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100 Uniquely Strong Magic Creatures Part 5/5

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Goliath Sphinx
 photo GoliathSphinx_zps86ed13a3.jpg
You could do much worse for seven than a giant flyer with no drawback. If Mahamoti was a decent deal at six, then your extra colorless mana nets you +3/+1.

16 CPT

Stormtide Leviathan
 photo StormtideLeviathan_zps94c90fcd.jpg
You're getting a Moat and a 8/8 unblockable creature for eight mana. That's pretty awesome. The drawbacks are - you are getting a Moat yourself, not a big deal if you are swinging for eight a turn, - triple blue requirement, ehh - your opponent gets all islands which may help them out, but it might help you as well.

Greater Gargadon
 photo GreaterGargadon_zps62da9f1e.jpg
A pretty good one drop. I don't know how often you would even cast it for ten mana. The best part of the card is the ability to sacrifice permanents at will causing fizzles and such. The payoff of all the waiting and sacrificing is a big beastie.

17 CPT
Sundering Titan
 photo SunderingTitan_zpsb239f239.jpg
The stats are kind of odd, it isn't much of an attacker though it can block just about everything non evasive. The ability can be wicked if you don't actually play basic lands.

Eater of Days
 photo EaterofDays_zps0da830ac.jpg
Such a unique card. Giving your opponent two turns can go very badly for you. The creature is nothing to sneeze at of course. Be sure and save some instants to protect the thing. It works better losing turns 5 and 6, opposed to later in the game.

18 CPT
Inkwell Leviathan
 photo InkwellLeviathan_zpsa98edeba.jpg
Nine is quite a lot for only seven power. Shroud ensures that you can't make it bigger. Trample and Islandwalk help, but it still might not be worth the cost.

 photo Terastodon_zps80beaa26.jpg
The biggest elephant ever. You get a weaker version of Beast Within albeit copied two times. In-itself wouldn't be the worst card for 8 mana. I would argue a giant green elephant should have trample, but that's pretty much the biggest downside.

19 CPT
Artisan of Kozilek
 photo ArtisanofKozilek_zps543a8159.jpg
You get an animate dead on top of a giant annihilating baddie for only nine. This is a pretty good one. It can be hard to get to nine naturally, though it is achievable in the right format. I would have liked it better with more toughness or maybe annihilator 3, but still worth playing.

20 CPT
 photo Doomgape_zps2ca67736.jpg
Perfect colors. It's really rare to get a creature this big without a giant cost. Seven is a good deal. It doesn't have flying like Lord of the Pit, but it always gains you life even if Doomgape is the last creature left. The worst case scenario you paid seven mana for ten life.

22 CPT
Polar Kraken
 photo PolarKraken_zpsb75f5569.jpg
Used to be the king baddie back in my day. It could even eat a Leviathan. Eleven is not in the realm of playable in normal circumstances. You would need a high tide or some other way to get it out. After that it's all roses though. You can't block with it on turn one, that shouldn't be a huge problem. Sacking a land or even two the next turn is worth the continuing price of swinging with that 11 trample power.

23 CPT
Autochthon Wurm
 photo AutochthonWurm_zps5cbde459.jpg
Tied with Emrakul as the second most expensive card in the game right behind Draco. Like Draco, it comes with an ability to play it easier. Fifteen creatures and lands is still a ton, even for a fourteen toughness creature. Thankfully it has trample, but even then it's barely worth the cost.

24 CPT
 photo Jokulmorder_zps691d4ab9.jpg
Don't let the seven casting cost fool you. You need a ton of land to play this thing correctly. You should be holding at least two islands in your hand before playing this. You won't be playing much else after losing five so you need to make sure your able to attack. Pacifism just loses you the game.

So here's where I ran out of unique creature power toughness combinations, but there's only 94 and I sure couldn't keep this list at that number. So here are a couple of giant duplicates.

Phyrexian Dreadnought
 photo PhyrexianDreadnought_zpsa3fd690b.jpg
People found ways of abusing it with Stifle and Illusionary Mask. If you aren't playing cards to abuse it, you probably shouldn't be playing it. Sad it can die to artifact removal. Adding Flash and making it an Eldrazi would make this much nicer.

Kozilek, Butcher of Truth
 photo KozilekButcherofTruth_zpsa9336240.jpg
The second best pound for pound creature in the game. Drawing four cards can typically cost six with either Opportunity or Braingeyser. So what's an extra four mana? Well if you can live to drop ten it's very unlikely you will lose.

26 CPT
Death's Shadow
 photo DeathsShadow_zps2d48a630.jpg
A card that gets better with the less life you have - how wonderfully unique. Works flavor-fully well with lots of Black cards that cause life loss. Sure it can't actually be a 13/13, but it's still likely a giant creature for little mana.

Krosan Cloudscraper
 photo KrosanCloudscraper_zps5d0bd496.jpg
Pales in comparison to Kozilek. Morph helps, but it's only a one mana difference. It has a stupid upkeep cost. No trample on a beast that is clearly trampling in the picture. Just not a good idea.

30 CPT
Worldspine Wurm
 photo WorldspineWurm_zpsb0e9d42a.jpg
It's big, it's fat, it can never truly die. It leaves little 5/5 babies in it's place. Eleven isn't completely out of reach for green. It does get shut down by different types of removal, but what card doesn't.

Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
 photo EmrakultheAeonsTorn_zps7d754882.jpg
The greatest thing to happen in the history of ever. I don't feel like regurgitating those abilities. They are all pretty dumb and combined onto one card. 

And finally the last two...

B.F.M. (Big Furry Monster)
 photo BFMBigFurryMonster_zpse206df7d.jpg
Not a real thing, but still pretty funny.


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