Monday, June 3, 2013

My 100 Worst Magic Cards Part 2/5

Someone had a point on the forum that Thought Scour is worse than Fleeting Distraction. They have a point, a mill for 2 is more worthless than giving a creature -1/0. Fleeting Distraction just seems like much more of a waste of a card. You would never play either, but I'm splitting hairs I suppose.

80. Vibrating Sphere
 photo VibratingSphere_zps416fe3e6.jpg
Might be good in unleash decks, but you had better not have dreams of blocking. Creatures with defender aren't going to use this. You aren't allowed weenies by playing this. Not worth the power bonus to make your creatures that much weaker.

79. Vicious Betrayal
 photo ViciousBetrayal_zps7f901921.jpg
Until end of turn? Are they joking? 5 mana for this effect is bad. How many creatures are you going to sacrifice? You had better be giving the bonus to a trample creature or risk all sorts of problems.

78. Pull Under
 photo PullUnder_zpsf66a8151.jpg
6 mana for semi-removal might barely be passable in green or even blue, but black has so many more options. Only until end of turn means you can't even hurt your opponents large creatures for long.

77. Psychic Battle
 photo PsychicBattle_zps26be669b.jpg
Other than the fact that this won't always help you, you need to be playing a very specific kind of deck to even attempt to make this work. A high casting cost deck still might backfire on you half of the time.

76. Fortified Area
 photo FortifiedArea_zps888b7b02.jpg
This was a terrible card before they stopped printing walls. The power bonus is effectively worthless and banding walls will only save you so much.

75. Fervent Denial
 photo FerventDenial_zps6df9943e.jpg
A five mana counterspell is just too expensive. You can't hold that kind of mana available for a counter. Sure the 7 mana flashback might give your opponent second thoughts, but you aren't playing anything else holding that much open.

74. Nomad Stadium
 photo NomadStadium_zps800e4e61.jpg
I can't think of why this card could possibly be better than a plains. It hurts you, you can't use it until you hit threshold. I guess you draw it late game and gain a life for essentially 1 mana? Not worth the headache.

73. Decaying Soil
 photo DecayingSoil_zps3afb41cf.jpg
It's hard to keep threshold when you are removing a card a turn from your graveyard. 3 mana, 2 black to boot and black is the color of wanting things in your graveyard. You might be able to recast a creature which potentially makes this useful, but there are better ways to do this which aren't as restrictive and don't require removing your graveyard.

72. Spring of Eternal Peace
 photo SpringofEternalPeace_zps48f33095.jpg
Worse than Angel's mercy - 4 mana for 7 life? Yes, yes this is. Compare to Rest for the Weary.

71. Feroz'z Ban
 photo FerozsBan_zpse02b0a41.jpg
So expensive for what it does. By turn 6 if your opponent hasn't cast at least 3 creatures, he is already land screwed, is only playing giants or doesn't have that many to begin with. The affect to you can be played around, but even in a creature-less deck this is still too expensive to do anything.

70. Vassal's Duty
 photo VassalsDuty_zps8c59ff04.jpg
5 mana to redirect 1 damage and you had better have some legendary creatures to make this worthwhile. It doesn't even prevent damage, it just channels it to you. Blocking just isn't the same.

69. Malicious Intent
 photo MaliciousIntent_zpsa136b4ac.jpg
2 mana, a card and a creature every turn to prevent one creature from blocking? Only in the most aggressive of decks would this be even remotely useful.

68. Deep Water
 photo DeepWater_zps6d95d504.jpg
3 blue so that you can cast all the blue spells you ever wanted? What can't you possibly play from your hand that would make you want to run this? Just a few too short for a Leviathan?

67. Hidden Path
 photo HiddenPath_zps702c79c4.jpg
Almost looks like a real card - albeit a sideboard one except the fact that your opponents green creatures can hit you at will as well. So for this to work, wait this hurts my head, this doesn't work.

66. Cut the Tethers
 photo CuttheTethers_zpsb7fbd15c.jpg
Bounce all Spirits for 4 mana? Unless they play 3? They had better have multiple Spirits, not have 3 mana available or risk them keeping their best one, and you need to be able to do something with the bounced creatures before they are cast again. Good luck.

65. Balm of Restoration
 photo BalmofRestoration_zps16770847.jpg
3 mana to gain 2 life is the worst bargain of all time. It can prevent 2 damage to a creature which prevents this from being the worst card of all time.

64. Hint of Insanity
 photo HintofInsanity_zpse78c52e5.jpg
Very specific for 3 mana. To make this work you need to be lucky and you need to know your opponents deck. So rarely would that happen. Instead just a hand reveal-er for 3.

63. Elixir of Vitality
 photo ElixirofVitality_zpsbc748986.jpg
Seems like a bargain compared to Balm of Restoration. 4 life 4 four mana, helps give metal-craft. If you opponent really wants it gone though he has a turn to do it. Holding out to gain 8 life for the low low price of 8 mana? There are many cards infinitely better than this: see Elixir of Immortality.

62. Arcum's Sleigh
 photo ArcumsSleigh_zps2ebb6348.jpg
You are required to have your opponent be using snow covered lands for this to work. But even if it does work, 2 lands a turn to give one of your creatures vigilance is really not that good of an effect.

61. Freyalise's Radiance
 photo FreyalisesRadiance_zps28963586.jpg
Acts as a Stasis for snow permanents except the fact that the upkeep doubles every turn. You aren't going to be playing much else while your opponents poor snowy cards can't untap.

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