:Bullshit ten minutes! This thing will be over in two minutes - get on it!Move your ass get up here! I'm engaged!lets turn and burn!He's going vertical, then so am I!Splash that sucker, yeah!I want somebody's butt, I want it now, I've had it!I was invaded!Hard deck my ass, we nailed that son of a bitch!there's two O's in Goose boys!God it that's twice, I want some BUTTS!!!
The Enemy(looks like a combination of Russia and Iraq) They basically show up in the beginning and end to make poor Mavericks life hell. Darn those (commie?) bastards.enemies defeated: 2 - Hollywood + Wolfmanenemies scared away: 1 - made Cougar feel like little orphan annie
times defeated: quite a bunch words spoken: 0 - but I'm sure they would swear in their bizarro language: Kis em ick Shluh…