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The 15 Funniest Wrestling Ideas Ever.

I used to love wrestling, so for me to not have done a wrestling blog yet, I feel is pretty good.
This one isn't serious, but a look at the 15 most hilarious wrestling ideas ever.

An honorable mention goes out for the following "wrestlers": Jay Leno, Robocop and Dennis Rodman.

15. N'Sync Copy
3 Count would sing and dance while getting pummeled.

14. The Fat Chick Thriller
He would hit on overweight ladies in the audience.

13. The Barber
Brutus the Beefacke carried around giant scissors and word leopard pink tights.

12. The Evil Dentist
Dr. Isaac Yankum was just that.

11. The Tug Boat Captain
A clumsy fat guy.

10. The Mountie
Corrupt French Canadian law enforcer. His theme song was "I'm the Mountie"

9. The Evil Golf Pro Instructor
Barry Darsow won matches by using his putter.

8. The Bird tamer
A gay bird enthusiast

7. The Garbage Pail Kid
Didn't really wrestle and just farted and picked his nose.

6. Elvis
The Honky Tonk Man was an Elvis impersonator/cocky singer.

5. The Clown
Doink was an evil clown who played pranks.

4. The Evil Tax Collector
Worse a tie and worked crowds who hated the IRS into a frenzy.

3. Yummy Mummy
The Yeti was a mummy who looked like the breakfast cereal.

2. The Penises
Two Johnsons trying to be just that.

1. The Chicken
The Gobbledygooker hatched on live TV as an oversized Turkey spewing bird sounds.


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