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My Top 100 One Drop (CC) Creatures (80-61)

My Top 100 One Drop (CC) Creatures (100-81)

80. Phyrexian Dreadnought
 photo PhyrexianDreadnought_zps3025afbb.jpg
Illusionary Mask combo aside, a 12/12 Trample for one is certainly an interesting idea. At some point in the game you will have some 1/1s or even 2/2s that you don't need, maybe something get's Pacifism'd. Then you have a real card capable of becoming the largest threat on the board that will end the game in two turns unless dealt with. It does have quite the possibility of ruining your entire game plan if it gets Doom Blade'd or something. There are other ways to abuse it - Torpor Orb, Pandemonium, Fling.

79. Kor Duelist
 photo KorDuelist_zps51ab5d42.jpg
Requiring equipment for it to be useful is a drawback, but for one mana you get the possibility of a double striking monster. Even if you could give it +2/+0 or heck Loxodon Warhammer then you get a fantastic deal for a single mana. Put it in a deck with the Swords and just go to town. A turn two Bonesplitter will hit for six.

78. Scattershot Archer
 photo ScattershotArcher_zpsd7be30d8.jpg
Repeated Bitterblossom kill. It is an elf and can block for two on top of it. Takes down other nasty cards like Lingering Souls and Spectral Procession.

77. Hex Parasite
 photo HexParasite_zpsa91789f4.jpg
It can kill Planeswalkers, Ratchet Bombs or anything with counters that might be an issue. It is repeatable, and doesn't have to cost a ton of mana. It's at least a sideboard contention thing for control Black. It works well with Undying abilities as well as Cumulative Upkeep.

76. Sidewinder Sliver
 photo SidewinderSliver_zps47dc9eb3.jpg
Flanking is downright abusive in the correct situation. Slivers just happen to be in that situation. It's essentially a +1/+1 boost on a one mana creature that can flat out not be blocked by 1/1s. That is a great ability itself. But on all creatures you control, it's pretty fantastic as the abilites work with each other. I don't know if it's truly better than Plated Sliver, but works well with Spined Sliver.

75. Festering Newt
 photo FesteringNewt_zpsa2c54710.jpg
It probably wouldn't make the cut if it just gave -1/-1 when it died, though it does have value even then. It's the combo with the witch which allows you to Lash of the Whip for the price of one that makes this a great card. The Bogbrew Witch can also fetch the Newt. And on top of that the Bubbling Cauldron gets you an eight point swing for one of these.

74. Orochi Leafcaller
 photo OrochiLeafcaller_zps74409455.jpg
No mana ramping here, no flying defense, just straight up fashioned 5 color enabler. It turns every forest you control into a Mox Opal(I'm sure there are other examples, just the first one at the tip of my head). Works with Myr Superion, Fist of Suns and any other kind of Sunburst card.

73. Galerider Sliver
 photo GaleriderSliver_zpsdea0dfab.jpg
Flying is one of the best abilities, Flying Men was solid in the old days for a one drop. They have clearly outdone themselves with Galerider. It seems like it would be an auto include for a Sliver deck, at least one playing Blue. People say it is strictly better than Winged Sliver, and I would agree.

72. Magus of the Scroll
 photo MagusoftheScroll_zps3808e2cf.jpg
Cursed Scroll was such a great card. Well they reprinted it essentially. The only differences being it takes a Red mana, swings for one, dies to more removal and you get to pick the card instead of your opponent. Works fairly well with Training Grounds.

71. Hero of Leina Tower
 photo HeroofLeinaTower_zps9cf38e65.jpg
No Trample hurts it big time. All it will be is a medium to decent sized creature if you are lucky. That doesn't make it bad, far from it. As far as heroic abilities go this is probably as high as it can go. It works really well with such great Green classics like Giant Growth or Rancor.

70. Death's Shadow
 photo DeathsShadow_zps9c0b1625.jpg
Obviously not a typical one drop. You can't play this unless you are losing which is good and bad. The good news is that it will never be a dead card in a game that you lose. You will always find a way to play a giant fatty for one mana even if it can't help early game at all.

69. Enclave Cryptologist
 photo EnclaveCryptologist_zps23c8f605.jpg
It's kind of expensive to level up. It never does anything except for draw you cards. Six mana can be a bit for an effect that can be easily blasted immediately after causing a huge loss in tempo. I've never been high on the draw one/discard one ability except for in specific decks - Reanimator, etc.

68. Orcish Lumberjack
 photo OrcishLumberjack_zpsa9daee42.jpg
Super ramp for any combination of Red or Green. It's not an every turn ability but casting a five drop - Stormbreath Dragon for example on turn two is clearly a big problem. It's a reusable Black Lotus for Gruul that costs a land, I think that's good enough to make it #68 if not higher.

67. Roc Hatchling
 photo RocHatchling_zps92a923c6.jpg
Same flavor as Rukh Egg. A worse, early version of suspend. It may not become a problem until turn five, but you do get a free 3/3 flier then. It loses quite a few points due to it being one of the worst top decks you could ever get. Works well with #77 Hex Parasite and the aforementioned Illusionary Mask.

66. Gorilla Shaman
 photo GorillaShaman_zpsae3a4fda.jpg
I love repeatable effects, and the ability to blow up artifacts repeatedly is awesome to me. It also destroys the best artifacts the cheapest. Moxes? 1 mana. Sol Ring? 3 mana. Swiftfoot Boots? 3 mana. Just another great option for Red artifact removal.

65. Avacyn's Pilgrim
 photo AvacynsPilgrim_zps8905b94d.jpg
Elvish Mystic this is not. It does mana ramp, and it can mana ramp especially well in Selesyna decks. the real issue is that you can't get the mana you need if you are mono green making this weaker than an elf which can do it outright or a BOP which can do any mana.

64. Kederekt Parasite
 photo KederektParasite_zpsec939e1d.jpg
One mana Underworld Dreams variant. A Rakdos only card, but a decent sideboard that immediately starts a 20 turn clock. Sure it will probably die to just about any kind of removal, especially if it's up against a control deck.

63. Tinder Wall
 photo TinderWall_zps3c3dbacc.jpg
I use the word better than quite a bit, but this card is flat out better than Wall of Wood. Strictly better than Wall of Wood one might say. The Perfect mana ramp for a Gruul deck. Blocks in a pinch and can damage said attacker. Ramps to four on turn two or five on turn three.

62. Rogue Elephant
 photo RogueElephant_zps1ed0a6b8.jpg
Works much better in the aggressive deck. Though I have many of these I've never played one. The loss of a land drop is a real drawback. Most of my Green decks can't handle the mana loss which really shouldn't be an issue. Combos well with Harvest Wurm.

61. Reckless Waif
 photo RecklessWaif_zps3d061f61.jpg
It does require your opponent to not play something or get blasted in the face. A very good one drop though especially in Limited 1vs1 where your opponent may not have something to play. I'm only so so on the Werewolf theme, but this one is quick and hits hard. Quite close to Delver of Secrets, which we shall get to one day.


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20. Vexing Devil

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My Top 100 One Drop (CC) Creatures (100-81)

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My Top 100 One Drop (CC) Creatures (100-81)
My Top 100 One Drop (CC) Creatures (80-61)
My Top 100 One Drop (CC) Creatures (60-41)

40. Gnat Miser

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39. Skyshroud Elite

It's an elvish Kird Ape! It doesn't have the pesky Mountain requirement and any decent deck is going to have a non basic land. If by rare chance your opponent is on the draw and waits to play their special lands, you are left with a pitiful 1/1. And it's ceiling is just a 2/3 so it's good, but not great.

38. Sakura-Tribe Scout/Skyshroud Ranger

I think doing it as an instant and then casting something large with flash would work, so the Scout might be strictly better than the ranger. Early game these things do work. Late game they do virtually nothing. 

37. Slumbering Dragon

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