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50 Favorite Adult Swim Characters

I tried to get a good variety and yet be fair to what I like the most. I'm sure there are one I've missed and some that might be surprising but if it aired on Adult Swim - I can use it.

I didn't use any characters from either Robot Chicken or Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! as they are basically clip shows and while good, the re-occurring characters aren't used enough.

Also, it turns out H. Jon Benjamin is the voice for half these shows.

50. Chains    

Fat Guy Stuck in Internet

49. Assy McGee   

Assy McGee
H. Jon Benjamin plays the mayor.

48. The Mayor   

Tom Goes to the Mayor
A Picture of Jeff Goldbloom instead of the Mayor, but this was by far the funniest thing on the show.

47. Inuyasha   


46. Satan    

Lucy: The Daughter of the Devil
Wears Bill Cosby sweaters and is always trying to kill his daughters boyfriend DJ Jesus. Yeah...
One of the H. Jon Benjamin voices

45. Brak   

The Brak Show/Space Ghost
Alien space pirate turned teenager in his own…