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My Top 40 Khans of Tarkir Cards (Part 2/2)

Part 1

I made this list 5-8 months ago. I haven't written since then. This set was way too large and not my favorite. I am really excited to go over some Zendikar cards but I really needed to finish this list first. So I'm really going through these to move on with my life. It's probably the last time I review 40 cards (although it ended up being like 100 cards I commented on). And even though I say it's not my favorite, there are so many cards worth mentioning. Like these -

Twins die easier to spells than a 6/6 for five typically does, but it synergies really well with pump spells. I've never witnessed anyone casting Flying Crane but it's both an offensive and defensive finisher. The demon cat is generally underwhelming at first, but if followed up by a Delve 6 - suddenly your 10/10 kitten is dangerous. Become Immense is quite the beater. If you can cast this with a mana or two it's quite the game changer.

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