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My 100 movies (as of 2006 - Pre Netflix) 100 - 91

I created this list back in November 2006, back before I had Netflix. I've watched many movies since, and for simplicity, I'm ignoring them. I have changed about 5 of them from the original list.

Another main thing here, I'm throwing all sequels together as one. I've grouped movies together with their sequels and other movies they are related to.

Four that were on it but didn't make it(and where I had them):
80 - Saving Private Ryan: I love the D-Day invasion of the beach. However Tom Hanks and Matt Damon both kind of stink. The end was kind of boring too compared to the rest of the movie.

78 - Silence of the Lambs - Anthony Hopkins is fantastic as Dr. Lecter. The only problem is that he only has about 10 minutes of screen time.

70 - Boyz In the Hood - It was good to watch once, but just like Schindler's List or Passion of the Christ, it's just not fun to watch again.

65 - The Big Lebowski - There were a lot of amazing moments in this movie. But there is a ton of filler as well. There are scenes of him floating through the air, which are just incredibly boring.

Top 100: Go!

100. Honey I Shrunk the Kids
F-ing teenagers get shrunk to ant size and thrown into their backyard, they fight scorpions and lawnmowers during the trip back to their house. Make out sessions ensue.

"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto."
"I don't think we're in the food chain anymore, Dorothy."


99. Mission Impossible
Given a Possible mission even though all his teammates are killed, Ethan Hunt must fight to regain his innocence. After he nails his friends wife that is. He's innocent after that.

"There was never any physical evidence I had anything to do with that..that..that exceptional piece of work."


98. Swordfish
Hugh Jackman can do the job of 30 hackers in a quarter of the time. He's faced with a moral dilema. Does he want to save innocent people or get rich? He chooses wrong.

"Too bad! You're gonna die! (gun click) Ha ha, just fucking with you Stan!"


97. Lion King
My favorite Disney movie mainly due to the soundtrack, just slightly above Aladdin. Little lion runs away when his king of the jungle father gets killed by some antelope?

"Yeah, be prepared! We'll be prepared... for what?"
"For the death of the king!"
"What? Is he sick?"
"No, fool. We're going to kill him. Simba too."
"Great idea! Who needs a king? No king, no king, la la la la la la..."
"Idiots! There will be a king!"
"But you said...that"
"I.. will be king. Stick with me, and you'll never go hungry again!"


96. 187
Samuel Jackson works as a teacher at an inner city school. After he gets stabbed, he decides not to take crap from any kids anymore. Hilarity ensues, and murder.

"The only thing you respect is stupidity. Your whole way of life is bullshit! Macho is bullshit!"


95. Waynes World
Mike Myers rockin hippie girlfriend keeps leaving him for other men. He has to prove to her that he isn't a total fuck up. 40 different endings to each movie.

"So, would you like to have dinner one night?"
"Oh, I like to have dinner every night."
"I bet you like to be in control..."
"Yes, like when I was 17, my sister wanted to loan my Def Leppard. I said No way!." "I'm goning to be frank."
"OK. Can I still be Garth?"
"Take me, Garth!"
"Where? I'm low on gas and you need a jacket."


94. Arachnophobia
Two 8 inch queen spiders come to town and start eating people. Everyone blames new doctor Jeff Daniels for biting his patients with venom. Jeff is too scared to prove his innocence.

"He believes he came across one of the offending spiders a couple of hours ago."
"Might you have brought it with you?"
"Actually, he's probably still at the bottom of my shoe. You really can't tell what it is anymore."


93. Dumb and Dumber
Harry and Lloyd find an assload of money. They are so dumb they want to return it. Well not Lloyd(Carrey), since he wants to return it to get laid.

"I'll bet you twenty dollars I can get you gambling before the day is out! I'll give you three to one odds."
"You're on!"
"I'm gonna get ya! I don't know how but I'm gonna get ya."


92. Sixth Sense
Haley Joel Osment sees dead people. Bruce Willis is dead but doesn't realize it for 2 hours because his house is how he left it, and he still eats food and opens doors.

"You know the accident up there? Someone got hurt. A lady. She died."
"Oh, my god. What, you can see her? Where is she?"
"Standing next to my window."


91. Ghost
Typical story - man gets shot by friend, said friend gets rich and tries to sleep with dead friends wife. Demons take friend away. Whoopi Goldberg and Demi Moore make out.

"They're going to kill you, Carl. You and Willie! You're going to be fertilizer. They're gonna bury you right next to Jimmy Hoffa."



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