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My Top 40 Born of the Gods Magic Cards 1/2

A new set, hooray. More of the Hercules setting. I will rank my top 40 cards for your glorious, precious entertainment.
I started off with half the set being included on my first list, so there are tons of cards worth mentioning and reviewing even if only the usual quarter are really playable in constructed.
Let's do some new things including ranking the colors, and my 5 least favorite cards.

Ranking the Colors:
5 - Blue
I loved Blue in Theros and it was probably my favorite color. Lots of the rares here are just super underwhelming(Wave). Some cards are perplexing(Chimera). Okay no more puns.

Counters, fliers, unblockables - all things blue is known for. Though these are basically unplayable versions outside of limited.

The Vortex Elemental is mind boggling. We do get some large blue creatures, intriguing cards in Worshippers and Insight, but in general it just seems kind of stale. People like Divination, but is it that exciting?

4 - Black
I wanted to like Black more, it just d…