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My 100 Worst Magic Cards Part 1/5

 There are 13,000 cards roughly by current count. The majority of them are playable in most cases and even more still are side-board worthy. Then there are these. Cream of the crap. Everything listed here either does nothing, or it is way too expensive for what it does. Also there are no creatures. Any creature even an 0/1 can block to save you. That is more than these cards have going for it. Sure some creatures are overcosted or have a vicious drawback, but they can still win you the game. These...well not so much...

100. White Ward
 photo WhiteWard_zpsb7c3d275.jpg
This basically gets the honorable mention due to the fact that it used to do nothing. One of the first errata-d cards. That last sentence on the picture here, didn't exist. You gave a creature protection from white and then since it had the protection, the enchant creature was buried. Yep... it did nothing, except make WOTC do the first of many rule changes.

99. Fleeting Distraction
 photo FleetingDistraction_zps986d56a0.jpg
Introducing the worst combat trick ever! Literally does nothing. Might it save one of your creatures? Maybe. Early game it might kill your opponents one drop while saving your own one drop while the card cycles itself. Late game though and you are wasting a blue mana for nothing.

98. Rain of Rust
 photo RainofRust_zpsdec56ff5.jpg
Five mana is quite a lot to destroy either a land or an artifact for Red. There are so many better, cheaper options for this color to destroy either. In the good ole days we had Shatter and Stone Rain. This does one or the other, for the cost of both. Oh, you can cast both for a low 6RRR mana.

97. Power Leak
 photo PowerLeak_zpsd86f1d13.jpg
Enchantments are one of the least played cards. One of the few Enchant Enchantments that exist. Doesn't remove the targeted card, just simply gives it an upkeep of 2 colorless mana.

96. Razor Pendulum
 photo RazorPendulum_zps6b0c30c5.jpg
It can hurt you just as much as your opponent. 4 mana for a duel sided finisher artifact. It's not even a great finisher as it gives a 5 life opponent 3 more turns. To get your opponent down that low, you must have been doing something right. But you can't finish? Your answer is to play this card? That means you got lucky somehow and are all out of options.

95. Baki's Curse
 photo BakisCurse_zps1f475433.jpg
Blue direct damage for the worst set ever. 4 mana, doesn't necessarily kill any creatures. Also targets your creatures. Cool art and sideboard worthy against insane amount of aura decks, but otherwise unplayable.

94. Tin Street Market
 photo TinStreetMarket_zpsf29df9be.jpg
If your five drop is to play an enchant land, your opponent is either going to crush you or they would have lost anyway without you cycling through your deck one land a turn.

93. Structural Collapse
 photo StructuralCollapse_zps273aff88.jpg
6 mana for 3 fairly terrible effects. Let's break these effects down. 2 mana to destroy your opponent's worst artifact, bad. 2 mana for 2 damage to opponent, awful. 2 mana to destroy your opponent's worst land, god awful. Bad + Awful + God Awful = don't play this card.

92. Soul Channeling
 photo SoulChanneling_zps7809e9ab.jpg
3 mana, 2 life and a card to regenerate a creature? No. Just no. Your best hope is that you get 2-1ed before you drop 6 life on some in-evasive creature.

91. Cycle of Life
 photo CycleofLife_zps029ad6e2.jpg
The ability to give every creature you control a +1/+1 counter. Sound too good to be true? How about it costs you 3 mana, you have to do it one creature at a time, you have to do it the turn your creature comes into play and your creature becomes 0/1 and useless for a whole turn before doing so. Still sound too good?

90. Angel's Mercy
 photo AngelsMercy_zps22ed8031.jpg
There must be a reason to gain 7 life for 4 mana and a card. I don't know what that is. Not even 2 life a mana...

89. Urza's Miter
 photo UrzasMiter_zpsf6197992.jpg
6 mana, lose an artifact - not by your doing mind you and you get to return to even card advantage. 9 mana and lose two artifacts...hello draw a card.

88. Trapfinder's Trick
 photo TrapfindersTrick_zps4ced3075.jpg
Maybe this was good in sealed, maybe people played Traps all the time. Maybe I'm a Chinese jet pilot.

87. Sacred Nectar
 photo SacredNectar_zps505db6fa.jpg
Making Angel's Mercy look like it does something. At least you get 2 life per mana with this one. Life Burst eats it's babies.

86. Aleatory
 photo Aleatory_zps9efaba46.jpg
It does replace itself so maybe it shouldn't be on this list. But it has a 50/50 chance of doing literally nothing and a 50/50 chance of doing basically nothing.

85. Quagmire
 photo Quagmire_zps975b537e.jpg
Stop zombie decks everywhere. What reason would anyone have this even in their sideboard? It only stops them from hitting you unblocked. They can still hurt you normally. Not worth 3 mana and a card.

84. Goblin Lyre
 photo GoblinLyre_zps8948ff56.jpg
3 mana, sac and coin flip. You better be playing a goblin deck if using this card. There is no way to use this card reliably. Your only hope is to have enough creatures to do a good amount of damage to your opponent and then suicide rush for that last bit of life.

83. Root Cage
 photo RootCage_zps00036b64.jpg
There are 8 total mercenaries in the game which aren't black. If you want to hose black, there are better ways to do it than not allowing it's mercenaries to attack you every turn.

82. Melting
 photo Melting_zps5662c980.jpg
Why? There are equally as many pluses to snow covered lands as there are negatives. In the end whatever you are doing, or whatever your opponent is doing with SCL is not going to affect the game.

81. Nine Ringed Bo

 photo Nine-RingedBo_zps9745d276.jpg
Talk about specific. A Rod of Ruin which can only target spirits? Even if my opponent had all spirits this wouldn't necessarily make the cut.


  1. wow these are pretty bad...

    (astral cornucopia anyone?)


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