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The 30 Coolest Magic Dragons (10-1)

The 30 Coolest Magic Dragons (30-21) 
The 30 Coolest Magic Dragons (20-11)

Honorable Mention: Malfegor
 photo Malfegor_zps4bb1bbcc.jpg
What a stupid face it has. A mythic demon dragon with four hands that can't be trusted or ruled. Sign me up. It's not outright and overly powerful. But it definitely has enough going for it to make it a good card.

10. Archwing Dragon
 photo ArchwingDragon_zpsa8337b31.jpg
What is it barking at, a smaller dragon? Quite the bruiser. 4/4 hasty for four is a good deal. Too bad you have to pay that every turn. There must be some other ways to abuse this though, evolve? 

9. Ancient Hellkite
 photo AncientHellkite_zpsf44aebaa.jpg
Look at all that fire. Seven of course is quite a bit even for a biggie 6/6. Lack of haste or trample kind of hurts it. The ability is really nice if you get to swing with it.

8. Broodmate Dragon
 photo BroodmateDragon_zpsfb3a9ee5.jpg
Wahoo. Two 4/4 dragons for one cards. Now we are talking. That art is pretty good, but it seems like it could have been better. Three different colors hurts it a bit, though that doesn't phase me when you see number one. I think Armada Wurm is slightly more broken(less color restrictive, +2/+2 better), but this pretty solid.

7. Thundermaw Hellkite
A red Baneslayer Angel. I'd get this as a tattoo. Just enough of a bomb to be playable in any deck with red. It's nice that it is essentially unblockable for one turn, which is huge for a red mage. Did I say it was red already? Oh and it's red.

6. Crosis, the Purger
 photo CrosisthePurger_zps14e29967.jpg
Three colors again are kind of restrictive, even if it is Grixis. It looks like an all black dragon(even on the old artwork). The ability can be kind of nasty of course, even if it doesn't have trample and costs an extra three.

5. Two-Headed Dragon
 photo Two-HeadedDragon_zps58d66ab3.jpg
Six mana for a 4/4 is kind of pricey, even if it does have all those abilities. The extra evasion is nice. The pump is flavorfully different. Blocking multiple creatures doesn't come up too often though.

4. Moltensteel Dragon
Is it in a cave or volcano? Why is it an artifact? Phyrexian mana can be quite broken, especially in games with more than twenty life. If you weren't red, it might not be worth the cost to pump it. But you can't argue that on turn four, a 4/4 flier is a problem.

3. Steel Hellkite
 photo SteelHellkite_zps1fab1ee8.jpg
Not nearly as fast as Moltensteel, it has this third ability which will likely win the game if it gets through even once. I feel like the art isn't centered, but at least looks more artifact like than his little brother.

2. Kargan Dragonlord
 photo KarganDragonlord_zps01ad4a5f.jpg
Less of a dragon and more of a "dragon..lord"(in my best Dr. Evil voice). Cards like this are good at all stages of the game. I suppose you are still paying a 4/4 flier for six. It is a versatile investment as it's paid in pieces and can swing on turn two. The ability to become a late game 8/8 pumpable trampler is a welcome addition.

1. Hellkite Overlord
 photo HellkiteOverlord_zpsda2b0782.jpg
It literally looks like it could be Smaug or just a generic red dragon I suppose. 8 mana is obviously a ton. You couldn't cast this in a normal game. It does have black and green which are the two quickest colors. An 8/8 pumpable trampler and most importantly regenerating ability makes this guy #1. Compared to Shivan - an extra black and green gives you +3/+3, trample, haste and regenerating.

The Red Dragon from Atari's Adventure
 photo RedDragon_zpsd156ccc4.jpg

 photo smaug_zps2a91e650.jpg

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