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31 Scary Movies for October (2013 - #4)

I've liked scary movies ever since I watched the Shining back when I was a wee lad. It was amazing even though it scared me. It was enjoyable, quite unlike Punky Brewster years earlier... That TV show had a horrible episode where her whole family dies (it's a dream, but her dog becomes a skeleton and a bunch of other horrible things like this -

The image of the kids face in the wall and the limbs stuck in the wall scared me so much I wouldn't sit next to the wall as a kid.

I also watched Brainscan at the same time as The Shinning, which taught me the valuable lesson that some of these movies are going to be hilariously bad. I've always enjoyed Halloween time and the weather but these movies are a big part of my enjoyment.
For five straight years, I've been trying to watch a different Halloween/horror/scary movie a day for the month of October. I clearly enjoy it. I enjoy trying to scare myself.

I have wrote about 2010-2012 already, this post is what I watched in 20…