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100 Movies #3 (70-61)

Rewatch 6. Die Hard

Why is it ranked here: Started the new five movie marathon of the Die Hard movies. Clearly the best one of the group. It has the best villain in Alan Rickman. The best non-sidekick in Carl Winslow(Reginald VelJohnson). It also the most original and has the most concise story of the five.
Interesting: The "Germans" speak gibberish German here, so in Germany the villains are simply European.

Rewatch 5. The Dark Knight Rises

Why is it ranked here: As I had to watch this movie a second time after it came out in the theater. After you read people trashing a movie, it indeed lessens the film. You don't start thinking of all the plot holes if you just go to a movie and enjoy it. So something was lost for me watching this a second time. It was still a good Batman movie as far as those go, but it is probably the worst of the Bale BMs. Not enough of Batman, but the biggest issue is Miranda lessening the character of Bane at the end.
Interesting: Leonardo DiCap…

100 Movies #3 (80-71)

Rewatch 9. Law Abiding Citizen

Why is it ranked here: Second or third time watching it and it is just as great as the first time. I love both the leads here and while I'm actually rooting for Butler's character, it does end appropriately. Not for the squeamish. But as a fan of these revenge movies(wait until we get to Payback) this is one of the best.
Interesting: Gerard Butler was originally supposed to play Foxx's character.

Rewatch 8. Prometheus

Why is it ranked here: I've watched this about 4 times now and it's still really hard for me to judge. There are two movies in here. Each writer did their own thing and then Scott just mashed them together. I would have preferred the Alien prequel but the other story might have been good as well. We might not ever know. I dislike just about every payoff in this movie except the end semi-Alien shot. It just amazing to look at though.
Interesting: The androids names in the Alien films follow an alphabetical pattern: in Alien…

My 100 Worst Magic Cards Part 3/5

60. Vampiric Feast

A drain life that costs one extra colorless mana. Fine, doesn't seem too bad. The problem with it though is you need the 7 mana to use it, no killing something smaller for a lot less mana. Also the fact that you can't kill something for more than 4 is also a huge consideration for a 7 mana spell.

59. Cyclopean Snare

At least this is semi-removal. But 5 mana a turn to tap down a creature - even your opponents best is quite a lot of resources to dedicate.

58. Rites of Reaping

A giant growth at sorcery speed and 5 more mana to give a creature -3/-3. Way too expensive. Probably playable at 4, useable at 3 and at instant speed - a real card.

57. Death of a Thousand Stings

Seeing this card drain for about 4 today did not change my mind. 5 mana a turn to extort is barely passable.

56. Flare

So bad, many red cards are worth much more doing 2, 3 heck even 4 damage for less mana and don't have the silly cantrip associated with it.

55. Joyous Respite

Maybe you hav…

My 100 Worst Magic Cards Part 2/5

Someone had a point on the forum that Thought Scour is worse than Fleeting Distraction. They have a point, a mill for 2 is more worthless than giving a creature -1/0. Fleeting Distraction just seems like much more of a waste of a card. You would never play either, but I'm splitting hairs I suppose.

80. Vibrating Sphere

Might be good in unleash decks, but you had better not have dreams of blocking. Creatures with defender aren't going to use this. You aren't allowed weenies by playing this. Not worth the power bonus to make your creatures that much weaker.

79. Vicious Betrayal

Until end of turn? Are they joking? 5 mana for this effect is bad. How many creatures are you going to sacrifice? You had better be giving the bonus to a trample creature or risk all sorts of problems.

78. Pull Under

6 mana for semi-removal might barely be passable in green or even blue, but black has so many more options. Only until end of turn means you can't even hurt your opponents large creat…