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The Top Ten Best and Worst MTV Shows

I thought of this idea watching a new MTV show yesterday called The College Humor Show. It was quite entertaining, but it got me thinking. How terrible are most MTV shows? The answer was quite, and the number of them are plentiful. So I decided to go about ranking the best and worst. The best was much harder because for every good MTV show, there are 15 bad ones.

MTV started the beginning of reality TV as we now know it. It also probably killed lots of good music videos which MTV may have shown in it's stead. Now if we want to watch MTV we are forced to decide between crap like Crank Yankers and Daria.

When I'm watching MTV I'm usually in Hellen's room, with it being forced on me. So it's not like I have a vast array of knowledge about this topic.

Now some MTV shows I've actually liked, though this is probably by accident, it does show MTV has somewhere in there, someone who knows what the crap they are doing. Crazy dating shows like Room Raiders and Date My Mom are silly, pointless, repetitive but rather straight forward.

The Best
Almost made it:
The Andy Milonakis Show
Boiling Point
Celebrity Deathmatch
Damage Control
Ren and Stimpy
The Tom Green Show

10. Made
Occasionally has some interesting premises. There are lots of boring Cheerleader and Rock star episodes though. Same format, the teen is a loser and gets a coach. Then they start doing well, then they quit cause it's too hard, then they come back at the end and win 8000 dates.

9. Jackass
Not a show I usually watch for fun. Usually something I watch when it's oh I don't know...1am on a Saturday night. Some really funny stuff mixed in with some painful stuff I don't want to see.

8. Singled Out
This probably began the dating show tree with MTV, very simple yet shallow premise. A nice twist on the dating game.

7. Beavis and Butthead
A Mystery Science Theater premise with 2 brainless guys who sit on their couch and make fun of music videos all day. I loved this cartoon a lot and it would have been higher with the exception of the music videos themselves. The videos were basically all awful and I could never watch one and make it through an entire episode. The movie was phenomenal though.

6. Dismissed
I like dating shows and this one kept it interesting when one dater takes out three contestants and dismisses them one by one.

5. Parental Control
Hilarious for the dialogue between parents and their child's significant other. All the guys are players while all the girls are usually dumb as nails. I can't believe anyone actually acts this way.

4. Next
One of the most shallow shows around where contestants get money as long as they stay in a date.

3. Human Giant
Clip show with some very funny sketches.

2. Scratch and Burn
A rapping clip show which was genius. Put out such masterpieces as one minute Hamlet and one minute Godfather.

1. Clone High
Amazing cartoon about cloned historical figures all put into high school together. Got canceled after one season, this could have easily rivaled South Park. Tom Green, John Stamos and Marilyn Manson all guest starred.

The Worst
Almost made it:
Pimp My Ride
Making the Band

10. A Shot at Love
Oh I'll give Tila Tequila a shot alright. OMG is she a bi-sexual or is she straight? She'll make out with anything. And she'll never find her soul mate cause shes a whore.

9. My Super Sweet 16
If I was from another country and saw this show, I would hate America immediately. It symbolizes everything that is wrong with our country and culture.

8. Engaged and Underage
We've been dating for 8 months and we are 13 years old...I love you. Yeah I was like that once. I would go back in time and punch myself. Like I would punch every single kid on here.

7. True Life
If I wanted to experience the ups and downs of life, I wouldn't be fucking watching TV would I?

6. FANatic
WOW, seriously? Actually this is a stalker, but same concept.

5. Cribs
Not that there is anything tooo wrong with this show. It's just veryyy borrring. How many different celebrities mansions and yachts do I have to see to be impressed. Basically watching this show once was all I needed.

4. Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica
Not only was this show as dumb as Jessica is, it may have broken up their marriage. Which may have ruined Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys. Which is the greatest tragedy of all.

3. Real World/Road Rules Challenge
All the bad parts of the Real World and Road Rules come together in one massive horrendous show. I was going to watch 50 Cent's MTV show, then it reminded me of this and I couldn't take it anymore.

2. Laguna Beach
To be honest I don't know what this show is about. I've never made it more than a few minutes. It's awful in every way.

1. The Hills
What's worse than the OC? The Real World... What's worse than the Real world? Why a Real World/OC Combination. Is it real? Is it scripted? Who cares, it blows.

I'll leave you with a Lewis Black quote:
"MTV, The people who have done everything in my lifetime to destroy music as I know it, and in case you don't know it, MTV is to music as KFC is to chicken!"


  1. So... what you are really saying is that VH1 Reality Shows are better? Because you know what... I AGREE!!!


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