Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My 80 Worst Magic Creatures 60-51

 My 80 Worst Magic Creatures 80-71
 My 80 Worst Magic Creatures 70-61

60. NamelessRace
 photo NamelessRace_zps9e8969fb.jpg
What a strange card. 4 mana, pay X life except it can't be greater than the number of white cards? It's a dead card in many cases making it sideboard only. Against white decks you are just asking to be Pacifism'd, STP, Path to Exiled, Reprisal'd, Oblivion Ring'd, you get the idea. Anti white ain't what it used to be.

59. Sokenzan Bruiser
 photo SokenzanBruiser_zps54031a84.jpg
I said it had to be worse than a 3/3 for 4, and well, this is. Against a red deck this thing won't live long enough to do 3 damage a turn. Unplayable against other colors.  Way too overcosted. I can see why they just can't simply make it 4 CC making the Hill Giant obselete(as if it wasn't anyway). But why not at least 2RR?

58. Dwarven Sea Clan
 photo DwarvenSeaClan_zps4de541e4.jpg
That is some strange art. No dwarves, but we are just supposed to take their word for it that dwarves are on those ships. Similar to the 2 cards prior to this (unplayable against anything not Red, White), this card is unplayable against any non-Blue deck. Those cards will at least cause a headache. This is overcosted/underpowered. Poor Homelands, always in the discussion for worst set of all time.

57. Samite Alchemist
 photo SamiteAlchemist_zps7b04fcaf.jpg
More Homelands awfulness. 4 mana for a 0/2 is one of the worst deals of all time. So it's ability must be pretty good right? Well hold on professor. Preventing 4 damage - only to creatures, is only semi-passable. And then it goes on...the creature gets tapped and doesn't untap?? You can't even use it against your opponents creatures just to prove that this is a fairly significant drawback. Unplayable for any deck type. Yet these creatures get worse.

56. Cephalid Aristocrat
Worse than the Sokenzan Bruiser for obvious reasons. No Mountainwalk and it mills you. Might actually be an even worse creature than where I placed it, except there are some graveyard decks which may use this ability, however terrible it is. So help you if your opponent uses your graveyard to effect.

55. Merfolk of the Depths
 photo MerfolkoftheDepths_zps8305bc77.jpg
6 mana for a 4/2 is an even worse deal than Sokenzan Bruiser. Maybe not Samite Alchemist bad, but you can see where this is going. Flash is not a bad ability. Holding 6 mana open is sure to raise an eyebrow. Assuming your opponent doesn't care, this thing won't live to sing about any creature 2/5 or larger. Can it kill a 2/2 or 3/3, sure but that's not a typical trade you make for 6 mana.

54. Jedits Dragoons
 photo JeditsDragoons_zpsd0d48137.jpg
7 PT for 6 mana might make MOTD seem like the worse card except that the Merfolk can actually take down a Serra Angel sized creature. This gains a petty amount of life and gives you a 2/5 that can attack and block every turn! There is no other creature in the game with power this low and a cost that high that has such a generic ability.
Arachnoid and Spire Golem come close but are obviously better.

53. Akron Legionnaire
 photo AkronLegionnaire_zps17bf22f0.jpg
I used to be intrigued by this card for some reason. Well the reason was they didn't make creatures this big and certainly not this combination of PT. Not even playable in an artifact deck. I will conclude this discussion with the following 3 white creatures that can be played for 8 mana: Akroma, Angel of Wrath, Avacyn, Angel of Hope, Avatar of Hope.

52. Cephalid Snitch
 photo CephalidSnitch_zps2f7ee0b3.jpg
These last two are debatable as to which is worse. This one at least can attack for a point of damage and help chump block for the stupid cost of 2 mana. Or die to a cause where one needs to be playing black and the opponent has some annoying pro black card. That is incredibly specific for any format - limited, modern, edh...you get it. Maybe I shouldn't hate this card as much as I do, but come on.

51. Kitsune Diviner
 photo KitsuneDiviner_zps7bc48343.jpg
Clearly a card with no other set in mind. As a Limited Kamigawa card, it can tap a spirit. That's a thing I guess. In any other scenario, it's a complete waste of cardboard, time, fox artwork, strange flavor text, tax payers money, you name it.

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