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Super Hero Bracket 2012 - Spawn vs Captain Amazing


Captain Amazing

Winner: Spawn

Super Hero Bracket 2012 - Batman vs Hit Girl


Hit Girl

Winner: Hit Girl - Upset!

Super Hero Bracket 2012 - Van Helsing vs Elektra

Van Helsing


Winner: Van Helsing

Super Hero Bracket 2012 - War Machine vs Nick Fury

War Machine

Nick Fury

Winner: Nick Fury - Upset!

Super Hero Bracket 2012 - Hancock vs Unbreakable (David Dunn)



Winner: Hancock

Super Hero Bracket 2012 - Hulk vs Nightcrawler



Winner: Hulk

Super Hero Bracket 2012 - Wonder Woman vs Big Daddy

Wonder Woman

Big Daddy

Winner: Wonder Woman

Super Hero Bracket 2012 - Iron Man vs Darwin

Iron Man


Winner: Iron Man

Super Hero Bracket 2012 - Dr. Manhattan vs Angel

Dr. Manhattan


Winner: Dr. Manhattan

Super Hero Bracket 2012 - Superman vs Batgirl



Winner: Superman

Super Hero Bracket 2012 - Thor vs Gambit



Winner: Thor

Super Hero Bracket 2012 - Silver Surfer vs Hawkeye

Silver Surfer


Winner: Silver Surfer

Hotness Contest #105 - Joanna Krupa vs Jennifer Lawrence

Joanna Krupa

Jennifer Lawrence

Joanna Krupa W 1-0
Jennifer Lawrence L 0-2

Hotness Contest #104 - Nikki Cox vs Jenna Fischer

Nikki Cox

Jenna Fischer

Nikki Cox W 1-0
Jenna Fischer L 0-2

Hotness Contest #103 - Maria Menounos vs Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Maria Menounos

 Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Maria Menounos W 1-0
Julia Louis-Dreyfus L 0-2

Hotness Contest #102 - Shannon Elizabeth vs Jessica Biel

Shannon Elizabeth

Jessica Biel

Shannon Elizabeth L 0-1
Jessica Biel W 1-1

Hotness Contest #101 - Julianne Hough vs Jessica Chastain

Julianne Hough

Jessica Chastain

Julianne Hough W 1-0
Jessica Chastain L 0-2

Hotness Contest #100 - Jada Pinkett Smith vs Kaitlin Olson

Jada Pinkett Smith

Kaitlin Olson

Jada Pinkett Smith W 1-0
Kaitlin Olson L 0-2

Hotness Contest #99 - Lynn Collins vs Kate Gosselin

Lynn Collins

Kate Gosselin

Lynn Collins W 1-0
Kate Gosselin L 0-2

Hotness Contest #98 - Ali Landry vs Kelly Clarkson

Ali Landry

Kelly Clarkson

Ali Landry W 1-0
Kelly Clarkson L 0-2

Hotness Contest #97 - Paris Hilton vs Maria Sharapova

Paris Hilton

Maria Sharapova

Paris Hilton W 1-0
Maria Sharapova L 0-2

Hotness Contest #96 - Lacey Minchew vs Mena Suvari

Lacey Minchew

Mena Suvari

Lacey Minchew W 1-0
Mena Suvari L 0-2

Hotness Contest #95 - Tara Reid vs Nicole Scherzinger

Tara Reid

Nicole Scherzinger

Tara Reid L 0-1
Nicole Scherzinger W 1-1

Super Hero Madness Bracket

I created this NCAA 64 style bracket with the help of the marvel wiki as a basis - official ratings. The divisions aren't purrfect, but I think the seeding is at least correct. I'll fill it in within the next few days, but I would love others takes!

Hotness Contest #94 - Rachel Bilson vs Sarah Jessica Parker

Rachel Bilson

Sarah Jessica Parker

Rachel Bilson W 1-1
Sarah Jessica Parker L 0-1

Hotness Contest #93 - Elizabeth Berkley vs Rosario Dawson

Elizabeth Berkley

Rosario Dawson

Elizabeth Berkley W 1-0
Rosario Dawson L 0-2