Sunday, August 29, 2010

7 Degrees of Tremors


Basically like the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon except with the movie Tremors. Few other changes, these are movies, not people. This is because I wanted to rank them, and personally I've never heard of many of the actors in Tremors except the few I'm going to mention. Let's be honest, most of these are going to be Kevin Bacon movies. Every other actor is just mainly a TV actor.

Michael Gross: Family Ties
Reba McEntire: Reba
Robert Jayne: Wonder Years

and I'm pretty sure they've all been on Boy Meets World or How I Met Your Mother at some point.

Honorable Mentions and because I spent too much time researching this.
Robert Jayne
Tremors 1 - Melvin Plug
Can't Hardly Wait - Boy
Pearl Harbor - Sailor

Michael Gross
Tremors 1, 2, 3, 4 - Burt Gummer
Batman Beyond - Warren McGinnis

Reba McEntire
Tremors 1 - Heather Gummer
Maverick - Spectator

Ariana Richards
Tremors 1, 3 Mindy Sterngood
Spaced Invaders Kathy

Fred Ward
Tremors 1, 2 - Earl Bassett
Enough - Jupiter
Corky Romano - Leo Corrigan
Naked Gun 33 1/3 The Final Insult - Rocco
The Right Stuff - Gus Grissom

Kevin Bacon
Tremors 1 - Valentine McKee
Frost Nixon - Jack Brennan
The Woodsman - Walter
Mystic River - Sean Devine
Hollow Man - Sebastian Caine
Stir of Echoes - Tom Witzky
Wild Things - Ray Duquette
Picture Perfect - Sam Mayfair
Flatliners - David Labraccio
Footloose - Ren McCormack
The Air Up There - Jimmy Dolan

10. Animal House
Kevin Bacon
Tremors 1 - Valentine McKee
Animal House - Chip Diller
Don't remember him in this movie, but how could I not leave this off?

9. Sleepers
Kevin Bacon
Tremors 1 - Valentine McKee
Sleepers - Sean Nokes
If you can get past the boy raping Kevin Bacon, pretty sweet revenge movie with Robert Dinero and Bradd Pitt.

8. Planes Trains and Automobile
Kevin Bacon
Tremors 1 - Valentine McKee
Planes Trains and Automobiles - Taxi Driver
Again don't remember him in this, as a Taxi Driver? But also couldn't leave it off.

7. Apollo 13
Kevin Bacon
Tremors 1 - Valentine McKee
Apollo 13 - Jack Swigert
Tom Hanks space movie, one of the 3 astronauts.

6. Friday the 13th
Kevin Bacon
Tremors 1 - Valentine McKee
Friday the 13th - Jack Burrel
Nope, remember Johnny Depp, but not Bacon. KB isn't in as many movies as you would think for having this named after him.

5. Joe Dirt
Fred Ward
Tremors 1, 2 - Earl Bassett
Joe Dirt - Joe Dirt's Dad
In the movie for like 5 minutes as Joe's cruel dad.

4. Anger Management
Tony Genaro
Tremors 1, 3 - Miguel
Anger Management - Cab Driver
Don't know who Tony Genaro was until he played the mexican sterotype in tremors.

3. Road Trip
Fred Ward
Tremors 1, 2 - Earl Bassett
Road Trip - Earl Edwards
I remember him pretty clearly as the gun toting father. He ages like 20 years in the 6 passing between Tremors 1 and 2.

2. Jurassic Park
Ariana Richards
Tremors 1, 3 Mindy Sterngood
Jurassic Park Lex Murphy
Lex was the annoying girl in Jurassic Park 1 and 3. She was a computer whiz or something I don't know. She didn't get eaten, I remember that. I wouldn't have forgotten that.

1. A Few Good Men
Kevin Bacon
Tremors 1 - Valentine McKee
A Few Good Men - Jack Ross
Arguably Bacon, Nicholson, and Tom Cruises best movie. Army trial movie that I can't not watch when it's on.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My 100 movies (as of 2006 - Pre Netflix) 60 - 51

More Honorable Mentions:
I made this list in 2006, at some point I had about 10 other movies in the list which have been since removed. Two of them:

Hot shots
First was a top gun spoof, second was a Rambo spoof. Back before scary movie, and all the terrible ones we have now, (The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It...anyone?) this was what we had. Love the Farley brothers way of writing, where every 30 seconds there is a joke thrown in. So very similar in that Spaceballs, Airplane! line. Lloyd Bridges is brilliant in both. Charlie Sheen...well he did the movie straight from rehab.

Wedding Singer
One of Adam Sandler's finest roles. The music is pretty good, and we have a good villain to root against. Don't think I like Drew Barrymore in any other movie.

60. Predator
3 Predator movies now along with the two Alien verse Predator ones. Haven't seen the new one, but the original two were decent. The formula is simple. There is a team/group and they get killed one by one until there is one human left to take out the Predator. Not unlike a slasher movie, just with fancy aliens.

Poncho: You're bleeding, man. You're hit.
Blain: I ain't got time to bleed.
Poncho: Oh... Okay...
Poncho: [Poncho shoots a bunch of grenades up to the top of the cliff] You got time to duck

59. Kill Bill
QT and Uma Thurman masterpiece. Two part story of a bride who leaves her murderous boyfriend Bill to be with someone else when she finds out she is pregnant. On her wedding day to the new man, Bill pays a visit with the rest of the team, they fail to kill her though she ends up in a coma for years. She wakes up and wants her revenge.

Elle Driver: That's right. I killed your master. And now I'm gonna kill you too, with your own sword, no less, which in the very immediate future, will become... my sword.
The Bride: Bitch, you don't have a future.

58. Wedding Crashers
The two wedding crashers 'attend' a prestigious wedding of Christopher Walken's character's daughter. Both Wilson and Vaughn fall for different sisters of the bride. They get invited to a weekend with this new family though they are pretending to be someone else. Will Ferrell has a cameo as a funeral crasher.

Jeremy Grey: We got three big weeks ahead of us. It's wedding season, kid!
John Beckwith: You sandbaggin' son of a bitch!
Jeremy Grey: I've got us down for 17 of them already.
John Beckwith: Okay, now how many of them have cash bars?
Jeremy Grey: Great question. I like where your head's at and two of them actually are, but I got us covered: Purple hearts. We won't have to pay for a drink all night.

57. Seven
Kind of paved the way for Saw. A killer is trying to kill one person each who is guilty of committing a seven deadly sin. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman are good buddy cop duo, and I won't spoil the killer if you haven't seen it but he fits perfectly. The 'twist' ending though is pretty much what makes this movie.

William Somerset: This guy's methodical, exacting, and worst of all, patient.
David Mills: He's a nut-bag! Just because the fucker's got a library card doesn't make him Yoda!

56. Hero
Supposed to be semi true story about China's history. The fighting in this movie beats the crap out of Crouching Tiger and House of Flying Daggers. Subtitles really bug me here when they really don't in other movies - Kill Bill, Passion. Starring Jet Li, it gets pretty twisted in the middle, as they show like 45 minutes of footage which doesn't actually happen.

Emperor's advisors: [in unison] This is the sacred law of Qin! If your majesty is to unite the land, this man has to be made an example of! Your Majesty, execute him! Your Majesty, execute him! Your Majesty, execute him! Your Majesty, execute him! Your Majesty, execute him! Your Majesty, execute him!

55. Mighty Ducks
Spawned 2 sequels, I'm convinced they could have kept going. Created Joshua Jackson's career. Emilo Estevez's best movie as he plays the coach of little leaguers trying to out-due their much better opponents. In the first they are up against the Hawks, in the second they are on Team USA playing against Iceland and in the third they are in high school playing against the Varsity team.

Goldberg: Be careful man, it almost hit me that time!
Charlie Conway: Goldberg, you're the goalie. It's supposed to hit you.
Goldberg: Does that sound stupid to anyone else?

54. 8 Mile
Story of a poor white trying to be rapper trying to make it in Detroit. Not unlike Mathers. It's pretty entertaining, some parts are impossible to watch a second time. But I've watched the rap battles so many times at the end it makes up for it. The movie was just missing something at the end which would have made it so much better.

Jimmy Smith Jr: Man that's all we ever do is talk shit!
Jimmy Smith Jr: "We need to get fine btiches and fat rides",
Jimmy Smith Jr: "No, what weed to do is put our money in savings bonds",
Jimmy Smith Jr: No, what we need to do is put our songs on JLB." Man shut the fuck up. All of us never do shit about nuttin' and we're still broke as fuck and living at home with our moms.

53. The Mummy
3 of these which spawned the Scorpion King and a SK sequel. The first two had a charm which hasn't been replicated. Fraiser and Weis have good chem. Vosloo is convincing as the creature. They all have some humor to them, not really a scary movie despite the original original being horror. Still entertaining except those Scorpion King movies. Though the Rock is awesome.

Winston: Is it dangerous?
Rick: Well, you probably won't live through it.
Winston: By Jove, do you really think so?
Jonathan: Well, everybody else we've bumped into has died. Why not you?

52. Superman
5 movies were done. IMHO 3 good and 2 terrible. I liked the new one despite everyone saying it was too slow and there wasn't enough Superman. I thought it was still good despite being long. Kevin Spacey is just as good a Lex Luthor as Gene Hackman.

Lex Luthor: Why is the most diabolical leader of our time surrounding himself with total nincompoops?
Otis: I'm back, Mr. Luthor!
Lex Luthor: Yes, I was just talking about you.

Lex Luthor: [to Otis] Do you know why the number two hundred is so vitally descriptive to both you and me? It's your weight and my I.Q.

51. Fifth Element
Interesting take on the future. Some things don't make much sense, but once you get into it, it's entertaining. Bruce Willis does his thing, Gary Oldman does his, and we are introduced to both Milla Jovovich and Chris Tucker in this movie.

[Father Cornelius and Ruby Rhod see a bomb stuck to the door]
Priest Vito Cornelius: It's a - it's a - it's a - it's a - it's a - it's a...
DJ Ruby Rhod: No no no no no no. 'Cuz if it was a bomb, the alarms would go off 'cuz all these hotels have bomb detectors, right?
[the alarms sound]

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Me and Smitty went to 97.1's fantasy football convention today. They promised us fantasy football talk and prizes. Though we showed up 2 hours late, alas we came home with no prizes. There was about 1 hour of lions talk, which is actually kind of boring. Then we did get an hour of Mike Valenti who looks totally different in person than this guy. Mike Valenti? Or the Devil?

We listened to Mike talk to a yahoo expert, which is pretty sweet. I usually hang on to their every word for advice. Anyway I got bored and challenged Mike to a 50 on 50 fantasy football draft. I said I would keep track and I will.

Yahoo Default scoring.
No pick ups/drops. Injuries tough luck, though neither of us drafted Brett Farve or Ronnie Brown(who averages 12 games a year for his career)
Must draft 5 Quarterbacks, Tight Ends, Kickers and Defenses
15 Running Backs and Wide Receivers.

Now no one cares to hear about other peoples fantasy teams, nor do I feel like breaking down how this played out(especially since each of us owns half the good players).

But I will say though he has an advantage in Wide Receivers, while I think I have an advantage in Running Backs.

Here is how we drafted:
1. Drew Brees NO
2. Aaron Rodgers GB
3. Philip Rivers SD
4. Eli Manning NYG
5. Tony Romo Dal

1. Adrian Peterson Min
2. Ray Rice Bal
3. Frank Gore SF
4. DeAngelo Williams Car
5. Jahvid Best Det
6. Joseph Addai Ind
7. LeSean McCoy Phi
8. Matt Forte Chi
9. Ricky Williams Mia
10. Fred Jackson Buf
11. Jerome Harrison Cle
12. C.J. Spiller Buf
13. Justin Forsett Sea
14. Thomas Jones KC
15. Felix Jones Dal

1. Reggie Wayne Ind
2. Larry Fitzgerald Ari
3. Calvin Johnson Det
4. Roddy White Atl
5. Brandon Marshall Mia
6. Miles Austin Dal
7. Marques Colston NO
8. Steve Smith Car
9. Anquan Boldin Bal
10. Hines Ward Pit
11. Michael Crabtree SF
12. Mike Sims-Walker Jac
13. Wes Welker NE
14. Derrick Mason Bal
15. T.J. Houshmandzadeh Sea

1. Vernon Davis SF
2. Jason Witten Dal
3. Tony Gonzalez Atl
4. Kellen Winslow TB
5. Chris Cooley Was

1. Nate Kaeding SD
2. Mason Crosby GB
3. Rob Bironas Ten
4. Lawrence Tynes NYG
5. Neil Rackers Bal

1. Baltimore
2. Green Bay
3. Philadelphia
4. New Orleans
5. New York G

1. Peyton Manning Ind
2. Matt Schaub Atl
3. Tom Brady NE
4. Jay Cutler Chi
5. Joe Flacco Bal

1. Chris Johnson Ten
2. Maurice Jones-Drew Jac
3. Michael Turner Atl
4. Steven Jackson Stl
5. Ryan Grant GB
6. Rashard Mendenhall Pit
7. Shonn Greene NYJ
8. Ryan Mathews SD
9. Cedric Benson Cin
10. Pierre Thomas NO
11. Jonathan Stewart Car
12. Knowshon Moreno Den
13. Beanie Wells Ari
14. Jamaal Charles KC
15. Brandon Jacobs NYG

1. Andre Johnson Hou
2. Randy Moss NE
3. DeSean Jackson Phi
4. Greg Jennings GB
5. Steve Smith NYG
6. Sidney Rice Min
7. Chad Ochocinco Cin
8. Dwayne Bowe KC
9. Hakeem Nicks NYG
10. Donald Driver GB
11. Santana Moss Was
12. Pierre Garcon Ind
13. Jeremy Maclin Phi
14. Mike Wallace Pit
15. Percy Harvin Min

1. Dallas Clark Ind
2. Antonio Gates SD
3. Jermichael Finley GB
4. Brent Celek Phi
5. Zach Miller Oak

1. Garrett Hartley NO
2. Stephen Gostkowski NE
3. Ryan Longwell Min
4. David Akers Phi
5. Robbie Gould Chi

1. New York Jets
2. Minnesota
3. Pittsburgh
4. San Francisco
5. Dallas

Who will win? Either way, I'm bored.

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