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My 80 Worst Magic Creatures 30-21

My 80 Worst Magic Creatures 80-71
My 80 Worst Magic Creatures 70-61
My 80 Worst Magic Creatures 60-51
My 80 Worst Magic Creatures 50-41
My 80 Worst Magic Creatures 40-31

Honerable Mention: Sea Eagle
 photo SeaEagle_zpse0a71e5a.jpg
I must have missed this card, but ouch.... There are two different blue creatures which are 1/1 fliers for 1! Then they made this thing only because Wizards makes too many new cards, there I said it. Oh it is also completely inferior to the greatest card in the game - Storm Crow.

30. Crazed Goblin
 photo CrazedGoblin_zps5f92ad7c.jpg
At least this one is a Goblin unlike a couple others on my list. Why not play Mons's Goblin Raiders or a couple other Goblins which only cost 1 and are vastly superior.

29. Veldrane of Sengir
 photo VeldraneofSengir_zpsba326a7f.jpg
Homelands black stuff. More expensive than Ihsan's Shade (from the same set) and looks much less cooler. It's a pirate with wolves? 3 mana on top of it to swing for 2 forestwalkyness... garuu?

28. Soul of Magma
 photo SoulofMagma_zps995042ac.jpg
You shouldn't be playing a 5 drop which can be pyroclasm'd. Or that can be pyroclasm'd and only swing for 2. It might make the cut in an EDH arcane/spirit deck. But I would think that would even be pushing it.

27. Viridian Scout
 photo ViridianScout_zpsac4e053f.jpg
I probably should place this much lower the more I think about how terrible it is. 7 mana and a card to deal 2 damage to a flying creature. Green has so many hurricane cards and ways of targeting fliers. They missed really badly on this card. It shouldn't cost 4. You can play 2 Sklylasher's for this price.

26. Shelkin Brownie
 photo ShelkinBrownie_zps2a32a339.jpg
Famously awful card. It's ability doesn't do anything. There are no bands with other cards in magic. They didn't even errata this poor thing. The art is confusing -  a fat, bored brownie with a fedora. And it demands milk.

25. Force of Savagery
 photo ForceofSavagery_zps8b2f21e4.jpg
The fact that it requires global enchantments to even play it is the real reason to not play this card. Green has some things like this, but I'm sure you would just rather play a different card that can't be 2-1'd?

24. Wall of Caltrops
 photo WallofCaltrops_zps3ff45542.jpg
A 2/1 Wall for 2! I'm jumping off a cliff....ahhhhhhhh....oh wait it can band with another wall only if they are the only blockers???!!??? ahhhh too late I've already jumped.

23. Goblin Rock Squad
 photo GoblinRockSquad_zps4b774115.jpg
Why is it not a Goblin? Why does it not just say Mountain-home when Island-home was clearly a thing. Why can it not untap every turn? These...these are questions the world may never know.

22. Leashling
 photo Leashling_zpse50b2923.jpg
It makes miracle cards better. That is literally the only thing I can think of that would be positive. Discarding cards to bounce a creature which cost 2 more than it should is baddddddd. I'm clearly running out of ways to say things suck. The artwork sucks(it's a golem??). The flavor text sucks. The suck just sucks.

21. Reclusive Wright
 photo ReclusiveWight_zps9eb451db.jpg
4/4 is not big enough for this drawback. Always a dead card. There are things you can do with it - play after a Wrath of God, play in a land-only deck. But yeah, this card is awful.


  1. #23 Goblin Rock Sled can't untap every turn because they're tired from sliding down the mountain and they have to climb back up it to attack again. Which takes a whole turn.


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