Sunday, September 1, 2013

My 80 Worst Magic Creatures 70-61

 My 80 Worst Magic Creatures 80-71

70. Deathknell Kami
 photo DeathknellKami_zps7637417f.jpg
Flying and Soulshift help quite a bit, but not enough to save this spirit thing which looks like it came out of Prometheus. No it's not the worst creature ever, but it's the 70th worst creature ever.

69. Caravan Hurda
 photo CaravanHurda_zps5318a695.jpg
5 mana for this thing is a minimum 2 too much. It's a decent blocker, but no deck is going to play this willingly.

68. Coastal Hornclaw
 photo CoastalHornclaw_zpse1e37410.jpg
Dungeon Geist and Phantom Monster are things, so why did they have to make this piece of crap? So you could sacrifice lands at will? Okay. Pass.

67. Matopi Golem
 photo MatopiGolem_zpsd466ce66.jpg
You could argue that regenerating would be decent. But not while the thing shrinks before your eyes. They would fix this card in later sets with persist and undying. 

66. Sandsower
 photo Sandsower_zpse0c37af5.jpg
Overcosted for an ability that probably won't be used too much. I'm not sure what that picture is. A spirit? It's pretty sweet though. Not sure why this is an uncommon in Modern Masters.

65. Stormwatch Eagle
 photo StormwatchEagle_zps1105cfc1.jpg
Super expensive for the stats it has. Typical 2/1 flier for blue should cost 2? So this almost terrible ability is worth the cost 2? No.

64. Jedit Ojanen
 photo JeditOjanen_zps7958db32.jpg
At least Ur-Drago has first strike and the ability to shut down some swampwalking. 7 for a 5/5 is weaksauce. Not fair to compare it to my favorite card of all time but you could cast almost 2 Juzams for this price.

63. Abbey Matron
 photo AbbeyMatron_zpsc82345c3.jpg
I despise this thing more than any on this list. Probably because I have like 80 of them. And no, I've never played it. What is up with that terrible artwork? If it didn't require tapping, it might be an interesting card. Maybe. But what is the point, to save it from dieing in battle. Who is blocking this thing? Or even caring that it's a thing?

62. Filthy Cur
 photo FilthyCur_zpsc06f4982.jpg
Poor black 2 drop. It's almost as likely to do more damage to you than your opponent. Why can't they just give Black and Red their own Grizzly Bear?

61. Mogg Squad
 photo MoggSquad_zps8ced2c0d.jpg
Ultra weak. 2 drop red creature is going to suck. Won't live even if you keep playing creatures. The best it could hope to do is attack for 2 damage once before biting it. Sure it has some advantage if your opponent isn't playing creatures, but then they probably aren't worried about a generic creature that's going to be killed in a turn or two anyway.

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