Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chris Rock's Terry Armstrong Transcript

"Terry Armstrong's gonna do what Terry Armstrong's gonna do."

"Do you always refer to yourself in the third person?"

"Terry Armstrong is missing your point."

"You never say 'I'"

"Terry Armstrong is not conceited. Terry Armstrong uses the third person singular to give Terry Armstrong the proper distance and objectivity to talk about how truly brilliant Terry Armstrong is."

"No one can go through life without saying 'I' -- 'I pledge allegiance,' 'I solemnly swear,' 'I hate you Terry' ... when the minister asked 'Do you take this woman?' what did you say?"

"Terry Armstrong do."


  1. my name is Terry Armstrong born in Kansas City Mo. in 1953. I live here in Dallas ,Tx.
    This Terry Armstrong is gonna do what this Terry Armstrong is gonna do.
    I gotta say " too coll' then again Terry armstrong is way cool!
    in the driving rain in Dallas
    sittin' in a one room palace
    not everything is way too cool
    but Terry Armstrong is gonna do what Terry armstrong is gonna do

  2. Terry Armstrong mouth work cause Terry Armstrong work it.